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February 25, 2013
Category: Dating
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What's the first quality you look for in a man? Is it physical attraction or a trait that takes a bit more digging? It's so easy to go on looks alone these days with online dating/apps expediting the selection process and courtship a thing of the past. It's almost like we're programmed to make a split section decision on what we see in front of us and if we're not into it we move onto the next. Having more options is a great thing, but as with any give, the take is that we may miss something really special. Getting to know someone takes effort and the things that ultimately make a relationship work aren't always visually apparent. So what's one to do? Rearrange our priorities.

I'll be honest, my first instinct is to start chatting with someone (on here or in real life) if I'm attracted to them. But when I think about what I'm looking for in a relationship, looks fall down the list quite a bit. Now I'm not saying I don't need to be attracted to someone, because that's mega important, but I've realized that attraction can grow and fade based on feelings that stem from incredible personality traits like humor and intelligence. The problem I think many of us face today is that we're not willing to put in the work to get to know someone. It's easier to take the Seinfeldian approach and dismiss people based on circumstantial flaws, not meeting a height requirement, or any other molehill made mountainous. But finding a really stand up guy takes work and time. And it's those qualities buried deep that usually last the longest, because as we all know, looks fade.

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Official MISTER
February 22, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

MR. Don Lemon is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

First the good news: We live in a world where a public figure doesn’t have to hide their sexuality to rise to the top. Case in point: CNN News anchor Don Lemon, whose career hasn’t skipped a beat since he publicly came out in his best-selling memoir, “Transparent.” In fact, the baby-faced 46-year-old journalist is more in-demand than ever, hosting the weekend edition of the network’s popular primetime show “Newsroom” and speaking to sold-out crowds around the country.

“I abhor hypocrisy,” Lemon told the New York Times. “I think if you’re going to be in the business of news, and telling people the truth, of trying to shed light in dark places, then you’ve got to be honest. You’ve got to have the same rules for yourself as you do for everyone else."

Now the bad news: Sorry, guys, this newsman’s off the market. His longtime boyfriend, news producer Ben Tinker, got the exclusive scoop.

MR. Lemon getting reactions to President Obama's 2012 inauguration speech mentioning the Stonewall riots:

Don talking about coming out and his book with Dr. Drew:

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Official MISTER
February 15, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

MR. Guillermo Diaz is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

We have to give it up to anyone who marches to the beat of his own drum, which is exactly what makes Guillermo Diaz our kind of guy. Just as his career was taking off with roles in 90s indie films like “Party Girl” and “Stonewall,” the Cuban-American actor did what could have easily ended his career in those pre-Ellen days: he publicly came out. Rather surprisingly at the time, nobody flinched, and he’s been working steadily ever since, most recently on the hit TV-show “Scandal.” Proof that talent trumps all (though that cuddly face of his certainly couldn’t have hurt!).

“I don’t even think about it, I’m an actor,” he told Gay Star News. “I’ve been out since I started acting, and I’ve worked my whole life. I don’t stress about it. If somebody doesn’t want to work with me because I’m gay, I don’t want to work with them either.”

Here he is on Weed's talking up his shoes:

February 14, 2013
Category: Relationships

Ah, love. Is there any greater feeling? If you're nerdy like me and like to quantify and over think matters of the heart, then this video is for you. Who knew there was actual science behind the feelings we feel? Still doesn't make love make any more sense, but learning is always fun!

And if you could care less about how our hearts and brains work in tandem, then maybe you'll find the science of orgasms a bit interesting.

What does it feel like for you when you're in love?

Official MISTER
February 8, 2013
Category: Gay Culture

MR. Bjarne Melgaard is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

Painting can be dirty work, which is just the way this well-known New York-based Norwegian artist likes it. In fact, it’s a big part of his inspiration. Considered one of the world’s most important living artists (the New York Times called his debut show “like nothing else around”), Melgaard’s work extends to a variety of mediums and explores all sorts of sordid topics, including Norway’s underground heavy metal scene, carnal desire, and some of the darker corners of gay culture. Not such surprising material, considering his rough and tumble persona and bearish good looks. He’s quite a masterpiece, if you ask us.

Learn more about him and his work at the Saatchi Gallery online.

I know some of you aren't going to be into the whole modern thing so what are some of your favorite artists? Let us know in the comments.

February 5, 2013
Category: Porn

One of our favorite porn daddies is gone from this earth. It was reported that Arpad Miklos is dead at 45 from an apparent suicide. I've been a huge fan of Arpad since I first saw him on screen and it's terrible tragedy that he's passed. I had the pleasure of meeting him through one of my friends and he was extremely nice and down to earth. For being one of the hottest daddy types around, he sure seemed sweet.

Over the past few years we've focused a lot on gay teen suicide, but it's not just teens we should be paying attention to. As gay men we go through a lot in our lives. From shame to struggling to find our place even in our own community, it can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Mental illness is far too prevalent in this country and often times there are ways in which we can all help our fellow brothers and sisters cope that many of us overlook. If you or a friend or loved one is showing signs of depression, please reach out to them or find someone who can. I want to highlight the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) in case anyone is currently in need of a lifeline. I'm a huge advocate for therapy for everyone, but gay men especially could use some extra care. You can also find plenty of gay support groups across the country where one can go to find strength when you need it most.

Please feel free to use this forum as a soundboard as...

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