The Science of Love

February 14, 2013

Ah, love. Is there any greater feeling? If you're nerdy like me and like to quantify and over think matters of the heart, then this video is for you. Who knew there was actual science behind the feelings we feel? Still doesn't make love make any more sense, but learning is always fun!

And if you could care less about how our hearts and brains work in tandem, then maybe you'll find the science of orgasms a bit interesting.

What does it feel like for you when you're in love?

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fools give you reasons[or try to explain feelings],wisemen never try - to quote rodgers and hammerstein. how gay was that - so many things go into the love feeeling,with me lust is pretty much the first thing and then hope and then enjoyment or dissapointment. It can be so fickle.

The first video claims that humans descended from microbes.

#74. “We didn’t see it happen, we can’t make it happen again, and we don’t know how it could possibly have happened, but it must have happened somehow!” is never a satisfactory scientific explanation.

Seventy-five theses against evolution.

Why is it so hard for you to accept that your life is meaningless?
Embrace the void.
It's nicer.

Perhaps you should tell atheists that "embracing the void is nicer." Maybe they would stop committing suicide at a higher rate than the general population.

A better idea: encourage them to replace their core belief, that Nothing created Everything, with something logically and scientifically plausible.

Polls show that Christians are consistently happier. Happier is "nicer."

You're right.
Something created Everything.
But you forgot to explain in detail how Something created Something before Something existed.

"For he who believes, no explanation is necessary."
Joseph Dunninger

He who believes in absolutely nothing, will fall for anything.

Philosophy 101:

ex nihilo nihil fit

Nothing comes from nothing.

The Romans knew it.

Julie Andrews sang it.

If absolutely nothing had ever existed, there would be absolutely nothing now.

Since absolutely nothing has never existed, some Entity must have always existed.

That Entity is God.

God is eternal. He is the un-caused Cause.

Without an un-caused Cause, there is an infinite regression, which is conceptually futile.

Time, as well as the law of cause and effect, apply to the Universe, not to its Creator.

He is beyond time, and is not subject to the physical laws He established.

Science cannot explain the origin of the Universe. The Cause is supernatural.

Listen to several of the countless reports of near-death experiences, and you see common elements, one of which is that the subject was transported to a place where there is no sense of time.

This is where we are all ultimately headed...into a realm where there is no meet God, the Being who created all this finely tuned matter and energy, the physical laws, life in all its diversity, and the soul, which was built with a void which only He can fill.

Wow, you actually are making intelligent sense here.

When I'm asleep or stoned, there is also no sense of time.
Does that give evidence of anything?

How can you be so sure that the creator of the universe gives a shit about anything anyone does?
How can you be so sure that the creator of the universe rewards those who believe in him with the gift of eternal perfection?
Because some rock star dude 2000 years ago called Jesus said it?

I think god will only reward those of us who respect this existence enough to not believe in any particular one of the billions of equally valid theories.

In near-death experiences or NDE's, the person had often been declared medically dead, often in a hospital operating room, so there is frequently medical evidence. The person leaves his or her body and enjoys a state of consciousness far greater than what we experience inside our bodies. NDE's have little in common with sleeping or being under the influence. CBN just released their second DVD about NDE's called "Life...Beyond the Grave II."

It's difficult to discuss the Mind of God with someone who does not accept the Bible, which is the greatest insight into the Mind of God. The God of the Bible is a God is Love, who lovingly created the earth as a paradise: without death, disease, pain, sorrow or sin. God did not create man as a robot, but as a being with free will, including the ability to reject God, as Adam did, causing death, disease, pain, sorrow, and entropy to enter the world. Then He provided a solution to sin (Tebow time John 3:16): "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."

Without the Bible it is possible to marvel at the wonders of the Universe and infer a benevolent God. The fact that we are fulfilled only when we love and are loved reflects a God of Love who loves us.

Again the Bible is like an Owner's manual answering Life's important questions, including what happens after death. There is additional evidence from NDE's. Some people who experience NDE's get a tour of Hell (see the book and YouTube video "Twenty Three Minutes in Hell"). Others experience the total peace, Light, and Love of Heaven.

The most important decision anyone makes is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He cannot have been just a prophet because prophets don't lie and Christ clearly claimed that He is the Son of God. The core belief of Christianity is Christ's Resurrection.

The evidence is overwhelming. Example: Simon Greenleaf, one of the greatest forensic experts of his time (a founder of the Harvard Law School) was skeptical of the Resurrection. He examined the evidence and wrote that the Resurrection of Christ is one of the best forensically validated events in history.

Almost all of the Apostles died rather than deny what they had seen. Men do not die for what they know to be a lie.

Some of the finest minds ever, including men of science like Sir Isaac Newton, have examined the evidence and accepted the Bible as the greatest book ever written.

Peace and grace.

There is ZERO evidence that a supernatural being had any input into the writing of any part of the bible.

As for NDEs, there are lots of theories.

That's quite a sweeping statement, one fitting for a God.

One expert places the number of prophecies in the Bible at around 2,500. About 2,000 of these predictions have been fulfilled. About 500 are being fulfilled or tell us where we are headed, e.g., the Rapture, the rise of the antichrist, Armageddon, the Second Coming, the 1000-year reign of Christ on earth, etc.

The Old Testament was written between around 1400 BC and 400 BC. It contains, for example, about 300 prophecies about the life of Christ. The odds that any one man could have fulfilled these prophecies, even if he tried to reverse-engineer his life to do so, are so close to zero that the difference doesn't matter.

Anyone alive today should acknowledge the rebirth of Israel, and its survival as a nation since 1948, as a miracle. Anyone alive today should realize that Israel was a wasteland while the Jews were absent and that the land prospered as soon as they returned. All of this was clearly predicted thousands of years ago. The rise of anti-Semitism in the world, and the whole world turning against Israel and trying to destroy it, is happening right before our eyes. This and the diabolical alliance between Russian and Iran was also clearly predicted in the Bible thousands of years ago.

No other major work of faith is as blessed with prophecies as the Bible. No other major work of faith has a perfect record of fulfilled prophecies. The fulfilled prophecies of the Bible are unquestionably proof of its divine inspiration.

Does the bible say "Russia" or "The Soviet Union" or "USSR"?
Apart from that example, I fully accept the unquestionable proof of the 2,500 prophecies outlined by the "expert".

The names "Russia" "The Soviet Union" and "USSR" did not exist between 1400 and 400 BC, when most of the Old Testament prophecies about Russia were written.

“Gog” is the name used in the Bible. Many Bible prophecy scholars believe that "Gog" refers to modern day Russia.

The Bible refers to a kingdom to the North of Jerusalem. Moscow is almost directly north of Jerusalem and Russia is the only world power directly north of Jerusalem.

John was given a view of the battle of Armageddon, which he described in the Book of Revelation.

He probably saw helicopters, tanks, and nuclear warfare. There were no words in his vocabulary for these entities either, so he used the words of his day (100 AD or prior) as best he could to describe them.

I like the videos.
It's so long since I've been in love though, and it was unrequited, with a straight guy.
It's nice to know that cocaine can bring that feeling back. :-)
I'll stick with beer though.

So, women seem to have the longer orgasms + no refractory period.
I bet men's orgasms are more pleasurable though.

To RobHeartsDH
the phrase is "couldn't care less", not "could care less".
Think about it.

I care very, very little about the brand of shoes that Hilary Clinton wears.
In fact I care so little about it that it is almost true to say that I couldn't care less about it.

I believe that Americans think it is "could care less" because if you say "couldn't care less" in a southern accent, the "nt" is kind of dropped off the pronunciation.


The materialist belief system tells us that we are nothing more than the sum of chemical and biological processes.

Is love of God, country, family, fellow man, beauty, nature, morality, liberty, based on hormones?

The Christian belief system tells us that love transcends the physical, that it is part of our soul, which lives on after physical death, to be reunited with loved ones, including the God of Love who created the universe.

May you love and be loved always, as we were designed.