December 29, 2010
Category: Sexuality
You Fleshlight Up My Life

We've mentioned Fleshlights on here before, but it wasn't until recently that I fully experience their pleasure and power. The nice folks over at with their adult toys, did me a solid and sent me the original Fleshjack Endurance and let me tell you, it more than lived up to the hype.

I had done a lot of studying up on Fleshlights, mainly the interwebs and some friends who swore by them, so I knew a few things going in:

  1. You must, must, must use water based lube with it. Apparently oil based lubes will eat away at the squishy, flesh-like texture.
  2. Clean it when you're done. I've been cleaning it out after every, er, deposit, but I know one friend who waits till the next day. Either way, keep it clean so nothing mars that incredible feeling of smoothly sliding in and out.
  3. Give it a name. (I named mine Mason).

As for the actual fun you can have with it, the release is way more intense than I imagined it to be. I found myself getting a bit lost in it, more so than when I just use my hands. It really is true to form, with one wonderful twist. You can control the suction by adjusting the cap at the top which is pretty fun to play with as well.

I should also say that because of the lube and clean up it's a bit more of a process than my usual nightly...

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November 23, 2010
Category: Sexuality

In these modern times, fuck buddies have come to serve a spectacular void in the space between one night stands and long term relationships. Really it all depends on how you use them, and use them we do. We use them to get off, use them to take our minds off someone else, use them to pass the time: they're pretty handy when it comes to quick fixes. FB relationships can go on for years with varying levels of frequencies, and yet few seem to evolve into anything more (which in most cases is exactly the point). However, they do tend to reach a breaking point of some kind. Whether it's disinterest from one party or too much interest from another party, they really aren't that different from actual dating.

The tricky part is knowing how to navigate the often blurred lines of fuck buddyship and make sure you come away from it unscathed. Here are some of the more common signifiers of both healthy and harmful fuck buddy situations:


  • You can text him and he can call you without any worry of rejection. You may not be available some nights but at least he'll know there'll be a raincheck.
  • You both know exactly what you've signed up for. Whether that's just sex or sex with intent to cuddle, both of you know what's about to go down when you get the call.
  • Your feelings are kept in check al all times, and even though he may send flirtatious text messages the day after, you know that's it's simply a way of saying we're still...
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RP Andrews
September 25, 2010
Category: Sexuality

Even though we live in an era where homosexuality is openly discussed and increasingly tolerated if not totally accepted, those of us who are gay still feel we maintain a unique membership in a very select band of brothers. It doesn’t matter if we’re a mature 25 or young-at-heart 65; whether we live in an urban gay ghetto or a small town where our nearest neighbor is ten miles away; whether we consider ourselves God’s gift to gaydom and making it with guys three or four times a week, or just “average” (whatever the hell that means), content with a few friends, an occasional tryst, or just some good old, hard core porn.

But are we all that really different from our heterosexual counterparts?

Growing up, some us may have been the target of bullying or worst because of our sexuality, but aren’t kids harangued – or worst - for being too short, or too fat, or unathletic or nerdy in American jock society? I teach college and I’m endlessly amazed how many smart straight guys will hide their intelligence because they consider it “unmanly.”

When we’re young, don’t some of us focus on career building because we don’t have a wife and kids to worry about, while there are those of us who don’t really care what we do for a living as long as we can pay our bills and party? But are we are all that different from a straight Harvard grad or urban playboy?

Don’t some of us, despite our sexual leanings, consider marriage – to a woman - because we want children, feel it’s the right thing to do, or because of family or peer pressures? Even if we later regret it?...

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August 5, 2010
Category: Sexuality

Coming out stories differ just like the people they belong to and all are of equal significance. But, we have a special place in our heart for stories from a mature Daddy or Hunter because their challenges were in some ways more acute.

Striking Daddyhunt member Mitch sat down with Nathan from ImFromDriftwood here in New York City and shared his early experiences as a gay man. We are happy to post the video here and we thank Mitch for being so generous with his story. It’s wonderful that our members are connecting with our friends at IFD and creating a shared legacy.

Daddyhunt Youtube Channel /

July 7, 2010
Category: Sexuality

Originally posted on Fleshbot :

"Flickr user ttyyttyy555 loves fur so much that he spends his free time photoshopping it onto hot, hairless models. Since he leaves the unedited photos up for side-by-side comparison, can we finally say that one is better than the other?

If indeed the only change he makes to these models is the addition of a few pixilated follicles of hair, you have to admit that the transformations are pretty incredible. We've long professed a preference for hairy guys, but we never realized quite how dramatically a little chest hair and a mustache can change your entire look. Ultimately, the amount of body hair you think looks best on a guy comes down to personal preference, but we think there are a few cases where one look or the other is definitely best. What do you think?"

Post on Fleshbot (NSFW)

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Frank Strona
December 25, 2008
Category: Sexuality

Editor's Note: The gifts are all open, and maybe a few of them are a little naughty.  Now what?  He're are 10 tips to better sex starting today and for the new year.

Ok – we all know that sex is a normal and natural part of who we are... or at least we should know that. Here are my top 10 tips to keep sex fun as we start a new year!

1)    Know what you want!  If you want “warm fuzzies” and someone to wake with up in the a.m., then cruising the internet or your local sex club might not be the right place. On the other hand, if all you want is to have some hot sweaty sex – get yourself to the place that best fits your cruising style.

2)    Reread and rewrite that profile. Most of us forget to review and update our profiles. Shake it up. Look for boring language.  Stuck for an idea? Ask a sex buddy or pal to offer a few suggestions.

3)    Ask for what you want! Figure out what kind of sex is turning you on today.

4)    Read a dirty story together or rent a video by a new producer.

5)    Expand your horizons; get creative with where and when you have sex. It doesn’t always have to be after hours. Try some “Love In the Afternoon” or before breakfast.

6)     Single? Take control and buy yourself one of my favorite toys, the Fleshlight (Right...

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R. Jackson
December 9, 2008
Category: Sexuality

As it turns out, defining “Daddy-ness” isn’t any easier than explaining “Bear-ness.” But we all know what our own Dad looks like, right? Older, mature, masculine. Facial hair, bald/ing or shaved head, maybe. Gray/ing hair. Paunchy or stout or muscular, hairy in all the right places. But WTF?! — isn’t that the description for Bear? Didn't Daddy magazine start around the same time as Bear mag anyways? These masculine identity/marketing shifts get confusing sometimes …

I was maybe 33 years old when I realized I was rapidly becoming a Daddy. My beard always made me look older, but I always went for older men. Once I was topping a man ten years older who started calling me Daddy. “Daddy-who? Me?” He responded so strongly when I called him “boy” that I knew he wanted me to teach him to be Daddy’s good boy. Being Daddy in bed was definitely a hot and safer experience, and I wanted more.

I did a self-assessment while contemplating the experience of being called Daddy during the rest of my thirties. True, I had grown some gray hairs in my medium-brown beard. Sure, my head hair was thinning and my chest hair was thickening. Hair sprouted on my ears, shoulders, upper back, and ass. It dawned on me that I was now old enough to be perceived as someone’s daddy, even though I was well aware that technically I was capable of fathering children.

Daddy also connoted sexual dominance or aggression, but I had affairs...

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Frank Strona
November 18, 2008
Category: Sexuality

Hi Guys, I'm a San Francisco Bay Area local who wears many hats in my pursuit to improve, educate and promote gay men's health and sex. Some of my activities include being a writer, educator, trainer and even a sex and fetish mentor when the occasion arises. But my focus is almost always on improving sexual expression in all forms. I've worked on workshops on a wide range of topics including SM/fetish burnout to substance use and recovery to watersports and enema play.

A big part of my national and international work is presenting workshops on the importance of more and better information on improving sexuality, risk reduction, and HIV education. I have specialized in customized programs dealing with SM relationships, theory, and techniques to men and women one-on-one, in couples, and in groups.

Look for my articles to cover a wide range of sexual topics. Shedding light on topics like intimacy, breaking taboos and fear, boundaries, communication, fetishes, dating, sex parties, and monogamy. My BDSM specialties include cutting, edge play, temporary and permanent piercing and breaking taboos.

Some of my past achievements include stints as Coordinating Editor for Boston's Gay Community News, former Associate Publisher for Bear and Powerplay Magazines, former Director of Marketing for Drummer Magazine and Desmodus Publications, and Sex Educator for the Harvey Milk Institute and the Learning Annex....

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