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March 17, 2013
BPX black party expo

It seems like just yesterday I was a Black Party Virgin, and yet when talking with friends recently, I found myself sounding like an old pro. That first leather cherry pop was only 2 years, but I've been in love with the party ever since. I'm not a huge fan of circuit parties, but there's something incredibly freeing and special about The Black Party that seems to attract the best mix of men. Doesn't hurt that there's a barely there dress code and the party leaves you feeling horny and wild for weeks (even months) after.

Last year I was able to check out the Black Party Expo for the first time and realized how much fun that could be too! It's like a little leather/fetish carnival with all kinds of tricks and treats. And with all the vendors they have, it's okay to wait for the last minute to decide what you want to wear. Our friends Charlie Harding and his partner Scotty Rage will be working the MISTER booth on Saturday from 12pm - 3pm. Charlie was the winner of the MISTER Model Contest Folsom Edition and is also nominated for "Best Daddy" at The Hookies (which is held Friday night at Roseland). They'll be giving out a limited number of free MISTER hats to men that show the MISTER app on their phone.

MISTER Model Search Winner Charlie Harding. He's nominated for The Hookies "Best Daddy."
Charlie Harding

Here's "Best Dancer" nominee, Erik, in a MISTER hat. Vote for him here.
Erik Dancing in MISTER hat

I'm fired up for all the fetishy festivities that this weekend brings. What are you most looking forward to about Black Party Weekend?

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where they be hosting blk party

Roseland Ballroom, NYC. March 23-24.

One block from Ed Sullivan Theater, off Times Square.

The Black Party is truly one of the primary reasons why some people look upon homosexuals with disgust.

There are so many reasons people look upon homosexuals with disgust! How can you choose just one?

There are also many reasons people look upon heavy people with disgust. Or homeless people with disgust. Or Obama voters with disgust. Or Republicans or the unemployed or people that are too skinny or too muscular.

My point: we shouldn't give an f*** who or why someone looks at us with disgust. If something brings us joy (and a lot of people love the Black Party) - why be ashamed of it? No matter what we do - SOMEBODY is going to look upon us with disgust.

more power too you.....................very well argued !