Gay Republicans: When Is Outing Okay?

January 7, 2014
Gay Republicans: When Is Outing Okay?

It's been a high profile week in outing. From Super Bowl Champ Aaron Rodgers to two (or more) alleged Hobbit stars, people seem to be breaking down closet doors that are not their own. And while it would be nice to add NFL players and a few more actors to the team roster, there's one outing in question that our community could do with out: the gay republican hypocrite. In this particular case, it's Republican Congressman Aaron Shock, who's been outed this week by noted CBS journalist Itay Hod. In a not-so-blind item on his Facebook page, he poses the question of when it's right to out someone. Citing Shock's disgraceful anti-gay voting history, he sees fit to call this gay man out for all the world to see. And I agree with Hod - if you discreetly come to our community looking for "our services" and then turn around and openly plot against us, you need to be brought down. That kind of hypocrisy should be out in the open.

There's a lot at stake when you're a public figure. In many cases, your livelihood depends on little more than your image and how the public perceives you. I would love for every closeted man to come out (public or otherwise) but understand that it's a personal decision that not to be taken lightly. And even though greater visibility can only make our community stronger and those struggling to accept themselves easier, I still respect a person's decision not to come out. But when you're doing harm to our lives and the rights of a minority (a minority that, secretly or not, you seek acceptance from), I take no issue with someone taking you down and exposing your lies. There are all kinds of tricks the mind can play - ambition and a spotlight on you can make life seem askew - but it still baffles my mind that a conscience would allow someone to vote as Congressman Shock does and then troll our streets looking for sex/love from us.

What's your take on the case of Aaron Shock (and other gay hypocrites)? Should he be outed by anyone other than himself? What about the others outed this week?

By the way, we were on to Shock back in 2011 when we put him at #8 on our list of RILFs (Republicans I'd Like to F*ck), but with all they do we really want to f*ck any of them? presents…The Top 10 2011 RILFs from DaddyhuntNYC on Vimeo.

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I am sorry, but when you choose to be in the public eye and make a career out of it then you have to understand the consequences of your actions. This means your private actions as you are representing people who put their trust in you to have the ideals and morals you presented when running for election.

If you are a politician who pandered to a constituency who you know to be homophobic, and you vote against gay rights issues yet you are gay yourself then you are being disingenuous at the least. Your private life is part of the dialogue and you deserve it to your constituents who you know would care about such things to come out.

If I sucked a senator off and then later I learned he voted against gay rights, well I am not sure I would run to the tabloids. But I would not be angry at someone who did.

I understand that outing someone hurts and it strikes a cord with many of us but there is something that I do not understand. If there is someone who is actively working against us why does his comfort levels matter more than the fact that their political actions may have disastrous consequences on millions of us LGBT folk? What about their lives? Should we sacrifice the rights of gay people on the altar of some silly platitude about rights and privacy or some iron clad rule that we ought not to do? I don't think it should be done wily nilly but exposing someone as a hypocrite and a liar is absolutely justified in some circumstances, especially when it could potentially affect others. To sum it up watch this:

Who is this "us"?

Other gay people, navy. Or do you not count yourself among us?

Jayrod!!! Brilliant, succinct and thoughtful! You laid out my own feelings quite adequately. I am tired of the shrill, sniveling hate mongering perpetually offended leftists being looked to and purporting to lead the charge to "equal rights". They tend to be the most hate filled, angry and offensive group around.. They do NOT speak for me.

I am conservative, and quite OUT. I don't hide who I am, nor do I shove it down anyone's throat. I don't demand respect I earn it.... Just like anyone else worth a damn, walking on this planet. I don't draw my self esteem from what other people think about me. So... The projectors on the left, are the problem.

Again Jayrod!! Well done!

Agree. There are few things more hypocritical than so-called "tolerants" despising any who disagree with them. The steady decline of thought and thinking.

Politicians are a whole different animal. When your vote has a major influence on say gay marriage or gay adoption rights, abortion or birth control.... food stamps , healthcare or national defense ......anything that can severely impact millions of lives then YES hypocrites can and should be outed and that is not just gay outing. The same goes for "so called" straight evangelicals who are cheating on their wives while bible thumping or using huge amounts on taxpayer dollars for personal gain. Paid Politics open you up to a different set of standards.

What about politicians who scream while under oath "What does it matter?" when the question is about the deaths of American embassy personnel. The problem with those who think "outing" is ok is that they've become seeds in the new harvest of left-wing intolerance. No great bit of unwitting self-parody than a lefty who proclaims his or her tolerance by hating his or her ideological opponents.

I'd far rather spend an evening in conversation with a circumspect gay Republican than I would an afternoon watching an expression of "gay rights" consisting of one guy giving another a blow-job in public on Folsom Street. Frankly, I find the latter to be the greater assault on civilization.

Yeah well Navy, I find spending a few minutes with hypocrites like yourself completely nauseating, at least enough to swear of sex for a whole least.

It's obvious you live in a rather tight little closet yourself. Stay there if you like. The rest of us, however, are going to keep telling you that being a slave, which is what you are, is nothing any of us want to go back into.

I completely concur that outing men is generally an ugly matter but for those gay men who outwardly and actively jeopardize our equal treatment and potentially cause us mental and physical mistreatment, they deserve to be openly placed in the same danger that their political cowardice causes us. Only when they are subject to same results that their actions cause many gay men and women to suffer, might they rethink the policies which they support.

I completely concur that outing men is generally an ugly matter but for those gay men who outwardly and actively jeopardize our equal treatment and potentially cause us mental and physical mistreatment, they deserve to be openly placed in the same danger that their political cowardice causes us. Only when they are subject to same results that their actions cause many gay men and women to suffer, might they rethink the policies which they support.

Whew. There's a lot of talk here about politics and agendas and rights infringements and what-not. I have been a thinking independant for many years and I vote on many issues, not just one or who is gay or not. I'll just say this: If you're kissing me in the front seat of my car you better not be slashing my tires or throwing a lit match in my gas tank on your way out.

Outting is a dirty trick that has ruined lives. In my estimation, it's beyond the line.

Amen, brother. I agree. It's a juvenile tactic. If you don't do x, I'm telling . . . . Where do we hear that kind of talk outside of kindergarten?

It is never ok. Period. Those who proclaim it is have a very stunted sense of morality and justice. If there is anything more indicative of an intellectually lite movement than outing, I'd be hard-pressed to name it.

If he or anyone wants to vote a particular way, and if it is in furtherance of the processes of a legitimate democracy, so what?

And don't lump me in with the self-styled spokepersons from the "gay community," or more horridly, the "LGBT community." No one ever asked me to vote on who I wanted as spokesperson.

And if we're talking craven here, what is more craven, someone who has been consistent, or someone - like our President - who once opposed gay marriage but suddenly changed when the polls did. I find that type of hypocrisy vastly more despicable than someone who's maintained a constant position over time.

Please, those of you who presume to speak for me, don't.

Outing is a moral crime, a crime against privacy, and a poor excuse for a tactic by the so-called tolerant.

No it's not. It's immoral to lie about it if you're a public servant, so don't go throwing around shade like that.

Stay in the closet if you want. Nobody's forcing you out. You are a private citizen who has little or no power to control the lives of others with that decision. So have at it. So long as it's just you who is affected by your secret life, no harm done.

But don't even try to pretend that those political slime balls deserve the same right to privacy as you do, because they don't. They gave up that right the instant the started campaigning for political office. As public figures who wield great power and authority, they are fair game and better not have any secrets. Their decision to stay closeted has hurt countless thousands of people, and not just gays.

If they do get outed, and their careers are "ruined", that's nobody's fault but their own. They shouldn't have betrayed the public trust in the first place by lying to all of us!

@Jayrod/restoredaz: You two are angry and pissed off guys.It is the republicans who are MASTERS at DESTROYING lives & careers. You two sound like self appointed elitist LCR queens.Full of contempt for your own community because they don't act like you do. What have you and all of the other keyboard queens done to further the GLBT community's fight for EQUAL RIGHTS? Besides bitch,moan and whine and post your rants online. The gay community has been mistreated for CENTURIES and are NOT going to put up with the double standards and hypocrisy anymore. Too bad you had damage to your car.It could have been to your person. Next time you sign a petition use an alias name /address/phone #!!!! . Marriage EQUALITY and all of the other EQUAL RIGHTS that the NEO NAZI FASCISTS want to keep from the GLBT community are too long to list here. When you and your partner are denied all sorts of privilege that the breeders take for granted maybe you'll stand up and actually DO something to propel this community into the 21st century. There have been many backlashes: one is when our federal government / US military developed a syphilis vaccine(which contained SIV- the simian version of hiv) in the late 1960's/early 1970s' and used gay men as guinea pigs. That was an EVIL / SINISTER /HATEFUL inhumane government sanctioned extermination program,targeting only gay men !!! It was developed at Fort Meade , Maryland- the home of the US military's biological/chemical/germ warfare program. Also,read up on all of "programs" the CIA and other agencies have perpetrated on US citizens: Tuskeege,the San Francisco airport terminal,and MANY others. There are elements in this country,today, who want YOU and every GLBT person in this world DEAD ,by whatever means. When the GLBT community DEMANDS and GETS every EQUAL RIGHT that the heteros have , then the playing field will become more balanced and equal. Until then, asking your fellow residents of MA or any other state to vote to give us the GLBT community its FAIR and EQUAL RIGHTS is a joke,as evidenced by most states voting AGAINST the GLBT. Sometimes, Jayrod69 & restoredaz, the disenfranchised have to use POWERFUL and LEGAL tactics (i.e.: forcing the asshole heteros into SHARING the RIGHTS afforded the GLBT community under the US Constitution: example- the Equal Access clause). All of the people who have BATTLED & FOUGHT for EQUAL RIGHTS are on the front lines. The enemy is NOT other GLBT community members: the enemy is some of the very people you deal with every day: family , so-called "friends", employers/co-workers,et al. DO you think that the Asian-African -Latino American/handicapped/immigrant/foreign born,etc members of US society got their rights by being polite? HELL no.. You have to DEMAND and FIGHT the Status Quo to get what is RIGHTFULLY YOURS. And being polite and docile isn't going to achieve anything. Just because the GLBT is forging ahead without you and using tactics AGAINST their enemies, and you don't like it, deal with it and get over it. It benefits you and every other person who does very little to nothing. And if you think signing a petition is doing something, you are seriously out of the loop. Have you ever marched for Ryan White Funding? Fought the local police? Campaigned to impose term limits? Helped get petitions signed? DONATE MONEY ? Etc? Unless you have, people like you need to STEP UP and put your/their lives on the line /donate TIME /MONEY/VOTES and actually CONTRIBUTE to your community instead of bitching about ALL of the efforts that have your and everyone else's lives BETTER. You may not like the means but your sure don't mind enjoying ALL of the benefits.

Out ANY hypocrite who hides in the closet and VOTES AGAINST his/her own community. Rep. Aaron Shock is a TRAITOR of the worst kind. IN a different time , he very likely would a be Jew supporting Hitler. Just another self serving,self anointed,SELFISH ,low life sleazy scummy slime ball caring only about POWER and control.At the expense of the gay lesbian /transgender community. He is helping the republicans defeat the gay community. A real piece of work. Vote him and his kind out of office.

Funny how a commentary about "is outing okay" turned into a political, name-calling bitch fest!

The real issue is that in the supposedly "greatest free nation" on the planet, why are anyone's civil rights a republican verses democrat issue? Freedom is all about individual civil rights, without them there is no freedom.

I agree with the point made that republicans mixing politics with religion does both a disservice. Civil rights should be supported by both parties. The religious right has pushed their misguided agenda onto the republican party. The perfect example of this is the bumper sticker on my truck that says,
"If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for it's rights?"
Surely Jesus would not approve of his followers using the government to force their beliefs on everyone else especially in a country that was founded on the principle of freedom of religion. It's un-American and un-Christian-like!

Nowhere in the amendments of the constitution that guarantee individual rights does it state, "except for homosexuals". The fact that politicians are put into a position of having to pass legislation to give gays the same civil liberties that everyone else enjoys, when nowhere in the constitution have they ever been denied those equal rights, speaks volumes about how divided and bigoted we have grown both politically and humanly.

Rob I'm with you 200% on this one. The vile self serving actions of parasites such as Aaron Shock deserve to be denounced and exposed in front of the masses and idiots that keep voting for the GOP.

I say you take your chances when u decide to live a lie! And the amount of oral babble on here is actually funny! Your opinions are just that YOURS. If you think gay americans have equal rights in this country or the world for that fact then why would anyone care about being known publicly as a penis sucker? Lets face it, even gays are human, they can HATE themselves as well as others. This blog proved that!!!

Aaron Rogers is gay?

I can't believe all people on here defending liars and cheats in political office!

Elected officials are fair game, and always have been. They give up their right to privacy the second they start campaigning for office. Our democratic form of representative government makes this an essential feature of our political process. If they wanted to keep their secret lives secret, then they should never have run. Far too many people have been and continue to be hurt because their political leaders are liars and cheats, leading a double life they want to hide from the public. And it's not just gay people who are harmed by this. That has to stop now! It's a complete betrayal of the public trust when politicians do this.

I say- haul all the political snakes into the harsh light of day, and let them squirm there. It's where they belong!

I don't care what he or anybody says. That guy is so GAY!

Its time to "out" someone who declares, publicly, they aren't gay.
When someone criticizes LGBT's.
When someone holds down or holds back progress for ALL human beings; homosexuals included! If they are a politician; especially!
Enough said!!!

It is always okay to out a hypocrite.

at least them gay republicans don't shove it down your face but they're just as worst as the liberals .

I say, if you're a public figure, especially one who makes laws that effect us all, then you should be outed if you are gay. I mean, why not? Is this something to be ashamed of? Should black or Jewish or whatever else legislators be okay with trying to hide who they are? NO. So, get over the shame-based crap about being gay. I'm 66 and I've been out since I was 19. I've seen a lot, a LOT, of changes for the LGBT community. I'm personally tired of thinking I have to live me life in a shadow or having to be apologetic about who I am. Out people? Why not?
It's just like the junior senator from my state - Tom Cotton, R-AR. He's well known in his home town area for being gay. I didn't know this, but when I saw him in ads during his campaign, I immediately begin to think that he is probably gay. He is a Koch brother-bought right-winger. I'm not aware of his taking rabidly anti-gay stances like this Shock dude. Of course, he's not nearly as hot as Shock either. Cotton has been seen lurking in the shadows of gay bars in the DC area. He needs to be outed and to just come out. Oh, his campaign got him married just as the campaign season started. He had never been seen with this woman before the announcement. I wonder how much the Kochs are paying her to go along with the ruse?

Just by associating themselves with the GOP, a person is working against us because their party line is basically, "If we beat the faggots hard enough with the Bible, maybe they'll go away"; therefore, they are AT BEST guilty of implied consent simply by identifying as Republican and not challenging their party's hateful stance. And if s/he's a politician, it's even worse, because if THEY don't tow the party line, then they won't get the political or financial backing needed to win (re)election. Therefore, in answer to the question, "When Is Outing a Gay Republican Okay?", there can be only one response if we have any respect whatsoever for ourselves: YESTERDAY!!!

gay republicans for donald trump!


Why bother. Gay republicans are hiding from more then their sexuality. Let them live their miserable lives as they choose. Outing them only means you'll be ducking and dodging them here or where ever. Karma has a way of catching up with many and until then, just be happy knowing they carry a burden we've all known at some point, but may never know the freedom and relief we've also experienced and they never will.

Is he being outed as gay, or as a Republican?

I know which one I would be more afraid.

Lets not turn "outing" into the new racist. They are both terms immature and naive people use to get back at someone for usually childish reasons. They never solve any of the problems.