How To Adjust Your Balls in Public (A Tutorial)

April 15, 2013

I'm not gonna lie, I'm horrible about "adjusting" in public. And by horrible, I mean I pretty much just go for it and tug/fix/move/scratch my balls in public without ever really thinking about the consequences. It wasn't until recently when I was simultaneously walking my dog (not a euphemism) and full on hands down my pants fixing my junk that I got quizzical/nasty look from a passerby. At which point I decided that maybe I should work on being a bit more discreet about it. Luckily, I stumbled upon this handy "how to" that offers some hilarious tips about getting the job done in various settings:

Do you have any tips on how to adjust in public? Help your fellow man in the comments below.

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SO if a man at the gym is adjusting himself in front of me and the mirriors is he making a pass at me?

Duh. Yes, he is.

I never mind a man adjusting himself in front of me. I see it all the time in NYC, and men here do it without a care in the world as if nothing.

I'm one of those guys who adjust my package whenever I want. I try to be discreet, but often there is some major moving around that needs to happen.
Besides, ladies adjust their bra straps whenever they need to.
I got balls that need adjusting occasionally and sometimes when the other part of the package starts to move around, because of a very attractive person, I need to adjust that also. That's one I cannot hide in my pants, when he becomes excited.

maybe its just me but bouncing a toddler to bounce your balls around just seems weird...

see it from time to time in L.A. and it's an odd, but inconsequential sight unless one is so horny that the mere sight of a man adjusting himself sends one into a sexual sweat. What grosses me out more are men who feel it necessary to spit every two minutes as they're walking down a street; if this is meant as a bid to look macho it is a fail. Also, guys who pick their teeth with their fingers after a meal, especially in a restaurant, which is the aesthetic equivalent of someone examining their boogers to me.

If my balls need adjusting i go for it ;-) Sort em and off i go, and if i see a guy adjusting his balls in my eye line i watch, keep adjusting guys we love it........xx

Wear kilts and this wouldn't be a problem.

Whomever invented pants needs to be shot.

do it whenever u feel .its your stuff no body gone make stop. but we should little care about ladies because some women .when they a sexy man doing such activity they get excited .
its just amazing thought .hahhahah

i'm more discreet if there are women watching or undesirable men around. if there's a dude i'd like to have helping me adjust my junk, i make it more obvious that i could probably use an extra hand.

I was hoping this would be a bit funnier. Sophomoric at best. The guy just strung along a bunch of testicle euphemisms.

Yeah Man just dont wear any underwear solves the problem perfectly !!!!

That's three minutes and thirteen seconds of my life that I'll never get back.

hand in the pocket works for me.