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January 31, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

We're introducing a new series on the blog called "Real Men We Admire." Each week, we'll highlight athletes, celebrities, politicians and other gay men that are doing interesting, unique, and/or admirable things around the world. We've been featuring the series on the MISTER Facebook page and we're happy to bring it here to the blog. Tell us what you think in the comments or who you'd like to see featured.

MR. Richard Blanco is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

Sorry to break it to you, Beyonce, but you weren’t the only one at President Obama’s inauguration that had people talking. Richard Blanco—the nation’s first openly gay and first Latino Inaugural Poet—had the crowd buzzing over his performance, too, but for all the right reasons. Reading his poem “One Today,” the Cuban-American bard sent a powerful message about the need for tolerance and respect for people of all cultural backgrounds and reminded us all that our country’s greatest strength lies in its diversity. Now that's a vocal performance we wish everyone would lip sync.

Watch him read the inaugural poem:

Here's the text:

"One Today"

One sun rose on us today, kindled over our shores,
peeking over the Smokies, greeting the faces
of the Great Lakes, spreading a simple truth
across the Great Plains, then charging across the Rockies.
One light, waking up...

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January 29, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

It seems little by little the sports world is welcoming the LGBT community into it's world. In this week's issue of Sports Illustrated they feature a photo of a couple of 49er fans celebrating their NFC championship win with a big gay smooch! Pretty exciting to think how far we've come, and better yet that they're forward thinking enough to include San Francisco gay sports bar Hi Tops in their issue.

View more videos at:

As they mention in the news segment above, some sports fans don't even realize it's a gay bar. Do you think that's where things are heading? Where there's no distinction between gay bars and straight bars. Would that be ideal?

And more importantly, who are you rooting for come Super Bowl Sunday: the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers?

December 23, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

If you're making the yuletide gay this year with the family, Big Daddy Carl's got some survival tips on making things run as smoothly as possible. When there's lots of family involved, whether you come from a conservative background or a more open and candid crew, conversations are bound to take some wacky and possibly uncomfortable turns.

Take some time (and a deep breath) to prepare yourself before the family fun begins with Carl's 8-Point Survival Guide over at the Huffington Post.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

From all of us at Daddyhunt and Mister we wish you a very merry, very safe and a very spectacular holiday season!

October 2, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

If you would have told me 5 years ago that some of most vocal allies would be players from the NFL, I don't think I'd have believed you. But more and more we're hearing from footballs stars, like Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe, about their support for gay marriage. Kluwe recently and quite hilariously defended gay marriage to a Maryland state delegate after he discouraged Ayanbadejo from speaking favorably on passing gay marriage in their state. His explanation that gay men "won’t magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster," is probably my favorite quote of the year. And while there are those in the NFL who are just as vocal about their bigotry, like Baltimore Raven's Matt Birk, it's encouraging to have such outspoken advocates in a sport so routed in machismo.

If you aren't already a football fan, does this newly found support make you more interested in watching the game? If not, do these 32 incredibly hot reasons change your mind?

If you are already a sports fan, what team do you root for? Me, I'm a Philly boy so my heart belongs to the Eagles.

September 21, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
A Day with HIV

Check out this picture of the Daddyhunt/MISTER team in the office. What a nice looking bunch!

We pay so much attention to the progress we've made in our fight for equality that we sometimes forget to see how far we've come in other areas of our community. Specifically the stigma associated with HIV. In the past month alone, I've seen several articles, including our own Carl Sandler on the Huffington Post , speak frankly and loudly about how much harm can come from how we in the community treat those with HIV. It's a conversation that's been a long time coming but one that people seem eager to address. Whether it's their fears about infection or their experiences dating someone who's negative, there seems to be a more open dialogue on the subject from both sides. It's refreshing and ultimately making our community stronger, and more importantly, safer.

Today, September 21, Positively Aware hosts its third annual Day with HIV. They're asking HIV+ and HIV- alike to take a picture on Sept. 21 and submit a photo to by Sept. 25 . By participating in A Day with HIV, regardless of your status, you'll be sending a clear message to others that you've got their backs. Selected photos will appear in the Positively Aware November/December issue,...

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September 18, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

By now many of you may have heard the story of the North Dakota State football player who was kicked off the team for kissing his boyfriend. Considering other athletes have remained on the team for far worse (DUIs, etc) the athletic department, which stands by their decision, has come under fire from the LGBT community. Luckily, the athlete at the center of it all, Jamie Kuntz, has the right attitude and wants to keep playing football as an out and proud man. But what's more interesting to this story is that almost all the articles highlight that the 18 year college freshman's boyfriend was 47 years his senior. Kuntz's mother even said she had some concerns about her son dating an older man in many of the articles she was interviewed for, citing that she'd have the same concerns if it were her 18 year old daughter dating a 65 year old.

We've said it before on here that the reason May/December relationships work so well in the gay world is a shared experience of coming out. I'm wondering if it's still a bit of a taboo in the straight world, where an older/younger relationship is generally seen as predatory.

Do you think the gay community is more open to these kinds of relationships? Have you experienced disapproving reactions from the...

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September 12, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Carl Sandler gay marriage radio show

Daddyhunt/MISTER CEO Carl Sandler has been hitting the talk circuit hard! From being regularly featured on the Huffington Post to appearances on Sirius and now the Candi & Randi show, he's been doing a great job of spreading the good word of gay men throughout the land. We're incredibly proud that the right messages are getting more and more traction in the media, and even more so that it's one of our own putting it out there.

It's a great interview, so take a listen. You can also click on the "iTunes" icon to listen to it on the go.

September 2, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

When learning about bear culture, there's no better place than Bear Week in Provincetown, MA. Thousands of bears flood the magical town and there's lots of hair and fun to be had. Seeing as it was my first time at the infamous fur fest, I wanted to get to the bottom of one of the quintessential elements of the bear community: the woof. More specifically, why they do it. We took to the hirsute streets to find out if any one could help us discover the origins of the woof, and what we found out about people's feelings towards the woof was pretty surprising.

Take a look and see what we discovered with a video that just premiered on our Facebook page.

Like the video? Check out the extended footage on our Facebook page at

Care to shed some more light on the subject? Let us know if the comments below if you know why bears woof.

August 28, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Fétiche Armada Co-Founder Ghislain Rousseau

MISTER recently had the pleasure of meeting Ghislain Rousseau, Co-Founder of Fétiche Armada in Montreal and he charmed us with his casual quebeqouis accent, warm demenour and comfortable manliness. We got to talking about his love for leather culture and he easily motivated us to sponsor their upcoming event over Labor Day Weekend! We are really excited to return to Montreal and meet more of our Canadian users.

Here is a little Q&A with Ghislain and then we'd like to know what's your fetish and why in the comments below. See you in Montreal!

MISTER: What is Fétiche Armada?

Ghislain: Fétiche Armada started 3 years ago, when my husband, Benoit, and I decided one night that Montreal needed more fetish/leather parties. We created it as a promoter of events for the city and have been throwing parties ever since (every two months).

Next, we opened the store on Rue Ste-Catherine in the Village, the gay area of Montreal. We recognized there was an evolution in the kinds of gear people were seeking out - stuff that we couldn’t find locally. So we started partnering with the best fetish houses in the world, such as Mister B, E7-Gear, OxBalls, 665 Leather, and our own private label… One Man Armada.

We believe that no matter what your experience or your kink, respect is paramount. Whether you are a newbie or a long time experienced kinkster, you will be taken as you are and we will teach and learn from you.

M: Who goes to BlacKKnighT? Do you have to be a...

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August 14, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

If the chills I got watching the trailer for the new (and very buzzed about) documentary How To Survive A Plague are any indication, this movie is going to be extremely emotional, powerful, and ultimately wrenching.

"How To Survive A Plague is the story of two coalitions—ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group)—whose activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition. Despite having no scientific training, these self-made activists infiltrated the pharmaceutical industry and helped identify promising new drugs, moving them from experimental trials to patients in record time. With unfettered access to a treasure trove of never-before-seen archival footage from the 1980s and '90s, filmmaker David France puts the viewer smack in the middle of the controversial actions, the heated meetings, the heartbreaking failures, and the exultant breakthroughs of heroes in the making."

The film opens September 21 in select cites and is a stunning and inspirational account of the early days of this disease and why we all need to stand up and fight.