#YeahDaddy! Five Sexy Daddy Instagram Feeds We're Loving Right Now

August 22, 2013

We obviously love a good photo parade, so when we read the recent article by one of our favorite grizzly writers, Mike Albo, on New York Magazine’s The Cut website about all the sexy gay studs on Instagram, we headed over to check it out right quick. Turns out the popular app isn’t just a haven for cute cat pics and food porn photos. It’s actually brimming with hot, hairy men and delicious daddies who aren’t shy about sharing their selfies with the rest of the world. From a cute-as-a-button cub to a stogie-loving stud to one of our favorite fetish brands, here are just a few of the awesome accounts we’re enjoying this week:

hot daddies of instagram byron

1. Byron AL Russell (@al_revolver)

We don’t know much about this fuzzy Italian Stallion other than he loves summer, traveling, and cuddly kittens (meow, indeed!), but who cares when you give Instagram as good as he does? From beach excursions in his Speedo to candid moments on the couch, we can’t help but scream, “Ciao, Italia!”

hot gay daddies of instagram slickitup

2. Slick It Up (@slickitup)

This male bodywear and fetish gear label never disappoints when it comes to serving up eye-popping imagery (you have checked out their website, haven’t you?), so it’s no surprise their Instagram feed is slicker than most. Founder David Mason Chlopecki treats followers to near-daily updates of his fabulous and furry life, including behind-the-scenes snaps from the brand’s latest campaigns, close encounters with friends and fans, and some rather amusing inspirations (Oprah’s new afro!).

hot daddis of instagram longacre

3. Scott Longacre, Jr. (@sel_escandalo)

Who doesn’t love a good cub, especially one as cute and cuddly as this guy? Describing himself as a diamond in the rough, this bearded boy has a fascination with “True Blood,” “Mean Girls” memes and, to our delight, taking off his shirt and putting his best fur forward for his camera phone. Stop by our bear cave anytime, Scott!

hot daddies of instagram mike

4. Hyprmike (@hyprmike)

We don’t smoke, but we won’t deny there can be something kinda sexy about watching a daddy enjoying a quality stogie every once in a while. But that’s just one of the reasons why this smokin’ hot daddy sparks our interest. Despite his rough and tumble appearance, he also documents some surprisingly sweet moments like his 50th birthday cake and his recent trip to the hospital. Get well soon, Mike, and keep those pics coming!

hot daddies of instagram leather

5. Leatherlover27 (@leatherlover27)

If you’re a fan of rawhide, crack that whip and check out this well-curated selection of PG-13 pics featuring guys who personify the leather lifestyle. From chaps in, well, chaps to strapping young bucks in harnesses to scintillating shots of Daddy-approved celebs like Colin Farrell and Ricky Martin, this is one feed that’ll leave you feeling the squeeze in your Levi’s.

And...in case you were wondering, we don't have a Daddyhunt Instagram account yet, but MISTER's Instagram's full of guys we've seen at MISTER events or wandering the world. Woof.

Okay, we showed you ours—now show us yours! What are your favorite Instagram feeds? Which hashtags best describe you? Sound off in the comments section below!

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hi guys..heres my instagram..

Started a daddy instagram last week. Great place for some daddy memes. Check it out