Kiss Me, I'm Awkward!

August 28, 2013

Kissing isn't always as smooth as it's portrayed in the movies. In fact, sometimes it can be down right awkward. Vloggers Mark and Ethan took to YouTube to illustrate just how awkward (and oftentimes hilarious) those moments can be. It doesn't hurt that both these boys are adorable while doing so.

What kind of awkward kissing would you add to the list?

Tags: Awkward, Gay Culture, gay men, Kissing, Shirtless
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Great loved your video and both cutes

Huh, kinda disappointed. i was hoping this post was going to be about how introversion and/or shyness.

Both insanely hot, and they have a great sense of playfulness! Funny video!

OK...that's all cute-awkward. How about some AWKWARD 'awkward'? For about a year, I'd been occasionally hanging out with a buddy, doing the usual 'just friends' things. Suddenly and with no warning, he climbs up me like a little monkey and starts jabbing his tongue into my very closed mouth, like Woody the Woodpecker. I froze...then extricated myself from amorous Monkey-Boy...only to have Monkey-Boy repeat the entire process a second time! I didn't go all "911/Date-Rape/No-means-NO!" on his ass, but I gently told him I didn't have touchy-kiss feelings for him, and I added the dreaded "I think of you as a friend". Ouch: That did NOT go well either: he loudly & angrily shared that he'd 'wasted an entire year on me...blah, blah, blah'. I just 'apologized', left, and that was the end of that! I've definitely been on the receiving end of 'we're just friends' so I'm well aware of just how that feels...but I STILL do not recommend screaming, yelling and scolding people if you ever want to get kissed!'re incredibly sexy, witty, and have an amazing playful spirit! I loved it!

Fantastic couple, love each other and keep on kissin'.

This video was great....extremely funny. You two must be professional actors. You never laughed as I'd be laughing my ass off while filming this.

The playfulness and originality was great! I'd love it even more if it had two hot hairy daddies kissing and having playful antics with each other. Maybe a couple of the bearded, hairy-chested daddies on the opening sign-in screens! WOOF!

that was just a waste of 5 minutes of my life i'll never get back ..watching two narcissists
attempting to be funny and endearing...NOT

Funny and so true!

wish i can find my lifetime partner also