DADDYHUNT: THE SERIAL - Season 2, Part 1 Now Available!

April 24, 2017
Daddyhunt: The Serial - Season 2, Part 1

DADDYHUNT: THE SERIAL - SEASON 2, Part 1 is now available on our Facebook page at or on YouTube at

Watch NOW to see how their romantic story continues.

Season 2, Part 2 coming soon.

Starring Jim Newman, BJ Gruber, David M. Farrington, Michael Snipe Jr & Alan Kelly and Soundtrack by Shirley House.

Written and Produced by Ra-ey Saleh & Carl Sandler.
Edited and Directed by Ra-ey Saleh.

Very Special Thanks to Dan Wohlfeiler of Building Healthy Online Communities & GYM Sportsbar.

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Seems a bit odd to post it there, rather than here, but that's your call. I am no longer a Facebook user, which may seem a bit odd, but that's my call.

It's also available on YouTube at

Thanks. Sometimes anticipation beats realization :-)

like the left side first one.

Story seems to be evolving a little too slowly.. but intriguing. A tension that is usually not in such works appear to be a nice feature...

LOVE IT! And the younger guy is so damn HOT!!!

very artificial , and funny

Great Video

my ass so soft and want a cock softy

so when r we going 2 c some more episodes? Been too long! Want to c BJ get laid.