November 3, 2010
Category: The Arts

You might recognized Hunter and Daddyhunt model Ivan with his dazzling smile and trim frame. Well, not only is he handsome but he is also very talented and we are happy to share this message he wrote about a play he is performing in. If you're in San Fransisco this weekend, check it out. This is the last week and we've heard good things about it!

Glory Days, is a new rock musical and it's a story about four high school friends discovering what has remained the same, and what has changed when they reunite a year after graduation to play a prank on their alma mater. It seems they've changed more than they'd like to think.

I play Jack— a quiet guy who discovers that college isn't really what he needs right now. He quits school, goes on a road trip, and discovers things he never would have under normal circumstances. The show has been an eye-opening experience for me. It's intimate, quick-witted, and catchy, and even audience members who aren't musical fans leave the show moved by how easily they could relate to the story.

Jack and I hold similar characteristics: I'm getting to the age where my adolescent relationships—no matter how strong— are being tested by distance, changes in ideals, and marriage. My best friend and I have grown apart considerably this year. We don’t fit into each others life like we once did and instead, I have to learn how to form new bonds, and to write my own story.

Jack is only at the inception of this common experience. We all know how our lives change as we grew older. We became confident in our homosexuality...

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September 6, 2010
Category: The Arts

Hello Men! We hope everyone had a sensational weekend.

We came across the work of William Hairyartist earlier this summer and wanted to save his watercolor, acrylic and ink depictions for a rainy day. His hirsute studies are perfect for this moment, helping to ease us back into the work week. Not to mention the artist himself caught our eye. Enjoy!

July 15, 2010
Category: The Arts

I just read this article in the current issue of Time Out New York and feel inspired. Choreographer Paul-Andre Fortier is in the midst of a world tour of his solo performance "30x30". A 30 minute piece performed outdoors for 30 days, the story is that of a man trying to find his place in the city. He has danced in the streets of Japan, France, Rome and will be in New York City dancing rain or shine at One New York Plaza starting on Friday the 16th.

Some interesting quotes from the article :

"There are not enough older men dancing. I think there is poetry in the aging body that is very exciting. "

“This solo is the most demanding thing I’ve done. When you dance on a stage, you are protected; when you’re outside, the sky is so high! For me, it’s been a learning process about focusing. I’m doing it all wrong. Dancers fight for a sprung floor, for the right temperature in the theater and for having a day off. I dance on concrete. I dance in the rain and in the cold, and I have no day off for 30 days.”

I think I have a new Crush.

Fortier Danse-Creation

July 6, 2010
Category: The Arts

What a pleasant surprise to power up my trusty computer this morning and have the Google doodle remind me that it is the 103rd birthday of one of my favorite artists : Frida Kahlo. In 2008 I saw her work up close for the first time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and like most cases when you can see something you have revered up close with your own eyes, my admiration for her only deepened. What's better then a rebel without a cause? A rebel with one.

Earlier this year, I was turned on to the work of Nahum Zenil. Openly gay and a strong advocate for the LGBT movement in Mexico, he also has this knack for simplistic and raw self portraiture but with a style of his own. Here is some of his work.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Nahum Zenil at / Nahum Zenil Show Review

Walter Smith
November 20, 2008
Category: The Arts

As if we needed more evidence of the power and wisdom that comes with age, 55-year-old gay poet Mark Doty has just won the 2008 National Book Award for Poetry for his collection, Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems.

The poems in the book represent more than 20 years worth of work but in an interview about his win, Doty said it was only at this stage in his life as a mature man that he could critically put this collection together. "When I started out I did what most young poets do -- take all the poems I'd written that I could stand and put them in my first book. But more and more it's a matter of building relationships between poems, and the way that new poems get made is out of the suggestions and possibilities of what I've already done."

Sounds like a a good daddy approach to life, and one that we appreciate here at Daddyhunt.

Check out Doty's website here to learn more about him and read some of his poetry.  Doty is the author of several collections of poetry and non-fiction books.  He lives in New...

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