November 19, 2010
Category: Entertainment
RIDE Biker, Bear and Leather Weekend is Asbury PARK NJ

Hey guys.... who wants to win tickets to one of the steamiest Biker parties on the East Coast? All you have to do is comment and caption this image and the best 2 will get tickets. One person will get a pair of tickets so they can take a buddy and the another will get one ticket so they can run stag - be sure to state which you prefer. Winners will be chosen on Monday afternoon and notified via their inbox. Good luck! Here are the details on the event :


After Thanksgiving when you've satisfied your appetite for turkey and are hungry for something ELSE you should join over two thousand men heading to Asbury Park's RIDE PARTY WEEKEND sponsored by Daddyhunt. This is one of the biggest Biker, Bear and Leather events of the season on the East Coast and you want to be there!

Three years ago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when a popular biker club benefit moved from New Hope to Asbury Park bringing over 1,500 burly men to town, the idea for RIDE PARTY WEEKEND was born. With the addition of the RIDE PARTY at the famous Stone Pony club, and the WOOF! ASBURY Kickoff Party at SWELL, plus shopping, dining, cruising, boozing and tons of men in hotel rooms, the weekend has now become three days of men, muscle, bikes, leather, and sexy furry skin.

Saturday night's RIDE PARTY at The Stone Pony ($15 cover) will feature six erotic live photo shoots by outrageous photographer, Joe...

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October 2, 2010
Category: Entertainment

Here at, we value a certain kind of guy. That guy has many faces, many guises, but for the most part there is a certain principle at work. Most guys on this site either are or are looking for a manly man, and with HBO’s Game of Thrones set to premiere next spring, I thought this would be the perfect time to bring to light a largely untapped source of gay male inspiration.


I know what many of you are thinking. What could those Dungeons & Dragons geeks who got all those wedgies in high school have in common with you? Well, those geeks were onto something. You know what you get in fantasy books and films?

Men. Big, strong, hairy-chested, often bearded men with sweaty hair falling in front of their eyes, clad in chain mail and leather, wielding swords, some of the most primal, masculine weapons in history. They’re sharp phallic symbols. What a duel between two of these guys essentially comes down to is two hot muscle bears thrusting their steel cocks at one another, attempting to penetrate each other’s flesh. Think about it! And when they’re not doing that, they’re going around decapitating wild beasts or hunting for their dinner with knives, arrows, or even their bare hands. Hot.

Oh, and by the by, for all those foreskin enthusiasts out there, remember: there’s no circumcision in Middle-Earth.

It really is a shock to me that The Lord of the Rings Trilogy hasn’t become required viewing within the bear community. Even the twinks are bad-ass killers in those films, which are already teeming with blood-spattered,...

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Chuck Forester
August 24, 2010
Category: Entertainment

It was a couple I saw at the street fair last night eating chocolate coated bananas on a stick that prompted me to say something about the penis.

This proud symbol of our greatest pleasure has been getting attention ever since a caveman shaped a pole and stuck it between two stones and was pleased with what he saw. Obelisks littered Rome and sprouted the kingdoms of the Middle East; tribes around the world worship penis totems to assure a next generation of virile men. Now that the penis has its place in history; I want to talk about its place in our pants.

We handle our penis as if it was separate and independent from the rest of the body, and tugging it reassures us. When it stands up on its own without our permission we shove it down and lodge it in our underwear hoping it stays there. But we should be gentle with our friend and settle him to one side of our briefs where he will be comfortable and may stay tumescent. It’s as much a part of our identity as our eye color or our build and should be treated as we treat a loyal friend who doesn’t always do what we expect and sometimes refuses our entreaties.

Your hairy joint needs rest but he also needs recreation and a few good pulls with a bit of hand cream after your evening shower is good exercise as well as a great way to relieve tension. Or do it in front of a mirror as he swells and if you don’t close your eyes at the time, you can watch it pump spurt by spurt.

Some may want us to believe penises are dirty, which they aren’t but good hygiene is always a good thing. Give him a...

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August 10, 2010
Category: Entertainment

I work in television, and one thing I often get asked when talking about my job to guys I meet from around the country (as if I run a network and can make like, actual decisions) is “Where are the gay guys on TV like me?!?!” And I totally get where they’re coming from… why is it that even though gay characters and gay men on reality shows has increased over the last ten or fifteen years, we are still subjected to one basic type… the nelly queen. Now both you and I know that gay men come in all shapes and sizes, and while I am not one of those gay men that abhors my swishy-fabulous counterparts, I do gotta wonder… does Hollywood not know that Muscle Bears and Daddies exist? Where are the butch homos?

While it’s a bit harder when it comes to fictional gay characters, which live to serve the writer of the story, in reality television one would think that, like the real world, we’d see more of an… (ahem) rainbow in terms of diversity with our gay brothers and sisters. But it seems that what we are given, despite the boundary-pushing use of homosexuals on TV at all, is a pretty limited box of crayons. Take for example Discovery’s Planet Green program “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” a reality show starring a gay male couple who (mostly) leave their big city lives (one is an advertising art director, writer, and former drag queen while the other used to be a physician and Martha Stewart Executive) to become farmers at a picturesque Upstate farm to build a lifestyle brand of soaps and cheese. Farming in itself is pretty butchy work, but as you can imagine, the joke of the...

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July 23, 2010
Category: Entertainment

Hey guys! Our friends at Freshpair have put together a contest just for us. Five lucky winners can get some cool underwear from high end companies like Expose, 2xist and Piss & Vinegar.

Here’s how it works, leave a comment telling us what sort of underwear floats your boat and why. Do Trunks make you hot? Are Jockstraps the only thing you want your lovers to own? Does the vision of a stud in Long-johns leave you drooling? Are you the classic Boxer type? Or do you like to be surprised with a variety?

We will pick 5 lucky winners randomly on Monday. Remember you need to give us the what and why of it to be in the running. Sorry but the contest is only open to US residents. Good luck and have a great weekend!

July 13, 2010
Category: Entertainment

I was bopping along online yesterday and I come across an article for an App by the name of Avoidr. The idea behind Avoidr is for it to assist you in steering clear of people who's path you don't want to cross. iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry users rejoice. We now have the beginnings of the Anti-Social network and a way to take stalking to a whole new level.

Now, I’m a BlackBerry boy myself (Apple cult followers don’t try to convert me!) and I have a handful of helpful 3rd party Apps taking up space. MyGayGo helps me find LGBT friendly businesses when I’m out of town. GoogleMaps is great when I’m deep in neighborhoods I don’t know well. Especially when I’m doing the well earned walk of shame at 7am on a Sunday after one on one time with a hot Daddy. The Fandango App is perfect when I want to check the time and place of a flick on a whim.

But do I really need an App that tells me where that Leather Daddy who’s bondage skills rate about negative five (found that out the hard way) is tonight so I can make sure I’m not around? I’m man enough to nod my head in greeting and keep it moving. And why the hell am I keeping track of people I don’t care for anyway? Sounds sort of ass backwards to me guys.

So, what Apps do you use and can’t live without and what Apps do you think the time creating would have been better spent watching paint dry?

Herb Westphalen
June 25, 2010
Category: Entertainment

You’re having friends over for before the Pride Parade, you’re opening your Summer house or you’re partying poolside. Set up some great seasonal cocktails and easy treats to welcome and wow them!

Simplicity will make your event easier and you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself and your guests.

1. For a Pre-Pride Brunch: Buy bagels, muffins or pastries from your local bakery, serve with butter and jam. Limit your beverages to Coffee and Mimosas (by the pitcher, pre-made.) Drop a fresh berry in each champagne glass to liven up your mimosas.

2. For a Casual Open House: Prepare some simple sandwiches stacked on platters. Serve Lemonade, Iced Tea and one Signature Cocktail, like my "Savory Italian Sangria".

3. For a Pool Party: Think light finger foods. Simple ENDIVE TOPPED WITH YOUR FAVORITE SPREADS looks and tastes amazing. You can top them with store bought Sun Dried Tomato Spread or your favorite dip. Also, offer a great tropical cocktail like my ISLAND SURF as well as soft drinks.

Tropical Cocktails go over well at almost any Summer Party. Rum lends itself to great hot weather libations, like in my ISLAND SURF.

What You Need:
2 oz Malibu Pineapple Rum
4 oz White Cranberry Juice
Dash of Blue Curacao

1 oz Coconut Cream (Coco Lopez)

1 Teaspoon Confectioners Sugar

How To Make It:
Mix Rum, Cranberry Juice and Curacao with...

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Herb Westphalen
June 7, 2010
Category: Entertainment

How many times have you been to a great party and wished you could entertain as well? I'm talking about really entertaining by giving your guests something delicious and presentation just like a professional caterer. With a little effort and planning you can make your next gathering one your friends will rave about for a long time.

My name is Herb and I've been a member of Daddyhunt for three years. I am a NYC based Chef, Mixologist and Event Planner. Every month or so I'm going to give you ideas and tips to make the most of your next get-together. So Daddies and Hunters - Get ready to entertain!

Entertaining Basics :
Lets start with the four basic principles to help you impress your guests and have more time to enjoy yourself as well!

Simplicity - Don't try to be too elaborate. Keep it simple.

Focus - Keep the menu and drinks limited to seasonal elements.

Organization - Prepare in advance. Set up drinks in one area, food in another. Keep seating away from refreshments so there is not the constant temptation and away from music to encourage conversation.

Themes - Themes are really fun if done properly. They can be campy, elegant and/or sexy among other things. The key with themes is they need to suit the location, mood, occasion and guests. For example; now is a great time to celebrate the beginning of Summer or the opening of your weekend place with a get-together.

Cocktail: Herb’s Pear & Sage Mojito
Keep the bar simple. Beer, Wine, Standards like Vodka, Gin, Rum and mixers (OJ, Cranberry...

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April 10, 2010
Category: Entertainment
Good times at WOOF NYC

Mike Dreyden and his buddies know how to throw a party and Daddyhunt was part of the fun. Check out all these studs sporting their Daddyhunt t-shirts!

WOOF NYC is a weekly must at View Bar here in the Big Apple. It is the perfect crowd for Daddies and Hunters on Monday nights. Stop by for a beer and tell them Daddyhunt sent you.

Good times at WOOF NYC 3
April 2, 2010
Category: Entertainment

Let's give credit where it's due. Unfortunately Calgon never did much for me as far as taking me away, but a hot performer always does. Watching someone put on a good show relaxes and motivates me. My hat off to every confident exhibitionist who has ever taken to the stage.

When Dru Bruins path crossed ours at the DH Batcave, it was easy to see how he'd become one of the top scene performers and we had to take the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Here's a little something to hold you over until he comes to your town. 

1. Do you consider yourself a Daddy or a Hunter?
A Daddy. Not that hot older guys don't turn my head, but I love bottom guys who are smaller, shorter, and younger than me.

2. Tell us your work out philosophy and do you have any tips to share?
I typically train one body part a day, a kind of power lifting/body building hybrid. If there's an arena where "never give up" applies, it's working out. Setting small goals and sweating it out is key.

3. What is the most fun you've ever had performing?
The venues in smaller cities can be great; the guys there are eager to have a good time! I love it when the crowd is having fun and I can raise that energy a little higher. Seeing people enjoy themselves makes me feel good. If you look at pictures from the shows, you can definitely see all of me is getting into it!

4. You travel all over the world. Do you like traveling and what part of this big blue marble do you like most?
I'm always excited to go somewhere, anywhere...

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