Have You Had Your Sexual Walkabout Yet?

July 2, 2013
Gay Men Sexual Walkabout List

We all have our bucket lists. That ever growing lists of things we need to complete before we die. Whether it be bungee jumping or visiting Fiji, there are plenty of action items we need to "check the box" on before we can consider our lives fully lived. But what about our sexual lives? There are so many things to explore when it comes to our own sexual fulfillment and often times we let the years (or relationships) pass by before ever completing them. As Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock* exemplified, we all need a sexual walk about before we settle down with someone. A sexual walkabout is similar to a bucket list, in that it's an opportunity to do all the things you've ever wanted and/or discover what you're truly into. For some, it really is a checklist. A friend of mine wanted to make sure he tried every "flavor" of man and explored every ethnicity before he settled down with the man he'll soon be marrying. It's about getting things out of your system so you're never left wondering one day what you've missed. For others, it really is a sexual exploration to figure out our very complex desires and learn what turns us on. With so many fetishes and situations in which to have sex, truly understanding what makes us light up the most in bed can be long journey. In some ways, it's more about being open to what's out there and not limiting the possibilities of what makes our dicks tick.

A sexual walkabout (or even awakening) can happen at any age and I encourage each and every one of you to take one yourself. As long as you're safe (and have your partner's blessing or even company on the journey), there's no better time than now to see what's out there.

How many of you feel like you've fulfilled all (or the majority) of your sexual fantasies? Tell us about what you've yet to do or want to try in the comments below. You may even find someone to do it with.

*For those who haven't seen 30 Rock that's Jenna's list.

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I have not been with a ginger yet. Have tried every other flavor I can think of, but it seems that one of the most obvious has, for me anyway, been the most elusive....

sky dive been to fiji and more then a aprox 80 countries.
just want to find a good guy to have fun with.
Pretty much a natural masculine male. Grew up on a farm.
yes catholic school. Razed and grew Tobacoo , never smoked.
Had a wonder mother and ,father and again a partner of 17 yrs.
We worked hard all our lives.
None of the material things mean nothing to me anymore .
I soul searched and traveled around the world for 2 years after his death.
Had lost my best friend partner. Lover and just needed to see the world
Love to play Rugby liveved in Australia for a year.
Wrestling in bed is high on my list.
Love to kiss cuddle and more later.

I hate it when people tell me they know what I'm going through. Unless they themselves have experienced suddenly losing the love of your life they don't have a clue what you're going through. But I lost my partner of 18 years and it was/is the worst period of my life. You do what you have to do to get through it, WHATEVER THAT IS. So when I say I know just what you have been through, I truly do.

Best sex I ever had was with a ginger, and he was a US Marine as well. It was 30 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Hooking up with a trucker in his semi.

Cliche, but my only remaining unfulfilled.

Well, except for getting married.

i was a trucker--fucked the love of my life for the first time in my semi. It was great. Together for 15 of the best years of my life and he's still my best friend.
Truckers are easy--just go out to the nearest truck stop--pick out a guy you think is hot and hit him up. Most truckers are pretty open minded--there are a few assholes, but most of the guys are pretty used to getting hit on by other guys, whether they're straight or not. Just watch your intended for a bit, strike up a convo, feel him out. Truckers are lonely guys so talking is pretty easy.

I have tried picking up truckers at truck stops many times, but with no luck. A few times I walked right up to them and asked them if they wanted a blow job (after spending a good amount of time giving them looks and having them look back, etc.). And everytime they just looked shocked and said no. Maybe I am being too abrupt. Or maybe I was misreading the situation. I have given up on blowing truck drivers, because I got shot down every time (and made a 6 hour road trip into 9 hours in the process - lol).

Kind of want to do the trucker thing now!

The one thing I want to try is having sex with someone european. I always get along with men in the uk, but never had the chance to actually do anything with a guy. Same goes for italians!

I've fulfilled a few classics (high school senior captain of the football team, frat boys, young dads, old dads, son of an ultra conservative right wing nutcase, 3 generation 3-ways (with an 18 year old, I was 42 at the time, and a 60 year old), different ethnicities, rich guy, poor guy, artists, jocks, a broadway actor, a priest. Don't regret a single one of them. Still on my list: you Rob! ;)

Yeah, you Rob. That's a good one.

I started to feel a little envy when I read you did the capt of the football team - no a lot of envy. But then I remembered the pro-football player I had. And the mailman, and the fireman, and all the cops, and bikers, and the tow truck driver, and the bull fighter, and the doctor, the lawyer and the Indian Chief. No, I am only kidding about the Indian Chief. But I did blow a guy named Chief in Indiana, which is close.

But that doesn't really make me feel any better. I am still envious about the capt. of the football team.

You know what? You are a fucking whore. A real fucking whore.

You're pretty funny

this got me thinking now!!!!
very interesting topic indeed...

Being bi-sexual and once married to a female who was also very sexual have tried most scenarios but feel the need to try a all male orgy any offer's

I love the skin tone, the black straight hair, the smaller stature of the Asian men. While I live in the Bible belt area of the US, it sure is difficult to find one who wants more than a quickie. Keep looking for the elusive LTR or FWB thing.

Id love to be controlled by a hung, hairy,rough dominant man and made to follow orders to the letter or get punished. He will use me as required and make me service his buds.

my bucket list is complete, except for the commited relationship.

i agree thats on my bucket list also.

Interesting topic, for sure. As I've gotten older my list has continued to stay the same. (How boring.) I want to just make love to someone I adore who I perceive finds me similarly valuable to him. Very hard to find for me. Not sure why. When it happens,
the handsome young man seems to be still eager to explore his bucket list and it doesn't include monogamous fun with me. Jeez, I'm old fashioned.

Gentle Man that is about all I have missed. I prefer to think of it as something he has missed.
Cross your fingers may have found him. Now if the universe will just cooperate.

Well if I drop dead today one thing I can say is I've lived out every sexual fantasy I every thought of and had some pretty wild sexual situations .Some were great others probably would have been better left in my head.:-)
I've been very sexually adventerious while single in my adult life .I been in 2 ltr totalling almost 19 yrs . The one repeat fantasy on my sexual bucket list I'd like to re live again, is to be in love one last time .Having the feeling of walking on air ,the feeling of u can't wait to see each other when apart ,the feeling you want to literally be inside each others skin . Fucking like bunnies when you are together but it's more about just wanting to be close to him then being horny.Falling asleep in each others arms
But right now thankful for my 2 realtionships I've loved and been truely loved by another man which I feel is at the center of the core of our exsistence as humans beings . Also thankful all the wonderful sexual experinces and men I've met on my path of life, truely blessed .

On another note I've known and met many men who had some fantasies but often to scared to follow through. Here is my 2 cents and I know this is going to make many of you feel uncomfortable . Your not immortal, you are going to die, just like me ,hopefully all of you will live to a ripe old age. But statically speaking some actually reading my comments won't ,possibly me I truely could go anytime . Once you really realize you're going to die someday maybe today or in 50 years only then can you really start to live and shed those fears holding you back from self forfillment . I've honestly had some crazy sexual encounters offered up to me over the years and when I hesitate ,think to myself I may not have another chance, just do it . I see above some have trucker fantasies ,I never that one ,I did ended up sleeping with a hot ............young hunky long haul trucker in his sleeper in the middle of a major snow storm ,it was wonderful.We ended up being FB's for quite a while when he pasted through my city on the road. Just remember when opportunity presents itself you may never get another chance . As the nike slogan says ''just do it !

Hey, I really like your enlightened spirit and your oh so positive attitude. And I concur, I, too, feel blessed to have been in an LTR for over 18 years but that doesn't mean I've had my fill of relationships. To love and be loved in return is so precious and rare that so few ever get to experience that. I would love more than anything to have that in my life again but the problem is how elusive love is. You can't seek it out, trap it, buy it, bargain for it, steal it. You don't find love, love finds you. It's the most pure, vulnerable, fragile, complicated emotion one can experience. And for something that can cause such an incredible amount of pain why is it so overwhelmingly desired? Because no matter if you are old, sick, unemployed, broke or even destitute, being in love with someone who gives their heart in return can be the best, most fulfilling time of your life. I've been single with boat loads of money. Living in Hollywood, CA I have had many friends, opportunities and experiences. Life was great but it wasn't until I found the love of my life that I felt completely and utterly whole. To have someone to share in even the little things made them magnificent. But love doesn't come without a price. At least not for me. My beautiful, colorful, vivid heaven turned into my worst nightmare when I woke up that morning and found the love of my life laying next to me. He was dead. So when the bill came I found that the price for love was so much more grief. Then I was most comfortable when asleep. Because when I woke up I awoke to another terrible nightmare every morning. So you wonder why I would want to potentially put myself in that position again. That's easy. The pain from grief eases as time goes on. It will never go away. You just learn to live with it. You get used to it. It becomes a part of you like glasses or false teeth. But love. Oh, the love! That continues to shine bright like a lighthouse on a moonless night. Even now I tear up with a smile thinking of that wonderful man I was so so lucky to have had in my life. He wasn't perfect but he was mine.....anyway, that's just me.

i think, with three important caveats, that if the opportunity presents itself one should not only be open to exploring one's own fantasies and desires, but even open to considering the fantasies and desires of the people one encounters in life. Nor should such "openness" to new experiences be limited to sex - After all, there may be many fun places, persons, ideas, activities, foods, and all sorts of other things you'd never thought about on your own.

The three caveats? Always make sure whatever it is is safe (or take reasonable precautions). Always feel free to say "No" if you feel uncomfortable or your gut tells you maybe this adventure was not a good idea. And, assuming if one is partnered, make sure one's partner is fine with it all, whether it means accompanying you or letting you go on your own, as you pursue life's adventures.

I like what your saying. Some guys have done it all sexualy buy 25 others haven't buy 65.
It is like the play "EQUU
S" some alow themselves to Gallop early while other don't.
I would like to hear from you pjtallowood@aol.com. Thanks tor raising the decussion, Peter

I agree. Have done many on my sexual walk-about list but the Long term relationship is still on my bucket list.

Fantasies are like sparklers of the imagination; sometimes they turn into major fireworks, and other times they fizzle out like those 4th of July "snakes" we used to light up on the sidewalks. One that was every bit as beautiful as I'd fantasized it would be: sex in the outdoors. I pushed the "repeat" button on that one for years when younger. One that wasn't as hot as I thought it would be :three ways, which sometimes end up being confusing and one too many egos to stroke along with whatever else you're strokin' or pokin'. One that sounded good but should've been left to the imagination: paying for one of those, um, "masseuses"; he had a metal neck stabilizer on and it was like getting a massage from a creature in Transformers. (Nice guy,weird experience.) One I thought might be fun and it ended up being mind-blowing: a sort of sexual holy trinity, one blowin' and one suckin' on each nipple. It only happens from time to time, but when it does it takes me to church.

Well I think I have done a lot of them in the years I have been out. I joined the mile-high club with my former boyfriend. However, I have never blown a flight attendant or a fellow traveler who I didn't know yet. I have sucked cock on a bus and on a train, and in many public places. I have done preachers and preachers' kids, but never a priest that I know of. I have done a cop or two, but not one in full uniform! I used to see a firefighter regularly. And a nice massage therapist occasionally has gone beyond the rubdown to have full-blown fuck sex. So, for my bucket list, I think I'd love to suckoff a cop in uniform, maybe in a semi-public place. My ultimate fantasy has been to blow an entire fraternity. Just line them up and go down the line getting each of them off, or take multiple sucking turns till they all shoot their jizz on me and down my throat. I have had the happy experience of a 6-boy bukkakke once and it was awesome (all young dudes but not really fratboys). I have fucked a fratboy while his girl's picture was on the side-table next to us. Anybody know of a willing frathouse who wouldn't mind a daddy taking all their loads? : )

A lame, immature and irresponsible article. You set up thousands of men to feel left out of some sexual adventure and set up some bizarre standard for newbies to attain. Why not a sexual cake walk or a sexual Saddie Hawkins dance?

Hey, if you put. lipstick on a pig it's still a pig. It's a complete waste of time and the only thing you will accomplish will be to piss off the pig.

I agree topdad4bt.

I grew up in a small dairy community in the Pacific Northwest. I am half hispanic and half white. I am a good blend of both. I resemble my dad with my complexion, and have my maternal grandfathers body build and physical attributes, such as height, hairy chest and penis size. My grandfather was very well hung and I only know that because when I would visit him and my grandmother they only had one bathroom and grandpa liked to soak in the tub and he never covered up. So I was blessed with his cock size. Luckily I got my athleticism from my dad and I keep in great shape. I tended to gravitate to blond or red headed guys when I was younger because the majority of the people in my home town were of Scandinavian, Dutch, German and Swiss descent. I take after the the German side of my moms family. I had a huge crush on my 8th grade Teacher who was muscular hairy and just happened to also be my P.E. teacher. and he was 28 years old when he was my teacher. He was a hot, bear of daddy back then and I really went out of my way to spend extra time after school when I could. Lord knows I had fantasies about him for years. I think he is the reason that now as I have gotten older I prefer hairy chested muscular guys and smooth guys don't do it for me unless they are reasonable hung. I think because of my 8th grader teacher I am more attracted to Hairy guys and mediterranean guys. I absolutely love European men especially if they are uncut. They are more passionate lovers and tend to not have any inhibitions. Also I seem to have entered the Daddy Zone. Because now I am getting lots of guys under 30 wanting to hook up with me, which is awesome. But I am also interested in meeting the love of my life. I have been seeing a greek guy that is 18 years younger than me. He is 36 and I am 54 and he says he is bisexual, but he has told me he still sleeps with women and he probably has sex with 4 or 5 different guys a week. This kills me, but he always puts me first if our work schedules are in sync. I know I love him, but he constantly does things that tear me up emotionally. I guess its better to take whatever I can get from him. I will have to say that he and I are much more closer emotionally and physically than we were a year ago. Well I have rambled on enough. Thank you for listening. Its just all your stories kind of reminded me a lot of my life.