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February 11, 2014
Category: Gay Culture

One of the great things about being a gay daddy is having the ability to throw down some knowledge at a moment’s notice and show those younger guys a thing or two about the power of experience. Things like telling a great story about a memorable moment in history, or offering words of relationship wisdom to someone who hasn’t lived long enough to have been around the block a few times. But by far one of our favorite things is teaching the twink set some tricks that are a bit more practical: like how to tie a tie, for instance. It’s a skill every good daddy should know! Brush up on your tying technique with the help of these helpful videos, featuring all kinds of classic knots as well as a few we’ve never seen before. (Bonus: they work just as well on a bedpost as they do around your neck!)

Have any good tips of your own? School us in the comments section!

1. The Eldredge Knot

2. The Trinity Knot

3. The Cape Knot

4. The Four-In-Hand Knot 

5. The Merovingian...

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Official Daddyhunt
January 22, 2014
Category: Entertainment

After months of anticipation, HBO’s new series “Looking” premiered this past Sunday. Reaction so far appears mixed at best, with gays either loving its “honest and realistic” portrayal of a group of twenty- and thirty- something, single gay men in San Francisco, or finding its merry band of rainbow boys and their “gay people problems” unrelatable, clichéd, and (perhaps worst of all for an HBO show) boring.

Show creators Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan get some things right (more on that later), but just as many things wrong. Like, really wrong. Asking someone if they’re “drug- and disease-free” is, strictly Grindr-speak and unrealistic for an in-person conversation. I’m also sure all the hot, BART-riding Latino guys that have picked me up over the years knew not only how to pronounce the word “oncology” without difficulty but also knew what it meant. Cancer and oncologia are not just white-girl problems.

Minor quibbles, perhaps, for a half-hour comedy, but queens have gotten the boot from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for far lesser offenses. That being said, “Looking” does get a few things right; namely, its honest depiction of the difficulties we have when it comes to finding our internal, moral, and sexual compasses as we make our way into adulthood.

All of us—homo and hetero alike—grow up under the influence of what society and our parents tell us, from the kind of sex we should have to the kind of relationships we should work toward. But for many gay men and women,...

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Official Daddyhunt
January 9, 2014
Category: Relationships

Now that we've officially dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Daddy,” we hope you’re on your way to achieving the goals (don’t call them resolutions!) you’ve set for yourself to help make the next 365 days as daddylicious as they can be. Not that it’s going to be easy. Truth is, some of the biggest self-improvement promises we make to ourselves—eating better, getting in shape, building healthier relationships—are way easier said than done. But hang in there, guys, we’re gonna do our best to help you stay on track!

Okay, we can’t promise to snatch that donut out of your hand or make sure you get your butt to the gym three times a week, but if you need some advice on keeping your love life in tip-top shape, listen up! Better yet, listen to what MISTER CEO and our resident relationship expert, Carl Sandler, had to say about some of the unique challenges of daddy dating—including mismatched sex drives, uneven incomes, and dealing with disapproving family and friends—during his latest appearance on Sirius OutQ’s “The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick” radio show. Whether you’re determined to land yourself a dashing daddy, test the relationship waters with a strapping younger buck, or make your current daddy-son situation stronger in 2014, this is a must-listen.

Click the play button below to hear how it all went down. Also, be sure to check out these inspiring examples of...

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Official Daddyhunt
December 25, 2013
Category: Site News
Holiday Perks: Our Sizzling, Sexy Gift To You

Those sensible socks and sweaters your relatives give you every year are great and all, but don’t you wish you could unwrap something you really wanted this holiday season? We think so too, so we’re gifting you guys with some very merry Holiday Perks that we guarantee you won’t want to return!

Don’t worry about whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year. All you have to do is upgrade to a Premium membership with either your Daddyhunt profile or MISTER profile by December 31, and we’ll stuff your stocking with the following discounts and freebies from some of our favorite gay sites and services:

• Wolfe Video: 25% off all sale DVD and Blu-Ray movies

• 50% off membership-for life of subscription!

• 50% off select sites, including Butch Dixon, Alpha Males, Bear Films, and Hairy and Raw-for life of subscription!

• 50% off select sites, including Stag Homme, Cazzo Club, Dads Fuck Lads, Jason Sparks, and Wurst Film

• FreshPair: 15% off your next purchase on (while supplies last)

• Plus! A special swag bag full of MISTER gear (while supplies last)

Already a Premium member? Of course we haven’t forgotten about you! Just click here if you're on Daddyhunt or...

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December 13, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

A few weeks ago, we had some fun telling you about a few of our favorite Gay Daddy-Son Relationships That Shocked the World. All this talk about Tom Daley and Justin Lance Black pairing up made us want to highlight three inspiring cross-generational couples who prove that when it comes to May-December loving, age ain't nothing but a number.

Christopher Isherwood 
and Don Bachardy
Life wasn’t always a cabaret for esteemed British novelist Christopher Isherwood, whose semi-autobiographical tales of a closeted gay man living in pre-Nazi Germany were collected in the best-selling book The Berlin Stories, but that all changed when he met 18-year-old Don Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. Despite their 30-year age difference—not to mention it being the era of McCarthyism, one of the most homophobic periods in American history—the pair began a high-profile love affair that would last more than three decades. While their relationship was idyllic in many ways, with Isherwood helping his younger lover develop his affinity for drawing and painting and the couple frequently entertaining well-known artists, writers, and movie stars in their hillside Santa Monica home, it wasn’t always without its challenges. In fact, at times the May-December dramas may have seemed like something out of a movie, and indeed, it became one—“Chris & Don: A...

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December 6, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

In the new movie Last Vegas, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline prove that having a blast in that rollicking, high-rolling town isn’t just a young man’s game. In fact, we enjoyed watching those four silver-screen silver foxes celebrating in Sin City so much that it got our devilish daddy selves itching to book our own trip. But what’s a daddy to do in the 702? Turns out plenty! Here’s just a few daddy-approved points of interest we’re adding to our itinerary.

Leave those overcrowded hotels on the strip behind and feel at home at Blue Moon Resort! This three-floor, all-gay destination boasts modern accommodations and plenty of great amenities, including a lagoon-style pool, multiple sundecks, a private Jacuzzi grotto, complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, and more. No wonder it’s received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor the last two years running and been voted the best place in Vegas for gay men to hang out. Owner John Hessling also deals out a number of special events throughout the year, including the Las Vegas Gay Sports Festival (January), Big Horn Rodeo (May), Lucky Bear Weekend (September), and their popular weekly Boys and Burgers party (Sundays, April through October).

Sure, the abundance of all-you-can-eat establishments might be one of LV’s biggest attractions, but if you’re a true foodie, step away from the buffet and book a reservation at...

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Official Daddyhunt
October 7, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

Welcome to "Gay Founding Fathers," a new series that goes back—sometimes way back—through queer culture to introduce you to gay men who made a difference, made history, made us swoon, and just plain made us be proud to be who we are.

In the past couple of years, we've seen more gay athletes coming out of the closet than ever before (YES!), but only time will tell if sportsmen like Wade Davis, Jason Collins, and Robbie Roberts will be remembered for their achievements on the playing field as much as the moves they made off of it. With football season in full swing, we can't help but recognize one of the golden boys who managed to do both: All-American linebacker Jackie Walker.

Athletically gifted, smart, good looking, and humble to a fault, Walker's greatness was already being predicted when he became the first African American to attend the University of Tennessee on scholarship, in 1970. And the freshman from Knoxville wasted no time in making good on his promise. Despite not being a senior, his teammates elected him captain for the '71 season, making him the first African-American to lead an SEC team, and he shattered a number of NCAA records, including making the most number of career interceptions converted into touchdowns, a title that he still holds to this day.

After completing college as a four-time All-American, Walker was drafted to the San Francisco 49ers and he seemed destined for a bright future in football. But strangely, he was cut from the team before the season even...

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Official Daddyhunt
September 20, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

All relationships are complicated, perhaps none more so than those between daddies and their younger paramours. We’ve heard it from many of you firsthand: from finances to mismatched sex drives to having to deal with total strangers (or worse, family and friends) giving you and your stud the side eye when you walk down the street, Daddy-Son relationships bring a whole host of unique challenges and relationship issues. They can also be some of the best, fieriest, and most fulfilling relationships around. But when they fizzle, you’d best believe the sparks will fly! Just for fun, we’ve cherry-picked a few of the most notorious and talked-about Daddy-Son relationships the world has ever witnessed. Consider them cautionary tales when it comes to May-December romancing. And count your blessings you weren’t involved in any of them.

Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber

Calvin Klein is infamous for raising temperatures with his racy ad campaigns, but it was his relationship with army soldier turned gay porn model Nick Gruber, 47 years his junior, that had his friends and fans raising their eyebrows. The 70-year-old fashion designer was reportedly so smitten with the then-19-year-old Gruber after seeing a picture of him posing in nothing but a green jacket (as a nude model, Gruber went under the name Aaron Skyline) that he launched a full-blown sugar-daddy assault on the young man, moving him into a multi-million-dollar New York City apartment, giving him a full makeover (complete with a...

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Official Daddyhunt
September 9, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

Welcome to "Gay Founding Fathers," a new series that goes back—sometimes way back—through queer culture to introduce you to gay men who made a difference, made history, made us swoon, and just plain made us be proud to be who we are. First up: actor Sal Mineo.

With his soulful brown eyes, thick Italian hair, and shy lips that always seemed to quiver as if they were about to ask the prettiest girl in school to the prom, Sal Mineo didn’t just fit the mold of a teen idol, he was the mold. Along with James Dean, his co-star in the classic film Rebel Without a Cause, Mineo  helped usher in a new kind of screen idol: the brooding but sensitive heartthrob. The kind of guy who’d defend his girlfriend’s honor but who’d just as easily turn around and cry on her shoulder over the injustices of the world. It was a personality-trait match made in teenage girl heaven, and it helped make the Bronx-born actor one of the biggest movie stars of the 1950s.

Unfortunately, it also led to his career downfall. By 1960, Mineo, now 21 years old, was too old to play the types of roles that made him famous, and despite winning a Golden Globe and a second Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Exodus (1960), his Hollywood shelf-life had run its course. Mineo was baffled by his sudden loss of popularity, later saying, “One minute it seemed I had more movie offers than I could handle, the next, no one wanted me.” For the remainder of his life, Mineo continued to appear occasionally on television and in low-budget films (including the homoerotic cult...

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Official Daddyhunt
September 4, 2013
Category: Wellness

Having a beard doesn't make you a daddy (case in point), but being a daddy definitely makes having a beard look so much better. Maybe it's the way the ability to grow full-blown facial hair instantly separates the men from the boys. Or the way a man's willingness to sprout some stubble tells us he isn't afraid to make a statement. Or that part of the reason a beard looks so right on a mature man is because he's earned the right to wear it. Oh, heck, maybe we just have a thing for lumberjacks. The point is, we love guys with beards—the thicker and fuller the better!—and with fall right around the corner, we expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming months. But there's a fine line between looking honorably hirsute and hair-raisingly horrifying. Whether you're starting from scratch, growing it out, or are already a world-class whisker man, we've compiled five awesome products and few insider tips to help keep your hairy mug in check and looking hot.


panasonic all in one trimmer
Step 1: Trim

Looking like a rugged wilderness man might be the goal, but that doesn't mean looking like you stepped out of The Call of the Wild. Keeping your facial hair even and well-groomed starts with having the proper trimming and sculpting tools, whether it be scissors, a straight razor, or an electric clipper. We love this ...

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