Gone Too Soon

December 2, 2013

With the recent, tragic passing of Paul Walker, it's just another reminder to live life to the fullest. You never know when the end may be so do what you need to in the time you're given. Queerty has a rounded up a list of men that were also taken too soon. Everyone from James Dean to the more recent Core Monteith. Who would you have liked to see blossom and fulfill a greater destiny?

Any of your favorites on or missing from the list? Honor them in the comments below.

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Heath Ledger. He seemed to be coming into his own as an actor in "The Dark Knight." Liked his portrayal of the reticent, troubled Ennis Del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain" and that he had no trepidation about playing a gay man. Was stunned by his death at 25. Have lived through so many deaths of promising talent -- James Dean might have been the first, but also Marilyn Monroe, Roberto Clemente, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass, Gilda Radner, dozens of actors/writers/artists/designers lost to AIDS, and so many others.

Jon Erik Hexum...hadn't thought of him in years! Incredibly handsome man just coming into his own. Two short-lived tv series and a tv movie or two. He had a great screen presence though.

Beautiful to look at but obviously dumb as a rock since he put a blank-loaded gun to his head and pulled the trigger, not realizing that it would kill him. Such a waste of a hot, handsome stud of a man!

Sometimes we don't always get the whole story......maybe he intended to do it.....

The loss of Karen Carpenter deeply affected me. Her voice and talent far outshone that of many of her contemporaries! If she had been able to free herself from her mother, from her brother and from her health concerns, there is no telling what she would have accomplished in the last decades.

Paul was georgous and apparently a good man.

But Speeding, car racing on the streets is a dangerous thing, and a waste of a good life but we all take our chances in many different ways.

Sad news indeed

The inner child can have a phobia about death which is aggravated when someone crush-worthy, like Heath Ledger (those who re-watch "The Patriot" have to endure his "death" repeatedly) or Paul Walker, dies young.

It's stunning that someone like Heath -- having seen fame, fortune, and adulation -- ends up alone in a NY apartment, vulnerable to substance abuse.

Paul Walker's death is more difficult to resolve in a way because he reportedly was so likable and wholesome, in addition to being world-class handsome. Evidently he was a passenger, a victim of reckless driving. Paul Walker was a self-described Christian, which is the ultimate consolation. Christianity, in its purest form (e.g., Philippians) teaches that death is gain.

Rock Hudson still had 2 magnificent romantic comedies left in him.

Tho, not a movie star, John Kennedy Jr. was sososo good looking, and reportedly well hung as well and died so young. Would have loved to have followed his life longer and enjoyed his good looks for as long as I could have. RIP Johnjohn.

BOO HOO, each one of these people did stupid things that help cause their demise, just like some idiots on here who think it's cool to have unprotected sex. You get zero sympathy from me!!!!

A passenger in a car accident is normally considered an innocent victim. According to autopsy reports, Paul Walker survived the impact but died being burned beyond recognition in the resulting vehicle fire.

I don't know what kind of moral system underlies your statements, if any, but if you or I happen to meet a fate similar to Paul Walker, I hope that it is viewed with Christian compassion.

jamesfrompa are you auditioning for Grumpy Old Men? Even though you have a point, your staggering lack of empathy will appal everyone who reads your hateful judgemental offering.

I always wonder how Michael Bennett might have changed the face of American musical theater if he had lived longer...his legacy alone speaks volumes about what might have come had he lived longer.

I think its a pity that great actors like Rock Hudson who died of AIDS and two other greatactorslike Yul Brunner and John Wayne who died of cancer were cut in their prime and I still fancy them, even after all this time. I alsolike SpencerTracey and Clarke Gable as well as Gregory Peck and James Stewart

Rick Nelson. Beautiful man on many levels, gone far too soon. He left us a lot of his music, but he still had a lot more in him.

Two of my favorites in the musical realm were John Lennon, gunned down by a psychopath, and George Harrison, taken by cancer. I grew up with the Beatles music as a leading role in Rock and Roll and it's still hard to imagine that only two of them still survive. All the other people mentioned in these posts were specially talented people who enriched the lives of all who encountered them, in person or through their talents on stage or screen. R.I.P. to all of them AND best wishes to their friends and families.

My father died when he was 35 and my youngest brother when he was only 14, and I lost every male friend, but one, back in the worst days of AIDS, all of them in their prime, so it seems kind of strange, lamenting the loss of people I never knew, but, definitely yes, it's terrible when anyone young and on the verge of remarkable achievements loses his or her life for whatever reasons. Of all the celebrities, I think River Phoenix's death was the saddest.

Patrick Cowley would've done amazing stuff if he'd lived beyond 32. Gets way too little credit for the influence he had on electronic music and dance music. Listen to "Menergy" or "Megatron Man" or any of his innovative arrangements with Sylvester and others. A Pet Shop Boys die-hard fan (of which I am as well btw) recently got snippy with me when I suggested that the opening instrumental "Axis" on their latest album sounds more influenced by Patrick Cowley than Giorgio Moroder. (No use arguing the point; Patrick's gone and Giorgio's enjoying a mid-life resurgence, in part thanks to Daft Punk.)