San Francisco Bear Pride's Stylish New Promo

October 9, 2013

Loving how much work was put into this video promoting San Francisco Bear Pride. Not only is it adorable and sexy but also extremely well executed. Those San Franciscans sure are talented. Also, who knew that bear related events had so many ties to food? The festivities run Thursday, November 7th - Monday, November 11th, 2013 and judging from the video line up there seems to be something for everybody, including performances from the very cute and talented Matt Alber, Jeb Havens, and Big Dipper.

We've posed the question before, but given the many gay subcultures our community has, do you feel like separate Prides enhance or dilute our celebrations?

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I've never seen a good reason for any kind of Pride event. For me, since I know I was born gay, I can't be proud of it any more than I can be proud of being green eyed or left handed. I think the people who decided that Pride was the opposite of Shame did us a big disservice. I think the opposite of being ashamed of being gay is to be OK/comfortable with it. But I don't think a holiday called "Gay Comfort" would have become the occasion for parades and getting half naked and drunk in the street in mid-afternoon.

It's probably a generational thing, but I agree. I've never understood Pride events.

Maybe the real question is, are our celebrations still relevant and necessary, no matter how diluted?

I used to think like you until a long time ago, someone told me Pride was about celebrating the road we've covered and those who came before us and fought for the rights some of take for granted now. I was younger then (2002), and Will & Grace was a big hit, this guy told me that way back when, they did not even have gay characters on TV, Gay bars were not allowed and our "gay culture" was hidden as if it were something to be ashamed of.
Heck, I even remember in my teens, bars in Mexico City (my hometown) were regularly raided by cops- and I am not that old; 39 if you must know.

So I believe having all the Pride celebrations we can, will help us establish our presence, have our rights respected and of course, have a great time! Now it becomes more relevant than ever as there are places like Russia where they think they can pass laws and stop us from being who we are!
So its your choice, but you could show some support for those who care about other gay people and think beyond a 2 hour drive radius.
Of course, getting half naked and drunk, is optional ;)

Even now with still rampant bullying of young LGBT folks, there is still a need to show our numbers and the legions of those who support us. One function of these events is to show the organizations that exist for support, counseling, fighting the legal battles and so on. It is sad that the conventional press chooses only to focus on bare chests and drag queens but it is much more than that.

I have seen so much progress and change since I was a kid, but the struggle is not over. As for "Bear Pride", other than a way for those who do not aspire to the cliches of gay beauty to celebrate themselves, it is a big series of parties. Nothing wrong with that!

It is, indeed, very "adorable and sexy but also extremely well executed". It is very "white" too. There are many bears on this video, but no Asian, no Latino, no Arab/Mediterranean, no Black, no Brown bears? It's strange.

I like my bears bigger and hairy . Diversity is the spice of life,but, hopefully not a closed set of options.

Busby Berkley lives!

I agree with xanderking and ttsnbls that there is still a vibrant need for Pride events. Honoring those from before Stonewall and from that monumentally defiant act in 1969 in N.Y.C. and the pioneering younger folks who made being gay more accepted and visible since then, we need to constantly remind mainstream Americans and the citizens of other countries of our history and of the organizations that promote equality and fairness. Until all 50 states accept marriage equality (which MUST happen) and ALL bullying and tormenting cease (which will never happen), we need Pride parades and festivals, particularly in small towns across our nation and around the world. I've met Morris Kight, a pre-Stonewall pioneer and three people who participated in the Stonewall riots in 1969. I went clear across the country to Stonewall25 to celebrate the anniversary of that key event in our history.
As for Leather Pride and Bear Pride, I can see the need for those. The mainstream gay world of Advocate magazine and our local town papers almost exclusively feature young "twinks" and hairless, almost pre-pubescent-looking boys. I identify with both the leather and bear/cub/otter cultures and revel in the types of real masculine men who are out and visible during those events.
Keep our diversity in our Pride events!

To those who think we don't need events such as these I sort of equate it to the 4th of July. Would people actually want to stop our celebration of our national pride. Give it a rest all you naysayers.