August 22, 2011
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In our new social media saturated world, the self portrait has become king. To paraphrase a quote from He's Just Not That Into You, when trying to make ourselves more appealing these days, we don't get a new haircut, we update our profile picture. And if you think about how much we're trying to get across in just a few photos, it's a lot of pressure. Take this guy for example. It's most likely a candid, but you can really get a feel for the type of guy he is. An utterly sexy stud, who with the combination of the bike, the tats, and the cargo pants is giving off the rough and wild vibe. It's also safe to say he's not terribly shy given that's he dropping trou in public. Now the origin of this shot is unknown, so it may very well be a professional shoot, but my point is this: the more complete a picture you can't paint in your profile shots, the better. Aside from wanting to look your best, it's always a safe bet to infuse your pics with as much personality, interests, or details as you can.

What do you think makes a great profile shot?

August 19, 2011
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Daddyhunt DILF

While we've covered a good number of well known DILFs this summer, we are saving the best for last! There are plenty of Daddies I'd like to fuck right on this very site, and by golly, I think most of you will agree that they should be honored as such. Our Daddies deserve just as much praise, so we've added a bonus entry to the Summer of DILF! Here's how it works:

Just click on the link below and you'll be taken to our secret ballot location. Enter your Daddyhunt member name, and the name of your nominee, and let us know why you think this person should be nominated as one of the 5 Daddyhunt DILFs of Summer. Whether you've got a friend, a lover, or just a hella hot guy you admire, give them a little ego boost and put their name on the ballot. All nominations will remain confidential, and the top 5 members with the most votes will be featured in an upcoming post and honored as one of the DILFs of Summer. Voting will be open now through August 31st and we'll reveal the winners right after Labor Day.

Click this link to CAST YOUR VOTE! Only vote via the link guys. Any nominees in the comments below will be disregarded.

Best of luck to everyone and keep those votes coming in!

July 24, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Check it out guys! Sneak peak pictures of the 2012 Bare Chest Calendar guys were recently released!The guys on this Calendar are 100% Daddyhunt quality - and quantity! I know I have my favorites and I guarantee you'll find yours!

The purpose of this annual Calendar is to raise funds for HIV/AIDS charities, but these guys need to be thanked for more than their time and commitment -- they need to be thanked for 13 months of HOT inspiration. Remember folks, for the first time in the 27 year history of this Calendar, they have a Mr. Lucky #13. This is a very special group of men.

You can come meet these handsome and fun guys in person in San Francisco on Sunday/July 31 at the infamous Dore Alley/Up Your Alley Street Fair and on Friday/July 29 at the Up Your Alley Kick Off Party at the Powerhouse Bar. These are the two hottest events in San Francisco this month and the Bare Chest Calendar Men can't wait hang out!

All of calendar sales proceeds are donated to AIDS Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center so buy your calendar on Friday or Sunday, meet all the Calendar Men, and get them all to sign your copy, your tee-shirt... or get creative!

See you next weekend, in the meantime, who is your favorite Bare Chest Calendar 2012 hottie?

Official Daddyhunt
July 15, 2011
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Winner Rocky LaBarre

A while back we asked for your help as we searched for the next DILF (Dad I Like (to) Fuck) poster man for The Faultline's monthly DILF party. We are pleased to announce our winner Daddyhunt member Rocky LaBarre! You can find Rocky here on our site under username RockyLabarre.

We had a chance to ask the new DILF poster man some questions:

Where are you from? Where do you live now?
I'm from a small town which is cute to visit but was horrific to grow up in. I live in New York City which is a cute city to visit need a sense of humor to live in NYC.

When did you start identifying as a Daddy?
I was 28 the first time a guy called me Daddy. He was 25 so it threw me. He said, "You just are a Daddy...don't try to figure it out."

What's your favorite thing about being a Daddy?
I enjoy giving and receiving respect from other Daddies. I also love when younger "boys" turn into "boy-pussy" when there's a Daddy around. It's embarrassing that my ego loves that so much but it makes my dick brick hard when they give you that "will you teach me" look.
I also love that at my age I KNOW that I give better sex than I did in my 20's. Experience is pure gold in bed.

What do you do for fun?
I'm a Gym-Daddy. I love everything about the gym: Hot Daddies, young...

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June 8, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

These days everyones a something-slash-something-slash something (e.g. singer/writer/glass blower). But South African Jacques Snyman might just be my favorite slasher yet: a rugby player/model/opera singer/anti-bully advocate. Hunky Snyman, who's got plenty of beefcake shots in his portfolio, is now taking his passion for opera singing and going on tour in the U.S. this summer, all to benefit the It Gets Better project. Check out the video about and get to learn more about this big hearted, full bodied, cultured jock.

April 28, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

I don't know if you heard but there's a wedding taking place tomorrow and it's kind of big deal. I'm not sure if it's actually a big deal or if the media is busy feeding an interest they created in this new tabloidian era. Either way, it's here and the world will be watching. But William ain't the sexy stud he used to be (Team Harry here), and so I went on a search for an even hotter royal. Enter Prince Carl Phillip, aka the Crown Prince of Sweden, aka the Duke of Värmland, aka Sex on A Swedish Stick. He's been popping up lately with all this talk of royals getting married and is now officially on my radar.

I must admit, as pleased as I am with this find, I originally set out to find a hot royal daddy. I seem to have come up short though in that department. So daddy and hunters of the world, please join me in my quest to find a hot older daddy king, prince, or duke for our viewing pleasure. If we're ever going to picture our very own royal wedding, we'll need some pics for reference so links are appreciated.

Happy Royal Hunting!

April 26, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Oof! That would be the noise I make when I see a hot daddy that is so incredibly hot that it hurts. You'll be hearing that noise a lot as I flip through Michael Alago's new 260-page book of photographs, Brutal Truth. Alago, who you may be familiar with already for his other popular photo compilation Rough Gods, is known for his down and dirty style of photographing real and raw men in some of the hottest photos around. He's also one hot daddy god himself. If you like your men rough, there's a good chance you've come across his work before, whether you know it or not.

There's something, not only hot, but comforting in seeing rough men who are photographed just as they are. When you strip away the sheen, you can see the real beauty and sex appeal in being exactly who you are. I think it's the reason I love the daddy/bear community so much, it seems like a group that's more visceral and connected than most.

Alago will be going on tour with his new book, which will be sure to bring out plenty of those sexy men we're all so fond of. It kicks off tonight in New York City and continues on to Amsterdam, San Francisco, and London.


4/26/11 Tuesday
New York City
Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation Gallery
26 Wooster St, NYC

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April 25, 2011
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Is their anything more attractive than a man who can express his feelings? Better yet, one that can do it through song? Aside from being one of the most influential artists in music, Morrisey is one sexy mother. From his days leading the Smiths to his rockin' solo career, the man's got depth and sex appeal to spare. It's no wonder so many of today's indie artist borrow, cover, and learn from his musical greatness. And sure, the sexual ambiguity thing can get a little trying, but I guess when it comes to musical artistry like his, interpretation and exploration are all part of the fun.

"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" is played at least once a week on my iPod. Are you a Moz lover? Got a favorite tune of his? Sound off below.

April 18, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Today's Daily Daddy is a barbarian ripe for some water cooler discussion. HBO's much touted new series, Game of Thrones based on the books by fantasy author George R. R. Martin, premiered last night. There was a great mix of royal and sexual intrigue, as well as lots of eye candy to choose from in this well rounded cast of attractive medieval men. One in particular that struck my eye, was Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa, of the upcoming Conan the Barbarian remake - guess he knows where his bread and butter is). He doesn't say much, but the leader of Dothraki, a group of violent and sexual tribe, doesn't need to.

I won't give too much away, but sexiness aside, I think his storyline could be one of my favorites if it goes the way I hope it will. Hint: I'm a sucker for an unexpected love story, think Beauty and the Beast. But as of right now he seems to be a major player in the battle to reclaim the throne of the fictional Westeros.

Did anyone else watch and enjoy the show last night? See any other characters that who's throne you'd want to sit on?

April 11, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Even with the onslaught of superhero movies about to hit the theaters this summer (Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern), my geek boner hasn't risen much higher than a semi. With the exception of maybe Thor, it's hard to get hard for these mild mannered heroes heading our way. Which is why, when it comes to the sexiest, daddiest superhero out there, there's only one super man for me: Wolverine. Not only does he have the gruff and tough attitude, but he's pretty much older than everyone living today and still looks hot as hell (who says mutant genes are a burden?). Add to all that the hair, the bod, and the frequently ripped costumes and you've got quite the package over that adamantium skeleton. It also doesn't hurt that he's played on screen by the equally steamy Hugh Jackman. Whether in comic, toon, or Hollywood form, he's pretty much the ultimate in comic book sexiness.

But like any good geek debate, there will be an infinite number of alternate realities/opinions. So let's hear them.

Who's your ultimate comic book fantasy and why?