December 16, 2013
Category: The Arts
Read Any Good Books Lately?

If you've got some time off this holiday season, why not pick up a good book or two and get with the reading? Sure you could do some binge-watching on Netflix, but let's all take a page from these sexy fellas over Sexy Men Read and A Naked Bookself and try and look as good as they do while doing it. Queerty called these great Tumblr sites which collect all kinds of photos of gifs of men reading (the latter site is a bit more NSFW) and we can't get enough of them. There's something to be said about a man with a book in his hand. And best of all, it can often times set the stage for some great and engaging conversations. No pick up line needed, just hope that you're familiar with their book. That's one of the unfortunate things about reading off a kindle or iPad: while convenient, there's no cover.

And now that many of the Best of Lists of the year are being released, you'll have plenty to be inspired by. As always, we love hearing recommendations from the community, so new or old, let us know what we should be reading in the comments below.

October 14, 2013
Category: Gay Culture
Spooky Bear Weekend

It's almost that time of year again. The best gay holiday there is! No, not Pride. Halloween! It's a day where we can unleash our secret fetishes on an unknowing public and role play loudly and proudly all night long! What better day than for the gays to put their creativity and theme party prowess to good use than Halloween? I've been celebrating New York Halloween for 7 years now and it's always a crazy scene. For an entire week the streets are filled with a plentiful mix of sexy and scary, and that's not even including the annual Village Halloween Parade. There are always plenty of parties that end up being a blast, but this year I needed a venue change. I've heard New Orleans is one of the best cities for Halloween and that was in consideration until I heard about Spooky Bear Weekend in Provincetown.

For years I've heard Provincetown is great in the off season, but Halloween is one of their especially fun weeks (the bear factor pretty much ensures that). And after reading up on it, I'm heading straight up to see what it's all about. But now comes the tricky part of choosing a costume. Given the audience, it's probably best to show a little hair, but I want to up my game this year and create something clever. Any daddies out there good with a sewing machine? Being in a new city should contribute to the adventure factor that comes with Halloween. You usually never really know the people you meet till you see them out of costume, but...

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Official Daddyhunt
June 11, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

Father’s Day is this weekend, but why should biological dads get to have all the fun? Gay daddies deserve to be celebrated, too, so we're officially renaming June 16 Daddy's Day in their honor! To help you give the big daddy in your life the extra-special day he deserves, we've come up with five great gift ideas you probably won't read about anywhere else.

Leather Daddy

We'd all love to surprise the leather daddy in our life with a bitchin' motorbike. Too bad it would leave most of our bank accounts bound and gagged. Take your daddy for a different kind of ride instead on Nasty Pig's rubber Playsheet! This soft rubber bedspread hold its grip, so you can get busy losing yours. When you're done abusing them, just toss them in the wash. $200-$250; available at

Sugar Daddy

Cash might be king, but plastic is fantastic (especially when you're not the one getting the bill)! Help your sugar daddy keep his Amex in check with a stylish credit card holder. We love these handsome leather ones from Jack Spade. $45-$115; available at

Artsy Daddy

There's plenty of reasons you're drawn to your Daddy: his...

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December 23, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

If you're making the yuletide gay this year with the family, Big Daddy Carl's got some survival tips on making things run as smoothly as possible. When there's lots of family involved, whether you come from a conservative background or a more open and candid crew, conversations are bound to take some wacky and possibly uncomfortable turns.

Take some time (and a deep breath) to prepare yourself before the family fun begins with Carl's 8-Point Survival Guide over at the Huffington Post.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

From all of us at Daddyhunt and Mister we wish you a very merry, very safe and a very spectacular holiday season!

May 26, 2012
Category: Wellness

Wishing all our members a happy and safe Memorial Day (and IML) Weekend! 

This being the unofficial kickoff, what are you most looking forward to this summer?

December 26, 2011
Category: Dating

Now that the holiday madness is over, it's time to talk family. There's a stigma around May-December romances within both the gay and straight communities, that they're a sort of sycophantic relationship. That one is using the other for youth, money, or any number of things. For this reason, bringing home an older or younger boyfriend home to the family (or even to your friends) can be a bit of an awkward situation. But the best thing you can do for your family and your lover is to prep them ahead of time. Bringing home your boyfriend or partner to meet the family is never an easy situation, regardless or age differences. Whether you have judgey aunt or a disapproving father, meeting the fam is always a production. The best advice I can give, is to prep both sides as much as you can before the actual introduction. In most cases though, if you're genuinely happy, families can see that and any other factors that may come into play just wash away. That's of course, a best case scenario, but as with everything else, being open and honest about the situation is the best way to go.

We'd love to hear your stories and advice on how best to approach the situation. Did any of you bring home your older or younger boyfriends for the first time this year?

Let us know what you think is the best approach.

December 21, 2011
Category: Wellness
christmas list

As I've gotten older my holiday wish list has slowly shifted from the material to the spiritual. I remember looking forward to the must have gifts during Chanukah and having a list of wants that far surpassed the standard 8 days of gifts. But as I've gotten older, there's not really many things I need to have, or rather, not many things I would want people to buy for me. Maybe it's because if there's something that I really want, I can get it myself, but I'd like to think that getting older has made me more about the gift of self improvement. And especially at the holiday time, I like to recognize the things I'm most thankful for.

This is not to say that I wouldn't love a new computer or 7 new pairs of jeans, a new winter coat, the $600 sweater I saw at Ralph Lauren, and fun new underwear. I still want all those things, but in a weird way, putting things like health and happiness on my list seem more realistic to me. Finding true love, that's on the list too, but whether that come this holiday season or the next, making myself good and ready for it is probably the best gift of all in the long run.

But you tell me fellas, as you've gotten older, have the things you've wanted most in life been more or less material?

November 23, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

It's Thanksgiving ya'll! And you know what that means: time to go around the table and say what we're thankful for. This year we've got 10 wild and sexy wall calendars to give away courtesy of our friends at There's plenty of hot guys in the mix to get you through the year, including men from Butch Dixon and the Wild Boys doing all kinds of wild things, like holding skateboards in front of their junk! Just let us know in the comments below what you're thankful for this year as well as which calendar would float your boat and you'll automatically be entered to win 12 months of hotness. We'll notify the winners via your Daddyhunt inbox on the 29th.

I guess I'll kick things off. Last year I said I was thankful to all of you for all your engaging comments and posts. This year, I'm still thankful for that, but would also like to add hope to the list. I know it might seem silly, and maybe a little corny, but given the times we live in, and the disproportionate number of moments when it seems like everything has gone or is going to shit, hope is an amazingly powerful and driving force. Just look at the It Gets Better project or all these amazing decade long love stories we keep hearing about. It's these wonderfully positive reminders that make me think the future really will be something to look forward too. And I'm grateful for that.

Now it's your turn. What are you thankful for?


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October 28, 2011
Category: Sexuality

It has recently come to my attention that I love Halloween. And it's not for the candy, the spooks or the scares. I love Halloween for one simple reason: having sex in costume is a hell of a lot of fun. For those of us that don't have a supportive partner or an adventurous fuck buddy, Halloween is the one day of the year where you don't have to be shy about living out your role play fantasies. It's a night that the seeds of fetishes are born out of. Whether your tastes lay in the more vanilla realm of jocks, doctors, and the armed forces or live in the more fantastical world of aliens, superheroes, or chain-wielding psychopaths, Halloween offers up something for everyone. It's no wonder it's such a popular holiday with the gays. Last year I saw Johnny Depp making out with a cupcake. And the year before that I saw punk rocker getting hot and heavy with a gondola rower. The combinations are endless really, and people tend to get wild and explore new and exciting avenues of attraction. Sometimes it's even best to leave your preconceived fantasies at home and see what the night brings. The best part is, even if the fun last no more than a night, you'll always remember the time that zombie fucked your brains out.

What's your best Halloween hook up story or fantasy you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone! Have fun and be safe!

December 25, 2010
Category: Eye Candy

Here's hoping Santa brings you everything your daddy/hunter heart desires this year.

Merry XMas from the Daddyhunt Team!

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