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April 21, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest bear of all? The answer just might be Chris Salgardo. As president of Kiehl’s, one of the biggest names in skincare, this bearded beauty is not only blazing a trail in the business world, he’s also giving antiquated ideas of what it means to be butch an extreme makeover.

With his preference for sporting muscle tees and tight jeans rather than three-piece suits and power ties, Salgardo is hardly your average buttoned-up businessman. But what most sets him apart in our eyes is his insistence on being out and proud in a corporate environment where conservatism—even in the beauty industry—is the name of the game and being openly gay can still cause eyebrows to wrinkle. It’s a decision that Salgardo is anything but apologetic about.

“You have to provide good role models for kids who are struggling, so it’s important to be visible and show the leader of a major corporation can be gay and successful,” he told Out magazine.

Adding to this role-model status are Salgardo’s many philanthropic endeavors. Under his leadership, Kiehl’s has created collaborations with top artists, celebrities, and athletes to raise money and awareness for organizations within its three pillar causes: HIV/AIDS, the environment, and children’s charities.

But it’s Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR event that’s pushed the company’s mission of giving back to the community into overdrive. This annual 10–day, 1,800-mile charity motorcycle ride from Miami to Washington, DC, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for AIDS research and shown that Salgardo can be just as bad-ass on the back of a bike as can be in the boardroom.

Anyone up for going for a ride with him?

Clip time!

Press the play button to see footage from last year’s star-studded hogride and stay up-to-date on this year’s event by following him on Twitter.

More on Salgardo’s commitment to being a role model for the LGBT community:

Wondering what keeps this Chairman of the Beard’s face fur looking so good? Salgardo swears by Kiehl’s Formula 133 conditioner.

chris salgardo RMWA2

Do you know any other openly gay business leaders? Do you have a story about coming out in a corporate environment? Tell us in the comments below.

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I think Chris Salgardo is one of the sexiest men alive.... not only is he committed to what he does and has taken Kiehl’s to places it has never been before in its history but doing all that while being his own man doing his own thing ..... hes not just a gay man to respect .... but just a MAN to respect in general..... all that with a sexy cool confidence that drives me crazy along with his hairy hot body ! Feel free to give him my phone number !