Daddy Days 2013: Celebrating Daddies, Daddy Lovers and More in P-town!

August 8, 2013
Gay Daddy Days Event Ptown

Last year, Age Appropriate blogger RobHeartsDH traveled to Provincetown, MA, to create a fun video about Provincetown Bear Week - something we'd heard great things about, but had never actually experienced. He didn't know what he'd find there, but it turned into a gripping expose entitled "Why Do Bears Woof?" Nobody knew.

All woofs aside, he loved the experience (and P-town in general) and discovered that the week is part of the bigger bear movement that's now gone global. And while we have a great many friendly bears here on this site, we wondered if we could make something for the bigger community - something for gay daddies of all stripes.

Enter Daddy Days! This year, we're proud to present the first-ever Daddy Days in Provincetown, starting this Saturday, August 10-17. We've always loved daddies and now we hear they're the new sexy gay niche. So...HERE WE GO!

It all starts this weekend. Our gracious host is the recently refurbished Crew's Quarters, located right on Commercial Street - P-town's main strip! We'll have info there, free stuff, and they're hosting a meet and greet on Wednesday, August 14, at 7pm (Space is limited - RSVP here!). Bonus: we hear one of the highlights of the place is the two-headed shower on the second floor, which we're pretty eager to try.

All week long, we'll be welcoming daddies, bears, leather men, otters, cubs, and every kind of guy in between to this world-famous gay mecca for a series of fun and fur-filled events. We'll also be taking over some of P-town's best bars and hotspots, including the Piano Bar at Gifford House Inn and PiedBar. Come out and help us make history while getting to know some great guys and delicious daddies, plus score a boatload of freebies, Daddyhunt swag, and more!

CLICK HERE for more details and a rundown of the week's events.

Have you been to P-town? Would you be interested in going to a Daddy Days event if it were closer to you? What kinds of stuff would you want to do there?

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I would love to go to a Daddyhunt if it were closer to Memphis and if I was given more notice. I would need a couple of months notice to be able to attend. Would love to know if there are any gatherings of this kind in my area. Keep me posted.

DH Member

Will do! Thanks for writing.

A little more notice would have been great. year for sure.

U should have given MORE NOTICE

Yes! Totally agree with y'all about the timing. Will definitely work on giving some more pre-notice for the next event like this one. Hopefully, it will turn into a global event!

Check back again after next week! We are planning to do a contest for a free accommodations and more in Ptown after this event.

Do it in Asbury Park, NJ sometime. There is a gay resort hotel there called The Empress right on the beach! There is another called The Tides Hotel. Then people from NYC, NJ and eastern PA can easily attend

Would love to see something like this in Charlotte, N.C. Definitely would be there with bells on.

The WOOF comes from the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstien. Madeline Kahn Woofs at Peter Boyle in bed after she has sex with the monster. It took off from there.

BTW, Provencetown is SO yesterday. Crowded,touristy and so low end.Its like Key west north.

new to the area would love to join and make new friends

How about the west coast? It would be great to have a DaddyHunt event here in San Diego's perfect year round climate. From Rich's dance club to Pecs, the Eagle and more, Daddy Days would find a welcoming community out here. Bring it on!
Today (Sunday) is our Hillcrest street fair, always a colorful and fun event.

I wish it was to me I'm in Florida why don't you do one here in Florida

Why never have in China?

I'd be all over helping to organize something similar here in Vancouver BC. Our summers are world-class gorgeous.

"To much of a good thing is wonderful" was first used by MAE WEST not LIberache