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Have any questions about the MR X app? Please view the FAQ below and review our Profile Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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Check out our demo video for a quick tutorial on how to use MR X. The new version for Android will be available Fall 2013.

Glad you asked. MR. Right is MR X’s technologically advanced learning engine. We created it because we want to save you time and get you off the app and into the real world to meet more men. Basically, MR. Right is your automatic in-app wingman. The more you use MR X, the more MR. Right learns what kinds of men you go for – for instance, maybe you’ve sent a lot of messages to tall, blond men in their 30s. MR. Right will then introduce you to nearby men you haven’t interacted with yet on the app who match that type. You can review your MR. Right introductions daily and send messages to guys you’re interested in. MR. Right will also let you know you have a match if you and another guy both tap “Like” on each other’s profiles.

There's a whole slew of things we throw into the engine for MR. Right. These profiles may have indicated they like you, or we may just want to see how you'll respond to improve the other introductions. You can always mark "Not Quite Right" if you're not interested in a man MR. Right sends your way, but you should email and give us feedback if you're having a consistently poor experience overall. Thanks!

You can use the Age Filter to adjust who you see on your screen based on a particular age range.

Age Preference goes on your profile and is a way for other users to see what age range of men you’re looking for. You can change your Age Preference by going to Settings > Edit Profile. It's important to adjust your Age Preference if you're getting a lot of messages from people who are older or younger than you’d prefer.

Age Filter: It controls what you see on your “Local Browse” view. You can use it to limit who you see around you or switch it on the fly to maximize the number of guys you see. You can adjust your Age Filter from your Local Browse screen only. You'll see it when you swipe your MR X screen from right to left to open the right-hand nav menu.

Once a day, the first time you open the app, MR X opens to the Global tab. It's our way of reminding you there are great guys all over the world – just in case you're getting a little tired of the folks in your neighborhood. Upgrade to MR X Premium to use the Travel Feature and explore specific cities or even specific neighborhoods in your city

Use “Like” as a quick and easy way to show interest. If someone “Likes” you back, then we’ll let you know you two are a match. You’ll know he’s interested so you can skip the BS at the beginning of the conversation and get to know him faster. We recommend you “Like” everyone you’d like to get to know better.

Use “Favorite” after you’ve chatted with someone and want to keep in touch. They are people you want to hang out with again or would really like to meet.

To see all the men you’ve “Favorited,” swipe from left to right on your MR X screen to reveal the left-hand nav menu. From there, you can select “Favorites” Under your “Choose A View” connections and see all your favorites.

Shout-Outs are a quick and easy way for you to flirtatiously compliment another user and let him know you like his style. He’ll be able to see that you gave him a shout-out. Access your “Shout-Outs” from your Left-Nav on the Browse tab.

We've replaced them with Shout-Outs.

A green circle indicates that a member is currently online.

At MR X, we strive to be real and to minimize negative interactions among users. Whether you're looking for a relationship or something else, position can be hugely important to many of us. We're not trying to perv out; we're just facing facts. Some sites make you ask one another about your sexual positions, but we think that's B.S. If your (or someone else's) position is going to be a dealbreaker, we think you (or they) ought to know up-front so that no one has to feel rejected. If you're just looking for friends or think information about your sexual position is a bit too personal, you can always choose "Tell You Later."

Be sure that you’ve updated to the latest version of the app. When viewing your inbox, swipe left or right on the message you want to delete, and a “Delete” button will appear. Tap the button to delete.

We may add a search feature at some point, but for now you can use to search based on various characteristics and locations.

If the app is unable to determine a location for you or another member, then we likely default the profile to the New York City area (MR X home base) to ensure that it doesn't fail entirely. If the location preferences are not specifically enabled for an app, if the mobile device fails to retrieve a valid GPS fix, or if a user logs in using Wi-Fi, location errors may occur within a profile.

Go to Settings > Location Services (make sure it’s turned on). Look for the MR X icon, and set the switch to “On.”

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • People other than yourself are visible in the photo.
  • There's a website or copyright imprint embedded in the photo.
  • The photo is a duplicate of one you've already posted.
  • The image is of inanimate objects, scenery photos, cartoons, etc.
  • The file is corrupt or the image is broken.
  • It violates photo guidelines

Go into “Settings” for your device. From the main screen, select “Privacy,” then “Photos,” and turn on the button next to the MR X app icon.

Login to the website and look on the main navigation bar for the Account tab. Look for the Username field and enter the name change you want--then be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page. If the name is available, a confirmation message will appear on your Account page. Once you change your name, all of your messages, buddies, favorites, etc. remain intact and will be associated with the new name you have chosen.

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash/pound sign (#) that is used to identify content of a specific topic. For instance, if you tag one of your public photos with #bears anyone searching for #bears will be able to easily find your picture (and any other public pictures with the same tag) by clicking on your hashtag. Hashtag searches only find public pictures that have been reviewed and cleared.

After uploading your photo, type your hashtag into the caption field. (ex: “#bears” or “I love #bears"). You can edit any previously uploaded public photo to add a hashtag to your caption.

To search for a hashtag go to the FotoFeed tab, open the search panel and type in the word or phrase you’re searching for. Tap the red “x” to begin a new search. Hashtag searches only find public pictures that have been reviewed and cleared.

To stop notifications for our mobile app, go to Settings and adjust New Message Sound or Vibrate. Apple users may also have to adjust notifications for our app. Go to your device's Settings > Notifications > MR X, and adjust all available options.

Yes. You can find it on the settings tab.

Occasionally, in-app payments or renewals fail due to connection issues or other uncontrollable circumstances. If you purchased a MR X Premium membership and you believe that you’re not getting access to Premium features, please check Settings > Premium Status in the MR X app. If your status reads as "Free Member," scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the "Restore Previous Purchase" button, which will check your account for any outstanding subscription payments that may not have reached our server. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please copy and paste the entire email confirmation of your iTunes or Google Play purchase in an email and send it to, and we’ll manually fix the situation for you.

Because of the way mobile payment subscriptions work, your MR X Premium plan cannot be cancelled from the app, nor can we cancel it for you. A solution we can offer is for you to go to the “Settings” tab on the app, tap on “Premium Services,” and then scroll down to the bottom for downgrade instructions. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions for your Apple or Android device.

Go to the Settings tab and tap the Logout button in the upper left-hand corner.

To force-quit an app, hit the home button twice very quickly so that all the open and active apps on your phone are illuminated at the bottom of the screen. Then hold your finger down on the app icon you wish to quit until it starts jiggling. A red minus sign will appear on the corner of the app icon. When you press it, the app will quit. Press the home key to return to the normal display. Make sure you’re quitting an app and not deleting an app that’s just sitting on your screen.

Hold your finger down on the app icon until it begins shaking and a small X appears in the top corner of the app icon. Then tap that X to uninstall it, and confirm the pop-up message. You’ll then be able to download MR X again from the iTunes App Store if you decide to return to MR X.