Forget the "Year of the Daddy"...Daddy is here to stay!

February 16, 2019

Well, guys, we did it. We're officially a trend. Or so says, the New York Times. In their December 2018 article,, they explored the growing popularity surrounding the term "Daddy" and the type of guys associated with it.

But to all of us, who have been apart of the Daddyhunt community for years or sought it out more recently, we know the joys that come with being a Daddy and being attracted to Daddies. Articles like these come and go, and if it gives more attention to the Daddy crowd we’re all for it, but we just want to be clear that "Year of the Daddy” is not a new and growing trend. And more importantly, it's not something that's going anywhere either. It's always been a part of our community and we’d venture to say it always will be. And we are thankful for that.

This article does echo something we’ve been pointing out for years, which is that "Daddy" can mean any number of things depending on who you talk to. So, if this article makes someone feel more secure with the moniker or allow them to really own who they are, then that's what we call progress.

And, just for ol' times sake, what is your definition of a Daddy?

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I went to the Ramrod Levi/Leather Bar in For tlauderdale last night, met a Daddy by the name of Joey. I know he was a daddy cause he had it printed accross his chest and black Tshirt. I've come to the realization that I want to be his boy. Never been in that role,but believe its what I need at this time in my life. I signed up for a seminiar having to do with the Leather community this Saturday. I'm into bodybuilding and I love musclee on me as well as my partner, especially my Daddy.

Just listen to the lyrics from Mary Martin - "Daddy"