MR X Features


By now you’re probably familiar with the basics of how gay chat apps work – you log in, upload some photos and check out the guys near you (and message them, of course). That’s how MR X works too, but MR X is unlike all the other apps because we’ve designed it to be a faster, smarter and more realistic way to meet men on your mobile device.

See, we don’t want you to spend a lot of time searching through profiles. We believe in getting you off your smartphone and out into the real world to meet people. So we’ve created a range of intelligent, intuitive, and helpful features to assist you in your ultimate goal: finding the right man for the night or for the long run.

MR. Right introduces you to men you’ll like

Here’s the deal: The more you use MR X, the more MR. Right learns what kinds of guys you go for. Then it acts as your own virtual wingman, delivering to you daily, personalized introductions to men who match your type. Message a match on the spot or tap “Right” if you’re interested, or “Not Quite Right” if you’re not. If you both tap “Right,” MR. Right lets you both know.

Use the left-hand nav bar to change your view

This feature lets you see users based on specific criteria so that you can find the right man in more ways. Change who you’re seeing on your MR X Mangrid with our choose a view features on the app’s left-hand nav bar. View a Local or Global Mangrid and check out men near you or men from elsewhere. Views under “Connections” quickly show you men who are interested in you or men you’ve reached out to. The MR. Right views keep track of your matches and potential matches from the MR. Right tab.

Filter and fine-tune using the right-hand nav bar

After you’ve chosen a view, you can adjust a view on the right-hand nav bar. Using the sorting options, you’ll have the maximum degree of flexibility and control in who you see on your screen. Sort locals by who last logged in, for instance, or sort viewers of your profile by who’s closest. If you’re in the mood for an older man or a younger one, adjust the age filter. With MR X’s virtually limitless sorting combinations, you can get much closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Detailed profiles

Get the full story! The “About Me” section gives you all the space you’ll need to describe yourself. Tell guys about yourself or what you’re looking for. Be nice!

Big public and private galleries

Get the full picture! You can upload and share up to 25 photos so you can spend less time sending snapshots one by one.

Playful Shout-Outs

When you’re viewing a guy’s profile, send one of six different Shout-Outs to compliment him and get his attention.

MR X Code badge

Look for the MR X Code badge on primary profile photos. It tells you the guy adheres to the MR X Code and lets you make a more informed decision about whether or not you want to hit him up.

Quickly access chats on the message screen

Because we think the conversations you have with other MR X men are really important, we made it easier to chat with people on our dedicated Messages screen. See your new messages and jump right into them.

MR X Premium makes it even easier to connect

To name just a few awesome benefits of MR X Premium … Online-Only Mode lets you check out only who’s signed on and ready to talk right now.

The Travel Feature lets you pick a city – any city – to check out the MR X scene there, set up dates and get advice from locals before you go.

Get Read Message Notifications and know the second your message is seen by the recipient.

Use the Private Photo Bucket to send even more photos more quickly and store your photos within MR X so any risqué shots don’t have to sit in your main photo folder where snooping friends or relatives might run into them. MR X Premium also gives you unfiltered, unlimited access to and shows you up to seven times as many men on the app.

Join MR X or download MR X on your smartphone today!