We're proud Tim Cook is gay!

October 31, 2014

"So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."-Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple's top iDaddy, Tim Cook, came out as publicly gay yesterday and said that, "Part of social progress is understanding that a person is not defined only by one’s sexuality, race, or gender. I’m an engineer, an uncle, a nature lover, a fitness nut, a son of the South, a sports fanatic, and many other things."

Among other things we also think he's one hot progressive Daddy!

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I think he's full of shit.

@asongforyou why so? cuz he waited so long?

After i clean his ass wth my tongue he want be too full of him self i thnk a song for birds is a looser?

For a capitalist who is keeping $92 Billion offshore to avoid paying taxes, and whose machines are made by Chinese sweatshops with webbing to catch worker attempted suicides. There are NO good capitalists.

..says somebody who's apparently never lived under a communist regime. You do realize that the operators of this site are capitalists, right? Investing in themselves and their goals, and then seeing how hard work can take them to the next level. Do you feed off of the government, or do you earn a living outside government dependency? If the latter, you're a capitalist. Do you believe in the satisfaction of a just reward for a hard day's work, and in the concomitant ability to aim high and take yourself there? You're a capitalist. Do you believe that freedom means the right to pursue your dreams? That's called liberty. And it sure doesn't exist in Marxist constructs.

After all, it's the capitalist countries that first created the rights we cherish.

If there are "no good capitalists" than there are no good "enablers of civlization and beneficiaries of those enablers." There's nothing wrong and everything right with producing stuff that people want to buy and which makes our survival easier and possible.

I'm not ready to give up my freedom or declare myself "evil" for whatever small achievements I can earn as a trader of my editorial services on the market...in order to subject myself to whatever serfdom the commenter regards as morally superior to my being left the hell alone in both my personal life AND my economic life. Presumably he believes I have the right to be sexually free. But how do I lose the right to be free as soon as I leave the bedroom and enter the marketplace?

With regard to the original post, I disagree with the notion of being "proud" of one's sexuality per se. One can be proud of real achievements, which would include the courage to accept one's sexuality if and when doing so requires courage. But I don't think it's a big deal either way whether a CEO is straight or gay. I admire Cook's achievements as Apple CEO, not any PC political leanings or his sexual preferences.

As for those who are complaining about "how long it took" for Cook to make a public profession of gaity--your personal life is not the business of other people, including strangers, unless you choose to make it their business. Nobody has any duty to "come out" to satisfy the importunate social-political demands of others. If you prefer to keep your private life private, do so, and don't let anyone harass you into doing otherwise.

Excellent post, well said.

I remember him being outed on a Fox business segment, a CEO that didn't want to come out just a few months ago. Growing up in a time where it was not difficult to get hurt saying the wrong thing or being fired from the job you love isn't easy.

It doesn't absolve him for offshore jobs and hoarding cash but the personal stuff maybe he should get a little bit of a break.

he looks hot though

If you/he is such a great guy how about bringing all of those jobs back home to the good ol' USA as well as all of the money in off shore accounts. . .Frankly I think he is a hypocrite and a traitor to America and I could give a flying F**K is he is gay or not!!!/

Wow... the harsh words/criticisms here are as sobering as they are mind-numbing. I would honestly love to know how many gay men who are heads of other Fortune 100 firms have the balls to do what he's done.

As far the the "bad things" Apple does... Give me a fuckin' break, and look at EVERY major company here in the States. They are ALL doing it.

Why...??? Because our government, laws, attorneys, and PUBLIC have LET THEM LEGALLY DO SO. But the majority of our public is too ignorant and/or small minded to see the larger picture and take these issues to task. They're more concerned with what's on television and "protecting" marriage then they are with cleaning up our tax systems loopholes.

Don't blame the companies... blame our lawmakers who let them do it.

Seriously Apple logo is a sign of the first sin that Adam & Eve commit, Steve Job he knew his father very late in his life but never spoke to him and now Tim Cook is Gay ! What's wrong with this company?

I mean Gay, Straight, Big dick, Religious or Alien etc. why you are so proud of it. It's not something you carry and walk around, Just stay humble, don't try to show off and do your job.

As much I used finding sex with men is something hidden and challenging, Now days it become like cup of coffee...

If you felt offended than good, If u agree than thanks, if you are non of it than carry on...

If only he had an upper lip...

lmao! agree... and he can definitely afford that procedure lol

I might not know him personally, but I love him for being so brave and blunt about it. I also think he's cool, smart and not bad to the naked eye...I love you Daddy Cook ;-)

res_ident. . .
I do blame the 'lawmakers'! That is why I vote against almost every incumbent running for office! Career politicians are the ones who have gotten this country in the shape it is in, that is why we need to get them out of office!!!! And to the other issue, maybe if Apple moved its business and bank accounts back to the US, others would follow. It just takes one to start, Apple could be the leader and others just might follow. . . .


so jealous he has bf already.
Cook is as handsome as Steve Jobs.
sexy mouth and great hair.