The World's First Cockumentary

October 28, 2013
Unhung Hero

This isn't the first attempt, and it sure won't be the last, but a new film hopes to finally answer the age old question: does size really does matter? In what's being build as the world's first "cockumentary," Patrick Moote searches the globe for answers after his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal because of his small penis. It features interviews and insights from doctors, ex-girlfriends, and even advice columnist Dan Savage. While things aren't always apples to apples with the gay and straight community, I think many men wonder if they're big/thick/long enough for their partner. With gay men, it's something we put out there (or get to know) fairly early in a relationship - often times knowing what our partner's packing before we've met. It's just another example of the tricky waters gay men navigate in putting the cart (sex) before the horse (relationships). But we'll save the sex-obsessed culture talk for another post.

Back to the topic at hand, would you break up with someone because they had a small dick? Let's just do our own polling and answer Patrick's question once and for all in the comments below: does size really matter?

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I prefer a smaller penis , much more comfortable.

. . . and much less painful. This is especially true if the top guy was "big" and thought that was enough, so he never developed any technique or concern for the bottom guy.

More than a mouthfull is wasted!

Why not pose the question differently? Would you break up with someone if he were too large?

If the first time I had sex with a man I discovered that he was what I considered "too large," the chances are we would never have a second meeting, so "breaking up" would be moot. My experience has been that too many men with big cocks have nothing else going for them, so a long-term relationship would never happen. So while many look for length and many others look for girth, I'm more likely to be looking for technique and someone who cares about MY pleasure. I would rather have a man who has 6" with great technique, and who is concerned with pleasing me (as I would be concerned about pleasing him), than a guy with a fat 8-incher who is only paying attention to his own orgasm.

But that's just me.

yes..!..i agree...see guys at sauna,and because they have a huge cock,they think they can wave it around,for their own pleasure!!...partner is just their for their own sake!!....its not the cock,its the persons ability to use it,no matter size...!!

Not for nothing .... but just my two cents... what happened to the concept of dating a man for the "whole man" and not just the size of his cock - small or large? If you really get to the point that you are breaking up with a man because of the size of his penis... then you should also realize that there was NEVER anything to your relationship at all....

i like an average size around 6 ot 7.5 inches so smaller is ok with me

As a daddy with 8 inches pretty thick, I say if a guy has at least enough to hold in my hand, it's all good.

As someone who is mostly involved with Asians, especially Chinese, not noted for large ones, and being small myself, I find that I am welcomed precisely because I am not large. However, for those who were endowed by their gene pool that's fine. I have also been rejected for being too small, so what? This subject is only important to those who think it is important. Otherwise it's really amusing, reminiscent of Goldilocks and the Three bears, or should that be Goldicocks and the Three Bores?

...or the three bearers :-)

Not sure if this is real or staged, but if she's that superficial, she did him a favor by walking away. He's obviously a good looking dude who deserves much better. She deserves, well, never mind.

Agreed. Fuck her, I hope she gets all the huge cock she wants by age 30, sex with her vagina would be akin to throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

...another to put it was coined many years ago (WWII) but oh so appropriate here with regard to her....remember "loose lips sink ships"? (groan, I know)....just a little levity folks, but I do love the analogy with the hotdog (l-ed mao)

I think most men ( especially gay men ) have a totally unhealthy obsession with dick size . If things keep going in this insane direction we will see men being injected & implanted at the same foolish rates we have seen women get breast surgery over the last few decades .

It's already happening. I've spoken with more than a few guys in their late 50's plus, who've had implants. Some results have been good, a few were bad and the guys are barely functional. We're heading in the same direction as women with breast augmentation. It's just not worth it. I've had sex with guys with small dicks who were hotter than the "monstrosities" that so many guys seem to think is the ideal. Bottom line, be happy with what you've got, especially if it works.

Sure not letting a Dr. near mine. Not much into dick's that are the size of my little (sorry) but all else is good. The monsters can stay on the coffee table !

"[T]he age old [age-old] question: does size really does [delete] matter? In what's being build [billed] as the world's first [...]"
This was impossible to read for me.


I see the dialogue has been elevated.

Somanyreason81: thank you. I know there are a lot people who don't know the difference between "they're," "there," and "their," or those who, when surprised, are "taken back" when they were really "taken aback," but we have to stop the madness when it reaches the point of confusing "build" and "billed" in a press release that someone was paid to write and/or proofread.

Well we've heard from the small-dick apologists and the Grammar Nazis - I can only guess the size queen majority are just going "Duhh" and looking for something respectable to sit on.

Anybody care to invest their life's savings in an unhung porno video? Something for the four-inch fans? That'd go direct to the budget bins & nobody would even bother bootlegging it.

We live in a world of fetish, and the man with the meat tops the list. Muscle Marys and perky butts come and go, but packed underwear trumps 'em all. Think of it as the random generosity of nature. Haha if you missed out.

Is a small dick a deal-breaker if you're a top? Of course it is. Any bottom who's halfway honest with himself isn't going to settle for average and you all know it LOL

Finally someone speaks the GD truth. Of course it matters or we wouldn't be having this discussion. I've never met a bottom that says "oh I'm going out tonight to find me some average dick". I've never seen underwear that markets a smaller bulge. Yes, its ok to be small or average and we should all look past the bulge when we're looking for that special someone. But for fucks sake lets be real and be real honest...size matters and we're all size queens to some extent.


For me, I guess it depends on the situation/context: Am I at a sex club or online looking for a NSA hookup? Yeah, size will be one factor (among others: attractiveness of face, body type, body hair) that I'll consider in my hunt for a good, hard fuck.

If I'm dating somebody and we're taking it slowly on the sexual front and we've clicked enough on the other levels (compatible/complementary views on life, politics, art, sports, similar senses of humor, etc.) and I'm starting to feel strong positive feelings toward him and then I discover toward the end of, say, the third date, that he's not especially well-endowed, that doesn't matter to me. At that point, I'm relating to him as a full-fledged human not a sex toy.

The marriage proposal is quite obviously fake (unless he barely knew the woman).

It seems to have been a corporate viral to get attention for the documentary.

Would I break up with someone because they had a small dick?
I probably wouldn't be in a relationship with someone in the first place if I didn't like their dick - a lot.
There are many different aspects of dicks that I can like and dislike.
There are many dicks that are longer than the average 6 inches that are quite unattractive to me.
There are many dicks that are shorter than the average 6 inches that are very attractive to me.

For me, it is mostly about the shape. I prefer particularly shaped dicks.

Well, let's start with average penis size; here in the USA it is 5.1 inches. Not so suprisingly, African countries average considerably longer and Asian countries average considerably shorter.

I agree that a true and staunch bottom is more concerned with size than seems to be admitted here, though I haven't checked all responders' profiles for proclivity (yet?)

As with whether or not Nixon was the greatest or the worst POTUS of the 20th century, penis size, as well as this "cockumentary" (great word, I'll lay even money it's in Webster's next year,) are simply great fodder for list strings like this one or very boring dinner parties, nothing more nor nothing less.

Humans are visual, 4 or 9 inches, if lovely to look at a penis will attract even the worst of critics but, as a few have said before me, "it's not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean," however most,I am confident, would prefer the comfortable ride of the Titanic rather than its dinghy.

Not sure using the "Titanic" is a good analogy !

Why not? It leaks!

I AM something of a size queen, but I don't know that I'd break up with someone over dick size. If we got into a serious relationship it would not have been for the penis. Monogamy MIGHT be an issue, but even nonexclusivity can take on a variety of forms, and there are so many different kinds of toys to work with. Some of the things I achieve with dildos I've NEVER had with a real dick, and I've sampled more than a few, so I don't expect to have those sensations with someone's penis in my butt. I generally say that it's my physical size/stature that makes me more a size queen (prostate is a bit further in and so on), but I have a friend who is 6'7" and prefers average penis despite being a bottom ho. I suppose it is possible that dick size could eventually become a clencher; but we'd have to have exhausted an awful lot of options and therefore demonstrated that there are other problems in the relationship than mere dick size.

What counts is what's between the guy's ears and in his heart...not what's between his legs. Also: "Its the motion of the ocean, not the size of the ship."

I prefer them small -- and I also like them when they're not always hard. Somehow it's more intimate that way. Actually, this question is a mirror of this whole web site: that people who have this idea that they are not desirable (i.e., older guys or guys with small penises) discover there is a whole bunch of people who are looking for exactly what they are. I think that's great, and one of the huge pluses of the Internet age.

No, I would not, but from an erotic perspective, it might take longer (no pun intended) to dispel any fantasies I might have over size. Being Black, I know what guys expect from me just by what they write when they respond to my profile. It's not a turn on.

One of my favorite former boyfriends had 4 1/2" (is that small? Not to me) and he moaned a LOT, and uninhibitedly. That, and him calling me "daddy" (always a favorite erotic response that turns Black men on, since the phrase is part of our lexicon), turned me on faster than anything else.

The thing is, we usually see a guy's dick before we get into a relationship (which I define as an actual courtship, which doesn't start on the 2nd date - not for me, anyway). So, I doubt I'd break up with someone who was small, but if the guy wasn't particularly sweet and kind, and I'd been to bed with him during the early hot-for-you stages, it wouldn't feel like a loss. (Of course, even if he was big - which is not really a turn-on for me. All my brothers are...packing, so it's a pretty commonplace thing for me [ you sleep in the room with a few brothers, you see morning wood, so that's how I know, for those of you wondering, "How did he see their dick size?"]. I prefer medium-sized dicks, period. Now that I'm older, I particularly find them even more appealing than when I was younger (I no longer have to work so hard at it! Ha!).
Besides, I like shorter guys anyway, so a smaller dick looks more proportionate to their height. Give me a cute, sweet 5'5" to 5'9" guy ANY day. And a dick to match it! Woo-Hoo!!! :-)

As a man with a pretty big one, I think it is just a part of the whole that makes you YOU. It does not define who you are any more than having a very small one defines who you are. I personally like a man with a small one whoe is comfortable with me it shows much more self esteem than a man whipping out his big one to prove himself. Like I said..not every well hung man is like that...I am certainly not even though I enjoy having it, and the same goes for men with small does not make them attractive or unattractive by itself...or at least it shouldn't.

Having a small Penis was lucky for this guy as she could not have truely been in love with him, It is whats on the inside that counts and the heart if you are truely in love with someone you love them with all they come with large small and indifferent.This girl was obviously in love with looks and dick sizes and she would not deserve him. I know lots of people that are not good looking but are beautiful and also lots of people that are not sexual but are sexy.I hope this girl eventually gets her conupence in what ever form it may be perhaps the biggest penis ever seen that she can not accomodate LOL.

it's all about chemistry!
if I am looking for dick, I want average hung, it's in my profile.

visually - bigger is better i.e. porn, but,in real life I have been with giant guys,who I enjoyed being with,but, couldn't enjoy servicing because it hurt to try and get it in my mouth - no way with the other side. I was proud of my 6.5", and as was said b4"more than a mouthfull is wasted". I would have to pass on a real relationship with a huge endowment - probally will never be a problem for me, tho. I've found most bigums are a bit,too,cocky for me anyway. LOL. Go Gays!

All fairly preDICKtable responses. And yes after 58+ years of cruising for cock, I admit that big ones are great to look at and be turned on by....from experience I know they are hard to play with and the guys that have them are usually so proud of what they show, they don't bother much with their partner. While my luck in partners seems to run to guys with respectable equipment, who are fine with my more modest dimensions....our relationship never really noticed the size after the first few weeks.

I've bottomed three times:

-The first time...the well-endowed guy shoved it in. I had to psyche myself out so that I wouldn't feel any discomfort and pain, as I was a virgin.
-The second Asian guy that was average-sized, but made me as comfortable as possible. He made me enjoy being fucked, and I was disappointed when he came so soon.
-The third time...another well-endowed guy that put it in without paying attention to lubricating the area well. I have to tell him to take it out.

So, if I'd ever want to bottom again, I'd take the average-sized guy. Maybe I'm biased, but in my experience, the larger sized guys were more into shoving it in and expecting me to be elated by it. Maybe they thought I'd sing like Pavarotti. I didn't.

I feel like like I can answer this question both ways. "No size isn't that big of a deal for me. I've dated guys who were 8" X 6" and were at least competent using it. On the other hand; yes size does matter. I've dated a few men who were on the smaller size. My last sorta boyfriend was just a bit on the short side of 4" and my thumb ring would fit around the shaft as a cockring if needed. He refused to bottom for any man and could not suck a cock well; even if his life depended on it. (And he wonders why at 44; he's never had a serious long term relationship.) His technique is basically to just poke and stab at an ass until he finds something to rub against and get off. Needless to say; I had to take matters into my own hand more often than not; once he got his nut. So I had to end the sexual part of the friendship. He ended the friendship completely because I wouldn't sleep with him anymore.

To be Honest I am a Size Queen I like a Big Cock and Big Balls to suck on I have No trouble Deep Throating, a Big Dick With Out Gagging on it , as long as you relax your throat you can deep throat any size dick , and for leaving some guy because he has a Big Dick are you all Crazy that is a Man's Dream to Find a Big Dick to uses anyway you want , to get fucked or suck on Guys always ask how Big is Your Dick on any site you are on they are looking for the Big Ones I have 9 and half inches , I have Sucked on Smaller ones But I would rather Have the Big Ones in my Mouth , or to Fuck Someone with , or Sit on a Big one That way I Know they have enjoyed them Self and Come Back for More and the Same with me if I want to Sit on a Big Cock I Know That I will Enjoy My Self with it

Honestly...I don't care about cock size one way or another...though I do prefer's not a deal killer either way...if the dude has a personality, cares about me, and we share like interests...I'm good with that....what ever is in the pants...I'll enjoy large or small!

I am not a size queen. All I care about is that it gets hard and it cums.

Your privates is not the issue,it's person in side you.