MR. Guillermo Diaz - Real Man We Admire

February 15, 2013

MR. Guillermo Diaz is this week’s Real Man We Admire.

We have to give it up to anyone who marches to the beat of his own drum, which is exactly what makes Guillermo Diaz our kind of guy. Just as his career was taking off with roles in 90s indie films like “Party Girl” and “Stonewall,” the Cuban-American actor did what could have easily ended his career in those pre-Ellen days: he publicly came out. Rather surprisingly at the time, nobody flinched, and he’s been working steadily ever since, most recently on the hit TV-show “Scandal.” Proof that talent trumps all (though that cuddly face of his certainly couldn’t have hurt!).

“I don’t even think about it, I’m an actor,” he told Gay Star News. “I’ve been out since I started acting, and I’ve worked my whole life. I don’t stress about it. If somebody doesn’t want to work with me because I’m gay, I don’t want to work with them either.”

Here he is on Weed's talking up his shoes:

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Isn't it funny I started watching Weeds season 1 and I saw a really good looking gang banger character and thought "yeah I like that,if only"...
Now today I find out that the guy who played that character whom I thought was so good looking is infact gay...At least part of what I would have liked came true.

I definitely agree with your attitude.. If you donot want to work with me because I am gay.. Big deal.. Too many, damn have too much drama as far as dealing with the fact someone is gay.. As, far as I am concerned I could careless wtf people say about me, or even think abiout me because I am gay.. They, are not paying my bills,etc. So, in my opinion who are they to judge me? I worried for the longest what people thought about me.. Because I was gay.. I realized that all I was doing was getting myself stressed out because I constantly worried what the world thought, and everyone else!! Like I said, I donot give a **** at all.. It is my damn business if I am gay.. People need to clean out their own back yard.. Before they start judging someone else.. Have a great evening.. I think you are super hot.. Damn I bet you have a partner.. lol!!


Is he married. I remember him from the gay indie films from the 90's. I've had a crush on him since then.

Wow, I was not aware that he is Gay...he is one of my favorite's on Scandal!! Great Actor!

Half Bake

YES. I love Guillermo, he did a nude photoshoot with Pinups Magazine.

Yes, we all love you Guillermo. We are so proud of you, and I love your character on 'Scandalous'.

HI Great seeing a paisano here. What do you think of Marco Rubio?

love u

Scandal is so much better because you are on it. Even when the plot stretches reality from time to time, your character is always believable. You are the best combination of funny, vulnerable and scary in equal doses. Keep up the great work. I've been a big fan since WEEDS! Phil

How can I get hold of him?
I think we should meet.

Wow, Guiliermo Diaz is so handsome and funny that I want to watch anything he is in...I recently saw him on The View and thought he was very cute and funny...What a naturally handsome and manly guy. I want to know if he is hairy as well as adorable...Big Bear Hugs to him...Ciao..:)

What's with that jewlery? Is he turning transgender?

He's hot! Also, that airport scene....reminds me of the "wrap it up box" episode from Chapelle show when the latin guy went off on the judge. Is it the same guy?

Gay discrimination in the workplace is a myth. It's an extremely rare occurrence. It almost never happens.

You must see him in the Parker Posey starring film, Party Girl and also in Stonewall! He's a fantastic actor and a really nice guy.

He's a cutie....didnt know he's gay.....Bravo....hope he gets the man of his dreams..all the best

i remember him back when he was in a gay movie, "just one time", so i figured he was probably gay as well.