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October 11, 2016
Category: Dating
New on Daddyhunt App - MOST HUNTED

Want to know who’s the Daddy of the Daddies?

Now, under the Local and Global tabs on the Daddyhunt app. You can see the Most Hunted men in your area based on Most Viewed, Most Followed and Most Shouts.

If you haven’t updated to the new version of the app or upgraded your membership to Premium, now is the time to do so.

Download the app at: if you want to join the ranks of Daddy’s MOST HUNTED or just admire those who already are.

Mister X
April 27, 2016
Category: Site News

Get the latest update to the MR X app and get social!

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Try searching tags you're interested in, whether looking for a #top, a #bottom or #powerversitile guy

Using hashtags is fun and easy and can help you find guys you share common interests with

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January 29, 2016
Category: Entertainment
Daddyhunt The Serial

Introducing Daddyhunt : The Serial

Apps like Daddyhunt give us access to a world of men. But sometimes the best ones are just across the hall...

In that spirit, we present Daddyhunt: The Serial! It’s our first crack at original content, where we prove that the search for the perfect Daddy is anything but straight-forward.

Dadddyhunt : The Serial

Check out episdoe 1 on the Daddyhunt Facebook page, where our buff young pup finds out that his salt-and-pepper super isn’t quite who he expects.

We don’t think it’s anything you'll expect, either.

November 20, 2015
Category: Entertainment
Video: The Best Distraction

Find someone to distract you tonight on Daddyhunt.

Check out our HOT new Daddyhunt video:

And download the Daddyhunt App here:

November 10, 2015
Category: Sexuality
gay SF code

Photographer Hal Fischer rereleases his cult classic field guide to The Castro's leather daddies, jocks and cowboys.

"Are you a fister, or fistee? In 1970s Castro district San Francisco, the answer was right on the ass - a red handkerchief in the back pocket.

The Hanky Code of the pre-AIDS San Francisco gay community is lovingly documented in Gay Semiotics, the seminal work of photographer Hal Fischer, originally published in 1977 and re-released this month. The book is a cult classic field guide to gay style and expression - explored through photographs of nude men standing in trees, sadomasochistic contraptions, and the correct way to do poppers."

This is definitely worth a look.


November 10, 2015
Category: Dating
[daddyhunt - who's your daddy?]

Want a hot Daddy to work out with? Daddies can be so helpful... especially in the gym.

Daddyhunt App now lets you add hashtags to your photo captions. Add hashtags to your photos to find guys with similar interest or with #sexyabs.

The Daddyhunt App is the best way to stay updated and connected with all the special Daddies and Daddy lovers waiting to meet you.

Download the app here:

and then check out this HOT new Daddyhunt video:

October 29, 2015
Category: Dating
New on Daddyhunt App - HASHTAGS!

Trick or Treat Daddyhunters!

We launched a new feature just in time for Halloween - HASHTAGS!

To kick off hashtags in Daddyhunt, post your Halloween photos in the FotoFeed all week long using hashtag #Daddyween then check out all the fun pics on that tag this weekend. Pumpkins. Halloween pranks. Costumes or not.

Post any festivities to #Daddyween all week.

Will you be dressed as a sexy pirate ready to show off your booty, or are you only in it for the eye candy? Upload all your amazing Halloween pics so we can admire how handsome you look no matter what you end up doing on Halloween night.

Using hashtags is fun and easy and will help you find guys who have interests in common with you.

1. Upload a photo to the FotoFeed using the Daddyhunt app.
2. Type your tag directly into the caption field.
3. Click or search hashtags to see other guys who tagged their photos.

Have a Happy #Daddyween and we'll see you on the app!

Team Daddyhunt

October 6, 2015
Category: Health
No Blame, No Shame... How San Francisco is changing the face of AIDS treatment

San Francisco is turning the tide against H.I.V. and serving as a model for other cities. The city that was once the epidemic’s ground zero now has only a few hundred new cases a year, the result of a raft of creative programs that have sent infection rates plummeting.

“I love the San Francisco model,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “If it keeps doing what it is doing, I have a strong feeling that they will be successful at ending the epidemic as we know it. Not every last case — we’ll never get there — but the overall epidemic. And then there’s no excuse for everyone not doing it.”


August 4, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Some longtime DC Comics fans were in for a treat this week after it was announced that the television series Arrow had cast actor Echo Kellum to play an openly gay version of Michael Holt, also known as Mister Terrific, a black superhero. Introduced in 1997, Mister Terrific is a genius millionaire with 14 doctorate degrees and a gold medal in the Olympic decathlon.

Mister Terrific joins openly bisexual Sara Lance (Canary, played by Caity Lotz) as the show's queer characters, part of a deliberate effort by its creators to introduce LGBT characters into the world of TV superheroes. Series co-creator Greg Berlanti, who is also openly gay, said as much earlier this year to the Advocate. "The network has been very welcoming and they realize the younger generation doesn't really have issues with that kind of stuff," he says. "They don't really see [being LGBT] as a negative. There's a lot more understanding, openness and compassion around this issue today and that's a great thing."


Do you think TV audiences will be accepting of this level of diversity in comics?

June 1, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Norman MacArthur and Bill Novak, both in their 70s, were finally able to marry in Pennsylvania this week after living as father and son for 15 years. Bill, who is two years older, adopted Norman in order to have a formal legal relationship, with all the rights that entailed.

Would you adopt your partner if marriage wasn't a legal option in your state?

Read full article here: