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March 16, 2013

MR. Robbie Rogers is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

We think every man should be brave enough to come out, but we also respect a guy’s decision to do it on his own terms. So this week, we’re giving a shout out to pro soccer player Robbie Rogers for kicking down his closet door. To the surprise of many footie fans, the 25-year-old pro soccer player publicly came out earlier this year, becoming one of the few openly gay players in the sport (or any sport, for that matter).

“Life is so full of amazing things,” Rogers posted on his blog. “I realized I could only truly enjoy my life once I was honest. Honesty is a bitch but makes life so simple and clear. My secret is gone. I am a free man. I can move on and live my life as my creator intended.”

Unfortunately, part of Rogers’ newfound freedom includes him taking some time away from the field to do some self-exploration, but his fellow players and teammates say there’s definitely a place for him, should he decide to return. Pro sports without homophobia? That’s one goal we hope Rogers’ coming out helps make a reality.

Read Rogers' full coming-out post on his official blog, or follow him on Twitter.

Who doesn't appreciate a guy who can handle his balls?

That's a big cup you've got there...


Parting shot...

Are any of you having issue around coming out? Does anyone have words of wisdom in a sports situation or something else?

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No "words of wisdom"; just a few comments.

Rogers is my favorite selection for "Real Man We Admire" so far.

Athlete + handsome + gay + thoughtful is a hot combination

Athlete + handsome + gay + thoughtful + out is a tough call in professional team sports.

He left the sport he loves, and he left the US. Both are disappointing. Plus, a gay ex pro player said that Rogers "will be a target" if he returns to play professional sports.

Hopefully Rogers will be happy with his decision in the long run.

Too bad he's no longer actually "in the sport." But I have to recognize his right to choose whether he wants to be a target on and off the field. For the present, it's enough for the world to know that there was another international, professional athelete who played well and was greatly admired as a sports figure, without any of those imbeciles who would discriminate even figuring out that he was gay. Maybe if enough pro athletes come out, even if they have to quit to do it, the "great unwashed" will learn that who you bed does not impact how well someone plays or how intensely he or she competes.

I hope he will return to play the sport again when he feels the time is right. GLBT kids need real GLBT men and women they can model their lives after. Right now the message they are getting is, "Live your dream and do what you want. Once you've done that, then it's OK to come out. Just don't be out while you're living that dream." At least that's what I see from the sports arena of life.

I think the last comment is unfair, we all deal with our demons in our own way, i'm glad this man has finally found the strength to live his life as a free man.

It is a sad judgement to say that any one man must, or even should, carry the aspirations of all the young GLBT boys and girls. All they would really learn is that they should hide for as long as they can, when they saw how viciously these openly gay sports people were treated.

I truely hope positive role models will be welcomed in our sports one day, but there needs to be a big shift in the public psyche before we can hope to see this.

Remember, the Gays still hiding would be the first to throw stones to keep themselves hidden.

There is still a great deal of fear among the Bi sexual majority.

i wanto to go out but i am afraid i might disappoint my family

You are disrespecting them by being dishonest with them.
Do you think your family want you to be dishonest with them?
Do you really love them?
Do they really love you?

I have a friend here, who's father literally tried to kill him when he became aware his son was gay.

everyone's circumstances are different, please be careful of the damage advise like this can cause.

Sorry, maybe people should stay in the closet for fear of upsetting others.
I hope that father was brought to trial and found guilty of attempted murder.

MAYBE people should be free to come out when it is comfortable for them to do so, why should it be anyone else's business anyway...............this is a very personal battle !

and obviously one that some people have no understanding of at all !


I'm proud of you and will always cheer you on as an excellent athelete and wonderful person. You have real balls. --- Jack

How I wish I can meet him in person. I am new here in Australia, and wants him to be my friend here.

It is a pity he has left the sport.
But it is good that he has shown that a homosexual can be a top sportsman representing his country.
It's good to break down that stereotype.
It is a stepping stone to some top soccer player coming out and remaining playing at the top level.