March 21, 2019
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In our never-ending quest to understand how other people define the term Daddy, we bring you this interesting article "The fastest-growing 'sugar baby' UK universities revealed... but at what cost", which takes a look at the "sugar baby" culture on UK campuses. All signs point to the economy and the ridiculous amount of debt college kids go off into the real world with as to why there's been an uptick in young people, in this case women, looking for generous older men, Sugar Daddies, willing to pay them for their time.

Sugar Daddies have been around for as long as anyone can remember, gay or straight, but since the advent of the internet, facilitating these arrangements has become easier than ever. We are sometimes asked if the Daddyhunt community is about connecting guys with Sugar Daddies. The answer is NO, and we make a point of proactively removing users seeking financial arrangements from the Daddyhunt community.

But what we are wondering is, given the placement of this article in the mainstream media, do you think it further perpetuates the most common association with the word Daddy, that it has to be a sugary arrangement? As a community that celebrates Daddies and their admirers, whether they be a pauper or a prince, we’re of the mindset that the stigma surrounding...

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October 11, 2016
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New on Daddyhunt App - MOST HUNTED

Want to know who’s the Daddy of the Daddies?

Now, under the Local and Global tabs on the Daddyhunt app. You can see the Most Hunted men in your area based on Most Viewed, Most Followed and Most Shouts.

If you haven’t updated to the new version of the app or upgraded your membership to Premium, now is the time to do so.

Download the app at: if you want to join the ranks of Daddy’s MOST HUNTED or just admire those who already are.

November 10, 2015
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[daddyhunt - who's your daddy?]

Want a hot Daddy to work out with? Daddies can be so helpful... especially in the gym.

Daddyhunt App now lets you add hashtags to your photo captions. Add hashtags to your photos to find guys with similar interest or with #sexyabs.

The Daddyhunt App is the best way to stay updated and connected with all the special Daddies and Daddy lovers waiting to meet you.

Download the app here:

and then check out this HOT new Daddyhunt video:

October 29, 2015
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New on Daddyhunt App - HASHTAGS!

Trick or Treat Daddyhunters!

We launched a new feature just in time for Halloween - HASHTAGS!

To kick off hashtags in Daddyhunt, post your Halloween photos in the FotoFeed all week long using hashtag #Daddyween then check out all the fun pics on that tag this weekend. Pumpkins. Halloween pranks. Costumes or not.

Post any festivities to #Daddyween all week.

Will you be dressed as a sexy pirate ready to show off your booty, or are you only in it for the eye candy? Upload all your amazing Halloween pics so we can admire how handsome you look no matter what you end up doing on Halloween night.

Using hashtags is fun and easy and will help you find guys who have interests in common with you.

1. Upload a photo to the FotoFeed using the Daddyhunt app.
2. Type your tag directly into the caption field.
3. Click or search hashtags to see other guys who tagged their photos.

Have a Happy #Daddyween and we'll see you on the app!

Team Daddyhunt

March 23, 2015
Category: Dating

What happens when an out guy dates somebody who is still in the closet?
Can the relationship work long term or will there always be problems?

Michael Musto talks about his experience dating a closeted guy here.

What has your experience been?

Mister X
January 26, 2015
Category: Dating
MISTER is now called MR. X

A New Year; A New Name!
Due to a tricky trademark issue we've made the decision to change our name and logo. Don't worry, we're still the same great social networking & dating app you have come to love. MR. X members will continue to abide by the MISTER Code. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary community.

December 19, 2014
Category: Dating
Safe Daddy Dating Tips

#DaddyDating can be tons of fun and super exciting, especially when you meet a new guy who makes your heart skip a few beats every time you get an in-box notification. It’s easy to get distracted when romance is in the air, but don’t forget to keep yourself safe when hooking up. The Anti-Violence Project’s goal is to help end all forms of violence against gay and HIV-affected community members.

So… what kind of precautions do you take when meeting a new guy?

Here’s some valuable tips from the AVP website:

Use your tech
Text yourself or friends about where you'll be and who you’re with. Include the username your date uses, and a picture of the person if possible. Save messages when using websites and apps.

Meet in public
Meeting in public allows for greater options for safety. If possible bring friends with you, as they can watch your back and give you their impressions.

Question dishonest behavior
If the person doesn't look like the picture they sent you, ask them about it. If they don't have an answer you feel comfortable with, leave.

Know your limits
If you're going to use substances, including alcohol, consider deciding ahead of time when and how much you will use. Never leave your drink or belongings unattended.

Trust your instincts
If you feel threatened or unsafe at...

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December 16, 2014
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The Ins & Outs of Daddy Dating

What sorts of comments might intergenerational couples get from other people, and how should they respond?

Gold Digger, obviously. It’s easy to assume that younger guys who date older guys are looking for cash. I’m not saying a big bank account isn’t a plus for some younger guys, but most of the guys on Daddyhunt are genuinely attracted to older men and the things that an older man has to offer, in and out of the bedroom.

Judgment. People can be very judgmental. No — scratch that — they can be evil, vindictive, jealous bitches. That being said, if you and your older/younger partner have love and respect for each other, the people who genuinely care about you will see that. You can’t worry about everyone else.

It can be very painful not to be ‘seen’ for who you are or to be dismissed by other people’s narrow-mindedness. But put that pain and anger into becoming the best boyfriend or partner you can be and taking as much joy, love, growth (and sex) as you can from the experience. One of the central tenets of the gay rights movement is that it doesn’t matter who you love, but how you love them. I think that applies to anyone who goes against the grain, including people brave enough to enter into intergenerational relationships.

Luckily, our society and culture is beginning to get more comfortable with the idea of couples of different ages and as more and more do it publically (Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Dustin Lance Black…) they will continue to achieve more mainstream acceptance. Relationships between...

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December 12, 2014
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 Start snapping those holiday selfies!

The holidays are a great time to take tons of selfies.

Just make sure you add ALL your special moments to the Daddyhunt App FotoFeed. Especially those pics of you making inappropriate gestures with a turkey leg or having a bit too much fun sitting in Santa’s lap. We want to see them all!

Get ready for tons of ‘likes’

The more photos you upload the more you’ll be noticed in the FotoFeed, and you’ll be instantly notified every time somebody ‘likes’ or comments on your amazing holiday pictures. So put on that ugly reindeer sweater, grab your cellphone and start posing. We can’t wait to see you in the Daddyhunt App FotoFeed!

Download the Daddyhunt App here:

View the Santa Daddy video here:

December 9, 2014
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The Do's & Don'ts of Daddy Dating

Matt Baume asked relationship expert and Daddyhunt/MISTER CEO Carl Sandler, "What are the top do's and don'ts for young guys seeking a Daddy?"


… Be straight-forward.
Tell Daddy up front it you are just looking for him to nibble on your tender drumstick. If, instead, you are looking for dinner and a marriage proposal, then let him know. Daddies have enough experience to roll with either option. Just don’t play around with their hearts.

… Follow-through.
Games are for kids — and believe me, Chicken Little, your Daddy has not only played them all, he’s donated them to Goodwill. So if you say you want to hang out on Saturday night, then make a reservation, plan ahead and for God’s sake, be on time. Don’t ignore Daddy’s calls and drunk text him at 11 pm, expecting him to be excited you reached out. Follow through is the key to Daddy’s love.

… Know where to hunt.
If you are looking for a strong, secure, MAN, you won’t find him at some appletini-filled, neon, low-tea party. No, Daddy is sipping whisky in a leather armchair, smoking a Cuban cigar and roasting a duck over a fire pit. If you want a Daddy, go where the Daddies roam freely; Daddyhunt.


… Assume youth gives you the upper hand.
Sure, Daddies crave chicken but they also know the value of a well-cooked piece of steak. You both have gifts to offer each other so make sure mutual respect is the only currency trading hands.

… Get mad if he doesn't want...

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