MR. Cheyenne Jackson - Real Man We Admire

March 4, 2013

MR. Cheyenne Jackson is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

Weather you liked him or not, Seth MacFarlane has said he won’t be performing an encore as the host of the Oscars next year, so we’d like to cast our vote for who we think would make an excellent replacement: Cheyenne Jackson. One look at his resume, and it’s clear the 37-year-old star has everything it takes. Funny? Check (anyone who watched him on “30 Rock” can vouch for that). Able to carry a tune for the inevitable song-and-dance number? Double check (he’s a veteran Broadway star with a debut album dropping this year). Movie star good looks? Clearly, there aren’t enough checks we can award him in that department. One thing’s for sure, staring into those baby blues would certainly make watching the long, drawn-out ceremony a LOT more bearable. So what do you say, Academy? We can pretty much guarantee nothing but four-star reviews.

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and openly gay, even better. he's got my vote!

damn you look verry sexy looking to bad your not in chattanooga.

I'm so happy for his success, both personal and professional.

some one every love


His husband is one lucky guy !!!

I am all for him too! Great role model.

Played Don't Wanna Know for my ex trying to figure out who was whom. Still listen to the song as it has that up beat. Boys he has got it and oh the criticism the media could give the poor bastard. Oh what a tangled web of critics the internet and media have conspired to weave.