The Daddy of All Emmy Acceptance Speeches

September 23, 2013

For those of you who watched the surprising, frustrating, touching and sometimes funny Emmy's on Sunday, we were treated to some great acceptance speeches. Between Merritt Wever's sure to be remembered ultra quickie to Michael Douglas' innuendo laden thank you to Matt Damon, the speeches may have been the best part of the broadcast. Add to that an Elton John (sort of) tribute to Liberace, our favorite Neil Patrick Harris as host, another win for the hilarious Jim Parsons and a slew of hot dancers smattered about the show's musical numbers and you've got yourself one rainbow filled show. What were your favorite moments from the show?

And speaking of television, with the new Fall season kicking into high gear this week, what new or returning shows are you most looking forward to?

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The worst show ever!

Agree. Very lame.

I find "Grey's Anatomy" and "Cougar Town" very interesting.

I loved it and thought Merritt's moment was classic. A very classy and witty production.

I skip most regular TV shows and have been watching Hugh Jackman in some of the X-Men DVD's where they regularly show him naked from the waist up. What a BOD! In the extra features was an interview with Ian McKellen about how his being gay made him more sensitive to bullying and suppression of minorities and people who are different in some way. The film's message of showing tolerance for the mutants and helping overcome a negative stereotype was enhanced with McKellen's thoughtful statements. I'm a sucker for "morality plays" and films with uplifting ethical messages. Anyone have any recommendations for TV shows , like the Star Trek series, that foster fairness, morals and ethics?

Emmy's...a bunch of elitist patting each other on the back (e.g. Matt Damon shooting his mouth off how great public education is and then placing his kids in private schools). Gun "control", ObamaCare, public education and etc...all for the great unwashed masses, but not for the enlightened ones. F*** em! Who would waste their time watching that BS.

Is PBS BS any better? Not any more. Long time ago, yes, but now it's like Bravo.

Where is the gay television? Why pander to these straight shows and straight stars that only give us gay innuendo? Time to go outside of the 'box' of overpriced cable television.

I was very happy Ellen Burstyn added an award to her collection, playing the loving grandmother of a gay guy. And did Jim Cannavale get one for the only cock shots in the season of "Boardwalk Empire" (not to mention the dog collar he was wearing...)?