The Best Halloween Cities for Daddies

October 14, 2013
Spooky Bear Weekend

It's almost that time of year again. The best gay holiday there is! No, not Pride. Halloween! It's a day where we can unleash our secret fetishes on an unknowing public and role play loudly and proudly all night long! What better day than for the gays to put their creativity and theme party prowess to good use than Halloween? I've been celebrating New York Halloween for 7 years now and it's always a crazy scene. For an entire week the streets are filled with a plentiful mix of sexy and scary, and that's not even including the annual Village Halloween Parade. There are always plenty of parties that end up being a blast, but this year I needed a venue change. I've heard New Orleans is one of the best cities for Halloween and that was in consideration until I heard about Spooky Bear Weekend in Provincetown.

For years I've heard Provincetown is great in the off season, but Halloween is one of their especially fun weeks (the bear factor pretty much ensures that). And after reading up on it, I'm heading straight up to see what it's all about. But now comes the tricky part of choosing a costume. Given the audience, it's probably best to show a little hair, but I want to up my game this year and create something clever. Any daddies out there good with a sewing machine? Being in a new city should contribute to the adventure factor that comes with Halloween. You usually never really know the people you meet till you see them out of costume, but who knows if I'll ever see any of these masked men again being in another city. There's something romantic and exciting about that, something almost Cinderella-esuqe about the evening. Hrmm...maybe I found my costume idea after all.

What's your favorite Halloween city? Bonus points for sharing your sexiest Halloween memory.

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NYC in the early 80s boasted a quirky and terrific Halloween parade in Greenwich Village. I remember a number of men dressed costumed as high heels; when asked what they were, they replied, "Imelda Marcos' shoes!"... Sexiest moment? Ah, there were far too many to be able single out any particular one. Alas, San Francisco's Halloween street party is a mob scene, with almost a greater number of bridge and tunnel tourists than participants - it's a panic-inducing crush rather than a sexy celebration.

New Orleans Halloween is great if you like the usual Black/White/Red/Blue Party circuit affair with the requisite muscle boys on drugs dancing aimlessly with their artificial tans and blank stares. The only plus the New Orleans Halloween party has going for it is, it's sponsored by a local host committee and not some major promoter who pockets tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of the "take" so that only a pittance goes to the charity - the costs of the party are born by the hosts and the take is usually donated in full to the AIDS charity. Otherwise there are much better events to attend in New Orleans, ones which reflect the local color and not just the run of the mill circuit event.

Saint louis has a fun Holloween costume gathering in the Central West End. Alot of gays make it fun,alot of locals come for the craziness. Go gays. Any of you cwe guys care to elaborate.