How far would you go for love? Circumcision?

November 13, 2014
How far would you go for love? Circumcision?

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So... how far would YOU go for love?

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That's a weird question to ask. If they loved you when you were not circumsized, why would you cut yourself for their love now? What changed?

According to world statistics only 15% of men in the world are circumsized so why would I have that painful procedure for someone who might love me today and be gone tomorrow? Oddly I have known men who have done just that for their partner only to have that partner leave them shortly afterwards.

I say no way! It's barbaric!

I totally agree....I would never agree to be circumsized for any reason....I wish everyone were left natural like nature intended!!!!!

circumsison is barbaric - with little benifit. Historilly it was misguided,and other than a religious tenat is soooo unneeded. Lets leave our foreskin alone. I would never change my cock for a lover,other than try something new that would not be painful - any takers? LOl

Ck out TLA catalog!

You are incorrect. Circumcision is a medical net positive. Plus uncircumcised weenies look like they're wearing a hoodie. I don't want mine to be mistaken for a thug.

some of us were circumcised real young,as parents in the 1950s,took doctors views as gospel,as parents were not aware,as they are today,so i will never know,what it is like to be uncircumcised..sad look.....i believe a person has to like a person,as they are,no person should feel that they must "change physical attributes" to suit,anothers desire...

I am not cutting myself for no one, granted I've been married to another uncircumcised man for 42 years. I guess like attracts like.

I am circumcised, and I circumcised my son, for ethno-religious reasons, but my husbear is VERY UNCUT (enough 4skin for a three piece set of luggage). I connected with him that way and would never ask or expect hm to change. I don't regret being circumcised and find the flag waving of 'intact' men silly.


Well said.

Don't think your partner should ask you to alter your penis to make him feel better. Had a boyfriend who wanted me to lose my foreskin because he thought cut looked better. He is now my ex-boyfriend. He also was stupid enough to think that Europeans, especially British guys (to him, civilized men), were all circumcised and that all Muslims (to him, uncivilized) were all uncut. I told him that in terms of circumcision, he had it backwards; I also showed him the door. For the record, I like both cut and uncut penises, but dislike stupidity.

Typical gay male topic as shallow as a puddle.
Real love is accepting each other just for who you are, period.
When you first met and played you knew right off the bat what his physical features were .
Either you like or you don't his body ,a person who asks his partner to have plastic surgery on your penis is not going to stop there and never going to be satisfied .
I've heard of guys having asshole surgery so there no wrinkles around there hole .
I always said the gay community within itself is it's worse own oppressor ,we've always had these gay poster boys promoting what a gay man should look like ?
I actually have come to feel way more welcome as a gay male by the so called str8 community then the gay community ,because I never conformed to the gay community shallow value system.
In 2014 we've come far in the movement of main societies acceptance ,but were still in the dark ages among ourselves. Oh............ us gay men are always seeking perfection,the perfect
over achieving career perfect home and boyfriend for only then subconsciously speaking if everything is perfect then I can feel loved and accepted for being a homosexual in the first
Nope,that type of self love comes from 'with in' not for outside yourself and definitely not in you partner's perfect penis !
I've been in two 10 year relationships and in my world of real love you become blind to you partners imperfections. I had one partner tell me he had gained 25 lbs in 5yrs together ,I never notice and still thought he was hot as the day I met him.

Hi, vinyltop. Good points you make about shallowness and that you and all of us encounter it too often. I think we in the community should strive to avoid that as much as possible, and, yes, some gay men place too high a value on superficialities and seeking perfection. Wanted to remind you, though, that the topic of circumcision isn't necessarily shallow. For many decades, it has been debated by mothers and fathers in the straight community who have a son and aren't sure how they should handle this issue with their newborn. Some fathers want their son's penis to look like theirs -- cut if it's cut; uncut if it's uncut. Some mothers worry about hygiene and possible medical issues involved. Then there is the Covenant with Abraham (I think Abraham) that dictates that a man can't be a Jew if he is not circumcised, preferably during his first week on the planet. And there are the dictates of Islam. Some doctors emphasize possibilities, like tight foreskins -- that may lead to problems down the road. The issue is open for debate, for a number of reasons. Ultimately, my view has been formed by men I've met who are angry that they had no say in the decision. I tend to take their issues seriously and it has nothing to do with looks. I think both cut and uncut are beautiful and have no preference either way.

You are correct.

Superficiality seems to characterize most gay men.

I once attended a gay businessman's event at a downtown location in a major city. Cocktails, meeting, greeting.

Yet they had hired speedo-wearing twenty-somethings in cowboy boots to circulate through the crowd serving drinks.

That was the last time I attended that event, and I became a critic of what became for me a non-serious organization. Imagine the outcry if a straight men's downtown business group had nubile young things in scanty bikinis serving drinks. They'd have been pilloried.

Yeah, just mean like the Playboy club?
U sound like a prude. LOL Lighten up and enjoy life.

If you're uncut, you'll find someone who prefers you cut. If you have body hair, you'll find some who prefer smooth. If you're slim, you'll find some who prefer chubbies---or vice versa. The list goes on and on. You'll NEVER please everyone and should never try. Just be yourself, and if someone has a problem with that, consider it a blessing in disguise that you found out before investing time in them. Guys like that will never imagine how shallow they are until they grow old and lonely and realize how many wonderful opportunities for happiness they missed out on.

I don't think that it is an impossibly bad "ask!" We all have preferences. The ill-informed comments about the glamors of the foreskin above don't add to the discussion.

I know many people who love foreskins and many who can't stand them. I chose to have mine removed- a great improvement- and I don't consider it barbaric.

This topic is too full of emotional bull and misinformation to make it a useful discussion

I have just read all of the comments. . .interesting to say the least. I guess I will just add my thoughts/views. I am semi-hooded! I personally like uncut men! But if I love someone I could care less if he is cut or uncut. It is the whole man I would love not just his penis or how it looks or how big it is! And they talk about the vanity of women. . . . .the gay world is so superficial that sometimes it makes me sick. . . .

haha.. the gay world is not too far from the straight world on how it looks to one another there.. people are people and it will never change per say. cause we just keep putting back up there for the world to see and it just keeps going around and around for days, weeks months and years.. to me personally I don't care if he is cut or uncut.. to me it is the whole package that I accept not just one part of him or her .. funny about so many things in life are more important the this sorry subject here.. but it is what it is.. a blog..

Be yourself -love come from naturally. Not belief contact Billy2013

You got to wonder about someone who would ask you to amputate a part of yourself for him, and you'd have to wonder about yourself if you went along with it.

OK,we get it,wrong to ask to clip the hoodie

like mine the way it is.. a nick cock with foreskin