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January 21, 2014
Category: Sexuality

Maybe it's the winter or grayness the season has cast, but I can't help but fantasize more during dreary weather times. Even my dreams seem to be counteracting the bundling up that these more frequent Polar Vortex's have caused with highly sexualized and fantastical night visions. Whether it's about people I know or celebrities and public figures, my dreams have been on fire lately, causing me to have lingering feelings for this special dream guest for more than just a night. Not to mention the horniness that comes (and stays) with it. So that's why I'm turning to you all to put your fantasies on display in the comments below. They can be anything from an exceptional dream (be it new or recurring), a sexual adventure you're looking to fulfill this year, or even some sort of FanFic pairing that you'd like to see played out on screen. For those of you not familiar with FanFic, it stands for Fan Fiction and it's when a viewer of a movie or TV show writes their own storyline of an already existing property and pairs two characters together. A good example would be Sherlock and Holmes, while not a sexual relationship in most portrayals, in FanFic the two would get hot and heavy and be in a gay relationship. Make sense?

Think of this open post as a fantasy free for all to express anything and everything you want. Who knows, it may catch a Daddy/Hunter's eye and turn fantasy into reality.

Official MISTER
January 16, 2014
Category: Gay Culture
Gay Founding Fathers: Alan Turing

From email to Amazon to XTube to reading the blog you're on right now, computers have become so essential to our day-to-day that it’s rather mind-boggling to imagine life without them. So, who exactly do we have to thank for this game-changing gadget? Bill Gates? Good guess. Steve Jobs? Think again. The actual man credited with inventing this game-changing gadget is the original tech titan of the 20th century (and this week’s Gay Founding Father), British mathematician Alan Turing.

Born in London in 1912, Turing’s early years appeared to follow the standard narrative of the classic overachiever—academically driven, introverted (a chronic stuttering condition often left him feeling self-conscious), head constantly buried in a book. But by the time he became a teenager, it was clear this smartypants was something special. His remarkable ability for picking up and deciphering advanced mathematical and scientific concepts (even without ever having formally studied them) attracted attention, and upon graduation, he enrolled at the prestigious King’s College at Cambridge University, where he gained first-class honors in mathematics.

His intellectual acuity in top form, Turin’s reputation for being an original thinker soon solidified with the release of a number of high-profile papers, including a 1935 dissertation on the central limit theorem that earned him a fellowship at King’s (practically unheard of for...

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January 13, 2014
Category: Gay Culture

In a gay world where preference can be mistaken (or used) for discrimination, it's important to highlight that sexiness comes in all forms. Yesterday was National Kiss a Ginger day, a light hearted "awareness day" to give redheads some much deserved love. And as evidence by model Seth Fornea above, red is hot. I wanted to take the opportunity and talk about preference. The truth is, we all have types (a good reason we're on a site called Daddyhunt), but oftentimes people mistake our preferences for being too picky or particular. In the past year, I've tried to broaden my horizons and open myself to other versions of men. I've seen success and had some fun, but in the end, I always come back to where I started. Which begs the question, what's so wrong with knowing what you want?

It can be a good thing to open yourself up to the new and often times this encounters are ripe with unexpected possibility. But I'm wondering if you come across the same kind scrutiny when you wear your preference loud and proud? Do you find that friends often push to try beyond your given type? Have you ever taken someone's preference for a different look than yours personally? Let us know in the comments below and let's talk pref.

Official Daddyhunt
January 9, 2014
Category: Relationships

Now that we've officially dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Daddy,” we hope you’re on your way to achieving the goals (don’t call them resolutions!) you’ve set for yourself to help make the next 365 days as daddylicious as they can be. Not that it’s going to be easy. Truth is, some of the biggest self-improvement promises we make to ourselves—eating better, getting in shape, building healthier relationships—are way easier said than done. But hang in there, guys, we’re gonna do our best to help you stay on track!

Okay, we can’t promise to snatch that donut out of your hand or make sure you get your butt to the gym three times a week, but if you need some advice on keeping your love life in tip-top shape, listen up! Better yet, listen to what MISTER CEO and our resident relationship expert, Carl Sandler, had to say about some of the unique challenges of daddy dating—including mismatched sex drives, uneven incomes, and dealing with disapproving family and friends—during his latest appearance on Sirius OutQ’s “The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick” radio show. Whether you’re determined to land yourself a dashing daddy, test the relationship waters with a strapping younger buck, or make your current daddy-son situation stronger in 2014, this is a must-listen.

Click the play button below to hear how it all went down. Also, be sure to check out these inspiring examples of...

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January 7, 2014
Category: Gay Culture
Gay Republicans: When Is Outing Okay?

It's been a high profile week in outing. From Super Bowl Champ Aaron Rodgers to two (or more) alleged Hobbit stars, people seem to be breaking down closet doors that are not their own. And while it would be nice to add NFL players and a few more actors to the team roster, there's one outing in question that our community could do with out: the gay republican hypocrite. In this particular case, it's Republican Congressman Aaron Shock, who's been outed this week by noted CBS journalist Itay Hod. In a not-so-blind item on his Facebook page, he poses the question of when it's right to out someone. Citing Shock's disgraceful anti-gay voting history, he sees fit to call this gay man out for all the world to see. And I agree with Hod - if you discreetly come to our community looking for "our services" and then turn around and openly plot against us, you need to be brought down. That kind of hypocrisy should be out in the open.

There's a lot at stake when you're a public figure. In many cases, your livelihood depends on little more than your image and how the public perceives you. I would love for every closeted man to come out (public or otherwise) but understand...

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January 2, 2014
Category: Wellness
2014 The Year of the Daddy

Resolutions come and go, but tag lines they stay with you. That's why this year, instead of making a list of things we want to change, why not create a year long thematic that will propel you through the year and keep you on track. For example, I deemed 2013 as "The Year of Change" for me on January 1, 2013. And in the span of a year the universe delivered, and then some. From moving, to getting a new job, to incredible new adventures, it was a year filled with all kinds of change - even when I wasn't actively seeking it. I not only learned the value in taking charge of my life and creating change for myself, but the beauty of accepting the things I cannot change. Because of that, 2013 was a great success. But 2014 is here, which means a new theme for a new year.

I find it easier to use this broader thematic to start with and make sure that all your actions line up to it. Whether that's creating a list of goals (not resolutions) or just checking your actions against the theme, it's an easy way to stay on track for the year and help manifest your own year long destiny.

So with that, I say to all of you out there, let's make 2014 The Year of the Daddy. I want you all to have the best year of your life and make 2014 a year to remember. Let us know in the comments below what your year long thematic will be and what you want to accomplish. Having it in writing will not only hold you accountable, but there's a surprising power in written words that tend to have magic all on their own.

Looking forward to an incredible and unforgettably blissful 2014...

Official Daddyhunt
December 25, 2013
Category: Site News
Holiday Perks: Our Sizzling, Sexy Gift To You

Those sensible socks and sweaters your relatives give you every year are great and all, but don’t you wish you could unwrap something you really wanted this holiday season? We think so too, so we’re gifting you guys with some very merry Holiday Perks that we guarantee you won’t want to return!

Don’t worry about whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year. All you have to do is upgrade to a Premium membership with either your Daddyhunt profile or MISTER profile by December 31, and we’ll stuff your stocking with the following discounts and freebies from some of our favorite gay sites and services:

• Wolfe Video: 25% off all sale DVD and Blu-Ray movies

• 50% off membership-for life of subscription!

• 50% off select sites, including Butch Dixon, Alpha Males, Bear Films, and Hairy and Raw-for life of subscription!

• 50% off select sites, including Stag Homme, Cazzo Club, Dads Fuck Lads, Jason Sparks, and Wurst Film

• FreshPair: 15% off your next purchase on (while supplies last)

• Plus! A special swag bag full of MISTER gear (while supplies last)

Already a Premium member? Of course we haven’t forgotten about you! Just click here if you're on Daddyhunt or...

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December 16, 2013
Category: The Arts
Read Any Good Books Lately?

If you've got some time off this holiday season, why not pick up a good book or two and get with the reading? Sure you could do some binge-watching on Netflix, but let's all take a page from these sexy fellas over Sexy Men Read and A Naked Bookself and try and look as good as they do while doing it. Queerty called these great Tumblr sites which collect all kinds of photos of gifs of men reading (the latter site is a bit more NSFW) and we can't get enough of them. There's something to be said about a man with a book in his hand. And best of all, it can often times set the stage for some great and engaging conversations. No pick up line needed, just hope that you're familiar with their book. That's one of the unfortunate things about reading off a kindle or iPad: while convenient, there's no cover.

And now that many of the Best of Lists of the year are being released, you'll have plenty to be inspired by. As always, we love hearing recommendations from the community, so new or old, let us know what we should be reading in the comments below.

Official Daddyhunt
December 13, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

A few weeks ago, we had some fun telling you about a few of our favorite Gay Daddy-Son Relationships That Shocked the World. All this talk about Tom Daley and Justin Lance Black pairing up made us want to highlight three inspiring cross-generational couples who prove that when it comes to May-December loving, age ain't nothing but a number.

Christopher Isherwood 
and Don Bachardy
Life wasn’t always a cabaret for esteemed British novelist Christopher Isherwood, whose semi-autobiographical tales of a closeted gay man living in pre-Nazi Germany were collected in the best-selling book The Berlin Stories, but that all changed when he met 18-year-old Don Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. Despite their 30-year age difference—not to mention it being the era of McCarthyism, one of the most homophobic periods in American history—the pair began a high-profile love affair that would last more than three decades. While their relationship was idyllic in many ways, with Isherwood helping his younger lover develop his affinity for drawing and painting and the couple frequently entertaining well-known artists, writers, and movie stars in their hillside Santa Monica home, it wasn’t always without its challenges. In fact, at times the May-December dramas may have seemed like something out of a movie, and indeed, it became one—“Chris & Don: A...

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December 9, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

When super hottie Olympic diver Tom Daley announced he was dating a dude, it only took about a day or two for reporters to discover that the dude in question was Oscar winning writer Dustin Lance Black. After the initial shock and delight wore off, many people turned to the fact that Tom, 19, was dating someone 20 years his senior. Maybe it's because public outings are more mainstream these days, but there seemed to be an unfavorable reaction to the age gap. I call out the mainstream factor because amongst the gay community most men understand that age differences in our world are fairly common and mostly accepted. We've discussed at length on this blog the uniting bonds of coming out and being a minority which can oftentimes grant a strong foundation for older-young relationships, but it seems that there's still a bit of taboo when it comes to May-December romances. I'd venture to say many of those negative reactions stem from jealously that Tom Daley can't be theirs, but it does bring up an interesting topic regarding the mainstreaming of gay culture.

The Huffington Post is on the same page as us, but I'm wondering: outside of the gay community (or in) have you experienced negative reactions to dating...

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