September 30, 2013
Category: Entertainment

Watching two daddy bears fall in love on a construction site seems like the best way to start the week. Out gay singer Doug Strahm released his new video for "Better This Way" for us all to enjoy. A heartfelt love song with an eye candy filled video to go a long with it. We like to support these gay singers who continue to put themselves out there (on the sometimes vicious) interwebs. Whatever your tastes may be, we can all appreciate men who go for them dreams and use their creativity for the entertainment of us all.

Are there any up and coming (or long established) gay artists that you've found through the internet that are worth sharing? Post about them in the comments below and link to some of their work for all to see.

Official Daddyhunt
April 24, 2013
Category: Sexuality
"Put a Finger In It" - and Other Thoughts on Anal Play

We’re big fans of furry funnyman Greg Scarnici’s ability always find the humor in taboo topics, and his latest comedy video, “Put a Finger In It,” is no exception. This hilarious ode to the art of, umm, shall we say, “digital” love had us rolling, and we think you’ll give it two big thumbs up, too.

Now, we know some of you guys, particularly those who prefer the top bunk, might find the idea of having someone pull up to your bumper somewhat of a touchy subject, but we’re curious: does the desire for anal stimulation when you're getting your rod worked on mean you might secretly be a closet bottom?

The answer, at least according to this article we found on Psychology Today’s website, is not necessarily. In fact, it just means you’re completely normal. Turns out people of all sexual persuasions—including 24% of straight men—enjoy the art of the backdoor finger bang every once in a while.

So go ahead, all you top dogs out there, embrace your inner bottom. Better yet, share your favorite techniques for getting into the dig in the comments section. We promise nobody will point fingers. Well, unless you want them to.

Official MISTER
March 4, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

MR. Cheyenne Jackson is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

Weather you liked him or not, Seth MacFarlane has said he won’t be performing an encore as the host of the Oscars next year, so we’d like to cast our vote for who we think would make an excellent replacement: Cheyenne Jackson. One look at his resume, and it’s clear the 37-year-old star has everything it takes. Funny? Check (anyone who watched him on “30 Rock” can vouch for that). Able to carry a tune for the inevitable song-and-dance number? Double check (he’s a veteran Broadway star with a debut album dropping this year). Movie star good looks? Clearly, there aren’t enough checks we can award him in that department. One thing’s for sure, staring into those baby blues would certainly make watching the long, drawn-out ceremony a LOT more bearable. So what do you say, Academy? We can pretty much guarantee nothing but four-star reviews.

Follow Cheyenne Jackson on Twitter and WhoSay.

April 9, 2012
Category: Entertainment

Why can't all political scandals be this hot? The video for daddybear Matt Zarley's new single "Trust Me" features an all too familiar story. Lucky for us, the sexy hunk at the center of this video's story is one worth watching.


December 16, 2011
Category: Sexuality

Here's some Friday frivolity for you: singer Johnny McGovern is dickamatized. In the singer's new song is funny enough, but the hot guys in mesh shorts are what really sell the video.

To put it simply, being dickmatized is when you stay with a guy simply because the sex is good. You're basically powerless to a stop going back to this person because when it to comes to sexy times, he knows what he's doing and then some. Whether you love his cock, the way he fucks, or his oh so perfect lips, you'll pretty much do anything to keep getting the good stuff. And as most of know, if you're dickmatized you will find almost any excuse to go back to this person even if they end up treating you like shit. There's only one way to break the spell, and that's to find someone who actually appreciates you and/or realizing your self worth - whichever comes first.

Have you ever been dickmatized? If so, let us know how you broke free!

May 20, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Some Friday fluff to carry you into the weekend.

I'm sure they'll be plenty of comments about the men, the skin, and, of course, the song. Let's hear it.