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March 8, 2013

MR. Chris Butler is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

Who says cartoons are strictly for Saturday mornings? If Chris Butler is involved, we want them every day of the week! The handsome British-born animator has had his hand in some of the coolest animated movies around, including “Coraline,” “Corpse Bride,” and, most recently, the Oscar-nominated “ParaNorman,” which is heralded as the first mainstream animated children’s movie to feature an openly gay character.

“Some adults were outraged,” he told GLAAD, “but they were also the kind of adults who just sat through an hour and a half of story explaining why intolerance can be so damaging and cruel. I think the younger audience happily embraces it without question. There's nothing quite so refreshing as seeing a kid accept something wholeheartedly because they don't share the baggage of their parents!”

While the movie didn’t take home the big prize on Oscar night, it’s got another shot at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards, where it’s up for Outstanding Film. Win, lose, or draw, we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Mitch, the gay jock from "Paranorman."

A clip from the film:

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What a handsome man, and what an awesome film....little touches like setting the alarm of a destroyed van were hilarious, as was the entire film. Bravo!

loved it. made its valid and great points clearly. marketing of the movie made it too much look like a Halloween film, which it wasn't exactly. Dont tie in with a holiday if you have a great movie; this was just a great film and a lot of fun.

How interesting i'd stumble upon this blog. I'm about ready to retire and was wondering what i'd do in retirement. I just last week thought id like to try doing an animated film, of which, i know exactly nothing about doing. It will be a challange, for your film certainly raised the bar for everyone.

Love your film. Thx for being there.

Is he single

Lets meet I like u