June 10, 2014
Category: Sexuality
How to Bottom Like a Porn Star

Our own MISTER Carl was recently on The Jolt with Larry Flick discussing the fears many men have around bottoming. From having too loose of an anus to hemorrhoids they talked through it all to set everyone's minds and asses at ease. He also mentioned Woody Miller's book How To Bottom Like A Porn Star which provides lots of tips and tricks. Let's be honest, we've all wondered how porn stars do it with such ease. The top sticks it in like a glute inject and the bottom hardly flinches. Porn stars perform some of the most painful sex acts ever seen without so much as blinking. How do they do it? And more importantly, is it something the rest of us can learn?

Gay sex columnist Woody Miller teamed up with a colorectal specialist and an urologist to find out. They interviewed some of the biggest names in the gay porn industry – – performers, directors and producers to produce a book that combines porn industry secrets with innovative techniques from the latest gay male sex research.

The result is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred look into the gay porn industry and the secrets they use to get performers to bottom without pain or messy scenes. In How To Bottom Like A Porn Star. The Guide To Gay Anal Sex the author, along with his team, use the research as a launching point to introduce effective ways to bottoming without pain, including “The Sexhalation Method,” which combines systematic desensitization, pattern breathing,...

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December 16, 2013
Category: The Arts
Read Any Good Books Lately?

If you've got some time off this holiday season, why not pick up a good book or two and get with the reading? Sure you could do some binge-watching on Netflix, but let's all take a page from these sexy fellas over Sexy Men Read and A Naked Bookself and try and look as good as they do while doing it. Queerty called these great Tumblr sites which collect all kinds of photos of gifs of men reading (the latter site is a bit more NSFW) and we can't get enough of them. There's something to be said about a man with a book in his hand. And best of all, it can often times set the stage for some great and engaging conversations. No pick up line needed, just hope that you're familiar with their book. That's one of the unfortunate things about reading off a kindle or iPad: while convenient, there's no cover.

And now that many of the Best of Lists of the year are being released, you'll have plenty to be inspired by. As always, we love hearing recommendations from the community, so new or old, let us know what we should be reading in the comments below.

May 4, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Fur the Love of Hair

I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at man with fur. Luckily, photographers and artists love the subject just as much as I do. FUR: The Love of Hair compiles dozens of iconic and original contemporary images, all exploring the endless delights of men’s hair. Featuring artist from Japan, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Canada, and the United States, the book takes a global approach to all things hirsute, including commentary and essays that examine and celebrate gay culture's interest in hair.

The book is already out in Europe and the rest of the world May 8. Click here for more info and purchasing.

If you could devote an entire coffee table book to one subject, what would it be?

October 4, 2011
Category: The Arts

Welcome to our first ever Daddyhunt Book Club! For our inaugural selection, we've chosen to James Baldwin classic homonovela Giovanni's Room. First published in 1956, the tale of a young lad coming to grips with his sexuality in Paris and of course, doomed love. In the interest of engaging those of you who haven't read the book recently or at all, I thought we could talk about the book a little more broadly at first and then get a bit more granular with the details further down. I say this because so much of the book sparks conversations that we can all engage in without knowing all the details of the books. Please discuss any of the following and let's get the comments section buzzing with engagement. So let's begin...

I guess the thing that struck me the most about the book is how much of it is still, in many ways, applicable to our gay lives today. The universal emotions and struggle to come to terms with ones sexuality, that David experiences, is the same in the 1950s as it is today. Sure, things seem easier today with society's growing understanding and acceptance, our more positive presence in the media, and the many outlets and safe havens in which we can take shelter, but at its core, the journey to self acceptance is essentially the same. Our protagonist, David's first gay experience when he's a teen shapes and shames him for years to come. It's a crucial turning point for him and one in which I think we can all relate. In his case, he ran away from it, as far as he could emotionally, and eventually through distance. But as we all know, it's...

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July 23, 2011
Category: Porn

Lord knows its too hot to masturbate right now in most of the world, but this new book may force you to get all kinds of sweaty with yourself. Kevin Clarke's new book PORN: From Andy Warhol to X-Tube is just the tome I've been looking for. In it he takes a look at the history of porn and how the industry has evolved along with its stars. And as we go through the history, he explores some interesting topics. For instance, with the amount of amateur porn out there (and how easily it can accessed), what does that mean for the rest of the industry? With tons of pictures and interviews with some of our favorite names in porn, we get a really well rounded view of the porn we love so dear. And we do love it dearly, don't we?

I often think about the ways that porn has changed the way we interact with our sexual partners. In some ways, I think it sets an interesting expectation. Add to that the fact that we've become so good at getting ourselves off (with porn's assistance) that it can make for being physically intimate with an actual human a challenge for some. I guess at the end of the day, porn does a great job of reflecting our society. Think about how much of a stigma there used to be decades ago versus now. Seems like as our community has come out and proud, so too has the porn industry. It's no longer taboo.

What do you think about porn's effect on our sex lives? Are we better for it? And to keep things...

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Billy Kolber
June 16, 2011
Category: Relationships

I always hear guys say their relationship is the most important thing in their lives, that relationships are hard work, and that communication is the key to a good relationship. But most of us have only our families of origin and Hollywood providing blueprints for how relationships are supposed to work. We go to school for years to advance our careers, take lessons for sports and musical instruments, we even study for a driver’s license. Yet for our relationships, we’re just winging it with a little help from Dr. Phil. Make sense to you? Me neither.

My last relationship lasted almost 12 years, and when it started falling apart, I researched the top-rated relationship self-help books, bought a dozen of them and started studying. These three offered the best insight and actionable advice - even for an older gay daddy with good emotional intelligence. Think of them as Relationship 101.

Extra Credit: What are your recommendations for nurturing a relationship?

The Dance of Connection - Harriet Lerner writes primarily for women, but her focus on emotional communication skills is incredibly helpful. Putting her advice to work improved all of my relationships, not just the one with my lover.


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April 26, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Oof! That would be the noise I make when I see a hot daddy that is so incredibly hot that it hurts. You'll be hearing that noise a lot as I flip through Michael Alago's new 260-page book of photographs, Brutal Truth. Alago, who you may be familiar with already for his other popular photo compilation Rough Gods, is known for his down and dirty style of photographing real and raw men in some of the hottest photos around. He's also one hot daddy god himself. If you like your men rough, there's a good chance you've come across his work before, whether you know it or not.

There's something, not only hot, but comforting in seeing rough men who are photographed just as they are. When you strip away the sheen, you can see the real beauty and sex appeal in being exactly who you are. I think it's the reason I love the daddy/bear community so much, it seems like a group that's more visceral and connected than most.

Alago will be going on tour with his new book, which will be sure to bring out plenty of those sexy men we're all so fond of. It kicks off tonight in New York City and continues on to Amsterdam, San Francisco, and London.


4/26/11 Tuesday
New York City
Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation Gallery
26 Wooster St, NYC

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April 14, 2011
Category: The Arts

With so many distractions this days (basically everything that moves) I forgot how much fun reading can be. In an effort to dedicate an hour a night to something creatively and intellectually stimulating, I've tried to cut back on the boob tube. I love it dearly, and there are times when I need it, but when I weighed the amount of time I spent watching television versus the amount time I spent on projects I'd been meaning to get done, it was just too much. Which brings me back to the whole book reading thing.

Recently I finished The Hunger Games trilogy, which while billed as a young adult novel was a great ride filled with some fairly universal adult themes. I'm now in the middle of two books, one paper, Patti Smith's Just Kids, and one eBook, Tina Fey's Bossypants. I decided that because Tina Fey's book just came out (and I was itching to try reading a book on my iPad) I should concentrate on that one and return back to Patti when I'm done. The tones are quite different and I think it's best not to multitask with book reading. But the problem is, when I'm done, what will I read next?!

So what I really want to know is what you all out there are reading. Getting book suggestions can be a tricky business, but also the most practical in terms of finding one you'll like. I was thinking that if enough people either endorsed the same book, or were game for a suggestion by a member or moderator, we could all enjoy the pleasures of reading and discussion together. It's no fun finishing a book and having no one to discuss it with at length,...

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December 10, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

We've got another exciting contest and this one is just for our DH Supporters! We're giving away 3 copies of Daddyhunt member, Freeman Hall's new book, Stuff That Makes My Gay Heart Weep. If you're not familiar with his blog, it's an irreverent look at all the hilariously heartbreaking things in this world that just shouldn't be.

For this week's contest, we want to know what makes your gay heart weep about the holiday season. For instance, my gay heart weeps for fruitcake. I mean, does anyone actually like it? It's the butt of every joke about xmas, so why do people still give it as gifts? I just don't get it.

Post your weepies below and we'll select 3 winners on Monday and they'll be notified via their inbox.

gay personals

Walter Smith
January 6, 2009
Category: Gay Culture

We don't mean to suggest a secret bromance between straight author John Irving and gay writer Edmund White, but in a recent interview, Irving called White's book A Boy's Own Story far superior to The Catcher in the Rye.

"We're the same age, and I remember when I first read A Boy's Own Story—in the early 1980s—and I thought that the novel spoke much more to me about a boy coming of age (even though it's about a gay boy coming of age, and I'm not gay) than The Catcher in the Rye ever did. I reread The Catcher in the Rye recently, and it doesn't hold up at all; it's just not very well, or...

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