Daddy Construction Workers Sing About Love

September 30, 2013

Watching two daddy bears fall in love on a construction site seems like the best way to start the week. Out gay singer Doug Strahm released his new video for "Better This Way" for us all to enjoy. A heartfelt love song with an eye candy filled video to go a long with it. We like to support these gay singers who continue to put themselves out there (on the sometimes vicious) interwebs. Whatever your tastes may be, we can all appreciate men who go for them dreams and use their creativity for the entertainment of us all.

Are there any up and coming (or long established) gay artists that you've found through the internet that are worth sharing? Post about them in the comments below and link to some of their work for all to see.

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Damn, that made me cry.

That was sweet.

Very well done...!!!

Here is a music video that made me smile and cry. Watch it to the end.

Matt Alber's video of "End Of The World" will ALWAYS be a favorite of mine, and I cry EVERY time I see it....tears of Joy & Pride!

Yes! So true. Matt Albert's "End of the World" - the music is spectacular and emotional. But this song, "Better This Way", was good too. The video was really hot.

I am adding this cd to my wantlist on I saw the video and I really liked it a lot.. I, am glad that there are more singers and celebrities that are coming out as gay. I would like to see gay marriage legal in all 50 States. I donot understand why people are so upset about us wanting to be happy. I donot see anything wrong with that at all. There, is no way in hell I am going back in the closet. I am gay and I am proud. and if anyone has a problem with that. GET OVER IT!! This, is 2013.. not 1960!! Get with the program.. What, are you going to do if one of yopur children turns out to be gay,etc? Are, you put them on a guilt trip? and tell them that they are going to hell?

well done and so emotional

Dude I just wet my pants. I just lost it with this one. Thanks

I can't stop smiling and singing. Classy!

I think everyone in that bar knew that the hot single guy in his 40s with the pierced nipples was gay....

Very, very nice. Here's another song some of you might be able to relate to: It's called "Strange Feelings."

this is so cute!!!

Cannot wait for the white collar office copy cat video.
Probably use pricier props and dialogue taken from Bravo reality shows, lol.

wow...those 2 are the some of the biggest dried up old flamer's I've seen.
they could officially turn me str8t just lookin at em

That was just plain mean. Gosh, have a heart will ya?

There is nothing I love better than two guys that are not afraid to show there love for each other in public. I would never hide who I am from anybody anymore. The video is one that I could watch over and over. Im so glad that I finally found a guy that does not want to hide in public, no matter where we are.

I totally agree with you. Like Tina Turner says" "What's Love Got To Do With It" I am proud to be gay. Love is love is far as I am concerned. I love all people. We are all in this world together.. Lets love each other, and end the discrimination that exists in our world today.

Cute vid, but the about uncreative.


that is awesome.
and every day becoming a reality more and more!

More self-indulgent, extremely shallow musclebear crap!
These guys are just more of the same old elitist, nasty, shallow, racist bull that makes the average guy and anyone who isn't like them question their sexuality, but all the time know they are gay but has to accept not being accepted for who they are.

Yeah, I sound angry, but that just goes to show how little you understand or take in anyone elses point of view.

Get over yourselves, the gay world does not revolve around you...bad!

its just a video...come on

Why can't you get anyone to fix your stuff before you post it! Your writing is terrible! You don't know where to hyphenate, where to open or close parentheses, or even the difference between
"a long" and "along"? SMH

Touching .... nice

Sweet...a lot of daddies seem to be into country. For more of a pop perspective (including a few dance tracks) give a listen to the album "Famiy Values" (meaning, of course, the "gay family" for those who relate to it as such), by Stain'd Glass. This one came out in 2000 in response to Matthew Sheperd's murder and the success protease inhibitors in the wake of AIDS and is fully produced, including the songs "I Am", "Jubilation", "Spend All Your Kisses","The Exodus", "Slab","Faery Dust", "Mistakes of Nature", "Lock into This Groove", "Matthew 21:22", and "The Boys in the Band". It is neither as "AIDS album" ( all grieving and sad songs) nor lyrically simplistic. When a gay songwriter or singer makes these albums or videos it is often referred to as "a labor of love" despite the "dreams" and hopes of the artists; if more of you supported the albums,etc. it would be possible for more openly gay music to be made and the work would supercede "novelty" or "cult" status. Interestingly, I remember the response of some negative guy at The Eagle who asked "How is your album doing?" I said,"Fine. Pretty much as I expected. It probably won't go platinum, but aluminum would be nice." He replied,"It's sooo gay" with a sneer, and I said "That was the point. What have you done?"

I loved it. So so true...great guys. thank you.

it doesnt matter i just the ingredients of the video. . .even though im gay, i still d0nt agree to gay merrge.i do still believe in god. Just spread the love that we have. do good things in this world. Dating. .and c0mmittment ang living together but n0t in church. :) [img][/img]