Giving Daddies A Bad Name?

March 21, 2019
Category: Dating

In our never-ending quest to understand how other people define the term Daddy, we bring you this interesting article "The fastest-growing 'sugar baby' UK universities revealed... but at what cost", which takes a look at the "sugar baby" culture on UK campuses. All signs point to the economy and the ridiculous amount of debt college kids go off into the real world with as to why there's been an uptick in young people, in this case women, looking for generous older men, Sugar Daddies, willing to pay them for their time.

Sugar Daddies have been around for as long as anyone can remember, gay or straight, but since the advent of the internet, facilitating these arrangements has become easier than ever. We are sometimes asked if the Daddyhunt community is about connecting guys with Sugar Daddies. The answer is NO, and we make a point of proactively removing users seeking financial arrangements from the Daddyhunt community.

But what we are wondering is, given the placement of this article in the mainstream media, do you think it further perpetuates the most common association with the word Daddy, that it has to be a sugary arrangement? As a community that celebrates Daddies and their admirers, whether they be a pauper or a prince, we’re of the mindset that the stigma surrounding Daddies and intergenerational relationships stems from this belief. It’s a misguided notion that the only reason why a younger man would want to be with an older man is because it’s transactional. As many of us on Daddyhunt can attest to, nothing could be further from the truth. #ExperienceMatters

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white and short hair men are always hot hot

From my experience on this platform, I don't think the two are associated. Most younger guys who approach me on Daddyhunt are purely attracted to the daddy-type and not a transactional arrangement. I've been shocked when I revealed my face that so many are still very interested. I have met two younger guys on here that I had a regular relationship with and neither ever asked for money. It was purely an attraction, mental and physical, to the daddy-type.

That is not true on another platform I have used where I would be asked if I was generous all the time. In fact, its common to see daddy types with the words "not generous" in their profile description. I think some of the younger men have figured out the game that if they get you revved up, the odds of generosity increase. That happened to me, and of course I am only generous to non-profit charities.

Interestingly, I have not seen those individuals on this platform. Is it they have not found it? Is it that the clear intention of the platform is for daddy's and their admirers? Perhaps time, changing attitudes, and the increasing popularity of the platform will flesh that out. Other's experiences may be different than mine, but this is my perspective.