October 2, 2011
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GLAAD just release their annual report of LGBT visibility on TV and it looks like Fox (yes, that Fox) and HBO have done right by us this year. Now in it's 16th year, GLAAD's network rankings put Fox and HBO as the the broadcast and cable network, respectively, with the most lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters on television. CBS, with only 1 of their network's 134 series regular being LGBT, came in last place for the fourth year in a row. Unfortunately, the percentages are lower than last year, which is odd given the sheer volume of new shows premiering this year. My DVR is seriously working overtime with all potentially good shows debuting this season. And whether they're representing my people or not, some shows are about to get cut (Ringer, I'm looking at you*). As in dating, new shows get three outings to prove themselves worthy and to my detriment, a bunch of the new shows have been pretty good so far.

What new (or returning) shows have you been enjoying so far? Any other you're looking forward to? Give us some recommendations and reviews in the comments below.

*Though as a Buffyphile I feel terribly guilty not supporting SMG.

Billy Kolber
August 11, 2011
Category: Entertainment

I must have been no more than six years old when I tried to redeem my first coupon at the supermarket. It was a 10 cent coupon for a box of salt, and I thought it meant that I would get the salt for 10 cents, as in “pay 10 cents, and you’re off!” Despite my youthful misunderstanding, coupons are straight forward. But not so with rebates. The truth about rebates is that the stores and manufacturers often make the rebate submission process so complicated, that many consumers don’t complete it correctly, if they complete it at all.

For years, I’ve bought all of my Apple products from MacMall because they offer great “free with rebate” bonuses, and I’m the kind of guy who’s not intimidated by the onerous UPC-clipping, receipt copying and proof-of-purchase proffering that these offers require. And Daddy is prepared to fight any “incomplete submission” rejections. But my favorite rebate programs are from Rite-Aid and Staples. These rebates are completed online and require no documentation beyond entering your receipt information.

You can read more about my rebate tips and adventures on BillyKnowsBest, but I’m curious for a show of comments: How many of you use rebates? And any great or nightmare rebate stories?

Billy Kolber
August 4, 2011
Category: Entertainment

There’s a strong history of men cooking on my father’s side of the family, and so I started early in the kitchen. I remember making lasagna for my beloved 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gerry, and a complicated Grand Marnier coffee cake for most family holiday meals. I still love preparing meals for my family and friends. A home cooked meal is one of the most genuine ways to show you care about someone, and there’s a reason they say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach!

Home cooking doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, just tasty, hopefully healthy, and served with love. (In my dating life, I found that home cooked meals served after love were particularly well-received ;) While I’ve become quite proficient in the kitchen, it’s often my simplest meals that leave the biggest impression. Whether you’re a Daddy or a Hunter, learning a few tricks in the kitchen can help keep the sparks flowing in the bedroom. I’d like to share a few kitchen secrets that have served me really well over the years.

A Spicy, Tasty Kick

A quick squeeze of Amore Garlic Paste and Amore Hot Pepper Paste is the easiest way to add flavor and heat to almost anything you cook, with no fuss or mess. Store the tubes in your fridge and you’ll always have flavor at the ready. Err on the side of less paste – you can always add more to increase flavor, but too much pepper paste...

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Billy Kolber
July 18, 2011
Category: Entertainment

I’ve always loved to travel – not just the exploring new places part, but the travel itself: I love being on a ship, train, plane – even a bus – and even exploring the terminals they arrive and depart from. There’s something exciting and life-affirming for me about the actual movement of travel, and the different vistas, perspectives and cultures it exposes. From what I've seen, not too many people share that perspective – for them, travel seems uncomfortable and disorienting even sickening – literally.

Wherever you fall on the travel as pleasure or pain spectrum, there are some things I’ve learned to do and use to make my travel experiences more pleasurable. I write about them often on, but with the summer travel season in full swing, I’m sharing seven of them here. Please share some of yours in the comments!

Before You Board

1. Reconfirm your travel arrangements.
Reconfirm your flight before leaving for the airport. Call or email your hotel the night before your arrival to make sure your room is in order, and that it will be held if you arrive late. Double-check your documents. It’s (almost) always easier to handle problems with more lead time.

2. You can catch more flies with honey then vinegar.
You are always at the mercy of the person behind the counter. Immigration, airline gate agents, hotel check-in clerks all have the power to make or break your experience. So be nice – even if they’re not. It will serve you better...

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July 8, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Provincetown is a magical place. This is a fact. There's something about the tiny little cape town that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And if you go during Bear Week, well, that warm and fuzzy feeling can be yours on the outside as well.

This weekend kicks off Bear Week 2011 in Ptown and needless to say, things are about to get real hairy up there. Daddies and Bears alike gather 'round at The Boatslip, A-House, and most importantly for pizza at Spiritus. There are plenty of activities during the week but one in particular we're excited for is Richard Morel and Bob Mould's woofy BLOWOFF party. They'll be hosting BLOWOFF at the The Boatslip on July 12th and we're giving away a pair of tickets to the shindig to one lucky Daddyhunt member.

To enter the contest, just tell us in the comments below: If you could host a Daddy/Hunter Week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The winner will be notified Monday morning via their Daddyhunt inbox. Check out for tickets and more info!

May 27, 2011
Category: Entertainment

With Memorial Day weekend kicking off the official unofficial start of summer time here in the states, its time to start thinking of ways to cool off this summer. And as we embrace or resist the heat, coming from both weather and wardrobe, there's no better way to relax and refresh then with a nice summer cocktail. Whether you're on vacation abroad or out front on your porch, nailing down the perfect drink of the season can be a bit tricky. In the spirit of the seasonal cocktail switchover, we've got some great recommendations for all your summer drinking needs.

Modelo Negro over ice with a little bit of lime juice and a few dashes of hot sauce. The concept is simple, but this dark beer on ice is intensely refreshing, even with the added kick of spicy.

12 ozbeer
juice of 1lemons
2 dashesWorcestershire sauce
1 dashsoy sauce
1 dashTabasco® sauce
1 pinchblack peppers

Mix ingredients in a tall high glass with lots of ice. Add beer, mix, and serve.

Bloody Mary with Spicy Pickle Brine
You may think that a little bit of heat in this classic drink is counter-intuitive, but a little spicy pickle brine brings just the right amount of quirk and pick me up to an already cool summer drink.

1 64 oz bottle Tomato Juice
Worcestershire Sauce
Tabasco or other hot sauce
Coarse Ground Black...

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May 24, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Daddy Bear director Malcom Burt sets out to do what my mama taught me never to do with strangers: talk about religion. In his new documentary, The Bedroom Commandments, Burt explores one of the most hot button issues around these days, gays and religion. Many of us have struggled with reconciling our faith with our sexuality, and in doing so have abandoned our religious upbringing altogether. Understandably so when so many religious leaders preach our damnation and/or try to cure us. But what happens when we want to stay true to our sexuality and our faith?

"Documentary film maker Malcolm Burt sets out to explore whether or not one can be gay and formally religious. Determined not to be a religion-basher, he is painfully aware that, under the banner of faith, many homosexual people have been rejected, hurt and killed because of their sexual orientation. Scriptural precepts are often perceived as antigay, and homophobia abounds in religious circles - yet there are those who are both homosexual and devout - and proclaim the scripture is misinterpreted. Malcolm struggles to understand how these faithful homosexuals continue to crave acceptance from a club that reviles them - and wonders if religion is not a choice but an accident of birth."

You can watch the trailer here, and if you're in the Brisbane area, Burt will be hosting a charity screening on June 15 at Palace Centro Cinemas (


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May 20, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Some Friday fluff to carry you into the weekend.

I'm sure they'll be plenty of comments about the men, the skin, and, of course, the song. Let's hear it.

May 18, 2011
Category: Entertainment

See this is why I love bears: they're so comfortable in their own skin and like the beloved Honey Badger, they don't give a shit. A new bear burlesque-style show out of Chicago is proving just that, taking a troupe of 14 bears, cubs, otters and wolves and dancing about through the nightlife scene. "Furrlesque" has set out to encourage the all inclusive sentiment that the bear community is so well known for, all under the guise of dance moves, sex appeal, and the infamous burlesque tease. You'll find some really insightful quotes from the group here and a bit more about how they got started.

With such focus on body image in the gay community, I applaud anyone who tries to subvert the oft excepted notion that we need a six-pack to be sexy. Especially people taking it on in such a fun way. The truth is, there a million different things that make a man sexy, and then a million other things that make a body sexy. Most of all it's the confidence in knowing who you are and and what you've got that carries it all. Bears are better than anyone at this, and I think it mostly because of the environment they surround themselves with. Like most behavior in the gay community, its learned. I only wish that our entire community would be more willing to disassociate itself with judgement and embrace the open, excepting, and supportive nature our bear brethren...

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April 22, 2011
Category: Entertainment

There's a decent sect of gay culture that takes their grooming very seriously. Whether it's a monthly manscaping of their nether regions, a seasonal chest shaving, or a daily die cutting of their mustache, I don't think any are taken as seriously, or as competitively, as the men on the new IFC show Whisker Wars premiering in August. From what we can gather from the preview, to the men followed and featured on this show, their facial hair is incredibly important to them. Almost as if it's their livelihood. Which it very well may be if there's some sort of cash prize to be won at the beard competition this series seems to be leading up to.

Having grown what I thought was a fairly substantial beard, I can't imagine the lengths these men go to to maintain such a look for a long period of time. Seems like it's a pretty intensive (and surprisingly creative) undertaking.

I know that the opinions out there about hair are quite varied, but when it comes to facial hair, how much is too much? Let's start the polling below.