A Look Back at Men's Swimwear

August 5, 2013

In the world of gay swimwear the speedo reigns supreme. Not that anyone's really complaining. I mean let's be honest, on the right guy with the right fill it can bring the gays to their knees. But after a while, they do get a little monotonous. Aside from the easy to imagine under package, there's not much excitement when it comes to the speedo or men's swimsuits in general. So it's nice to be reminded of the different styles that used to populate the beaches courtesy of the Underwear Expert. They've compiled a gallery of 10 gorgeous shots that show off some incredible vintage styles. Sure some of them definitely look dated (and occasionally ridiculous) but most feel like they were just taken this weekend with an Instagram filter. It's nice to be reminded of the variety and styles that decades of men's fashion have compiled. What's old is new again is a common theme amongst men's styles and judging from this gallery, I wonder what next summer will bring.

What kind of swimsuit do you prefer on yourself and on others?

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On myself, knee-length trunks.
On other guys, sometimes short trunks (above the thigh), and sometimes Speedos... especially if he's got a, well, rather large package.

I prefer speedos on myself but I don't mind wearing also other styles,
it always depends...

I prefer speedos or short trunks because the tanning line is much sexier than with long shorts!

I think any shorts swim wear down to the knees looks dreadful

Speedos don't work if you don't have the ass or the package for it. Squarecuts are sexy and quite fashionable. Can't help to think about that sexy little thing Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale. ;-)

Speaking of 007, Sean Connery looked ultra-hot in a pair of short shorts.


I am very into to the squarecut or trunk style--I really don't get the things down to the knees, what's the point?

I was in Florida a few years ago and went to the beach with my dad. We ended up right next to a college swim team. All the guys were laying out in their knee-length shorts. When they were ready to go into the water, the all stripped down to Speedos. When they came out, they all put their long shorts back on. I didn't understand it then and I still don't. They were kinda funny looking, tan from the knees down and the waist up, and pasty white from the knees to the Speedo!

Why many choose to wear shorts that are nearly pants to swim would (to me) feel like swimming with your legs tied. I prefer a square cut on myself because it shows off my legs well and seems to look better on men that are beefy. Personally, if it goes past mid-thigh, it is too long. If you are brave enough to rock a thong, be my guest, it is all about confidence and comfort. I am all for whatever a man wants to wear as long as it is flattering, no one will buy if you do not advertise, right? Just keep in mind what you are advertising for!

I live southside Maui - so swimwear is prevalent, like ALL OVER-ALL THE TIME!! Boardshorts - bright colors/optical illusions/tropical scenes, commercial logos - are the norm and usually worn low to show off bit o'butt crack and top o'pubes...Only the tourists wear undies under boardshorts = SWANGIN"....(Sure do mask all the package tho unless wet or walking into the wind). Most hetero men are TERRIFIED of showing their equipment and lumber around in potato sack sized shorts hanging under the knee.. Of course the women are wearing shoe strings..... Anything spandex on men clue you in to Europeans or Gay Boys...I go nekkid on the appropriate beaches..Like the feeling, and the look of an overall body tan...plus you can scope out what you yearn for or show what you got beforehand.....AlohaZ to all!!

I love to wear and see other men in white Speedos that become see through when wet. Very sexy.

Yea, love to wear & see speedos on most guys; really prefer swimming nude, sun bathing nude; let my cock and nut sack out in the sun; love seeing big full pouches too; i'm scott e-mail scottinmiami927@yahoo.com

I like speedos on men of all ages and sizes, provided they are in some kind of shape. Weight is not an issue; proportions are. It's a shame American men are so uptight about showing their bodies.

I grew up in the era of skin tight Levi's, when gay men knew how to package themselves best. I remember Ocean Pacific shorts out here in California, but they were mainly worn by surfers and surfer wanna-be's. I've never been a "dedicated follower of fashion" but when Speedos came out, I thought nothing could be better. I still feel that way. These baggy, down-to-the-knee shorts look like something only a clown would wear. Even back when I was in high school, baggy pants were NEVER worn or you would be ridiculed endlessly. KISS... Keep It Slim and Sleek!
Then again, I'm close to Black's Beach where clothing is optional, so GO NAKED!

hey Rob... when you say "Aside from the easy to imagine under package, there's not much excitement when it comes to the speedo..." - well i must be the exception to your rule. I f*cking love to see men in speedos. that's how i knew i was gay at such an early age :-)

The short, hip-hugging trunk like the one Daniel Craig wore is the most appealing for me. It outlines the male figure and leaves enough for the imagination to feed on. It is a very masculine type of swimwear as opposed to the speedo or anything briefer.


I hate "board shorts". They are the worst thing in men's fashions since the Nehru Jacket! I like a fit man in a speedo, if he's less than fit, regular swim trucks look fine. I hate it when a mature man tries to make himself look like a younger guy by wearing board shorts or turning his baseball cap backwards!

ever since the long baggy shorts came into fashion ,i have cursed the person who came up with that stupid idea !! i am 59 and when i look back at the older beach movies , all the guys would be wearing the tight hip hugging tennis short shorts, which would always show that hot bulge to give u some idea of what they had to offer :) , and guys back then usually didnt wear underwear under their shorts so if u were lucky u might catch a glimpse of something that might pop out the leg of the shorts ....these days , not only cant u catch a wardrobe malfunction but most guys wear 2 sets of underwear under their shorts .....why these hot guys with hot bodies try to keep it all under wraps is beyond me ....even if they arent gay u would think they would want to advertise to the opposite sex and give us gay guys something to drool over

I used to wear board shorts through much of the 90's and 00's, I guess I just thought the surfer look was cool, more masculine or something. But since moving to Miami and seeing the European and Latin American men in their shorter, more fitted, thigh length trunks and how much better they look(sexy thighs!), I've started getting the same. That's mostly translated to classic swim trunks. I still wear board shorts on occasion, when I'm not feeling so hot about how I look(which is quite often LOL), but I'm not terribly fond of them anymore. Long, baggy, blah.Total American straight guy thing, who are almost downright Victorian or Puritan with how modest they are. I'm surprised they even take off their shirts! And whats with wearing underwear under your swimsuit? Isn't that missing the point? It's like wearing socks with sandals! All that being said, yeesh, I could never wear a Speedo! Or a square cut. I just don't have the body for that. And, people just ridicule it too much. As far as straight guys showing off their junk. Not going to happen. Women arent that fond of men showing off their junk in the first place,and straight men certainly, well, usually, don't want any sexual attention from gay men.