Sports Illustrated Features Gay Kiss

January 29, 2013

It seems little by little the sports world is welcoming the LGBT community into it's world. In this week's issue of Sports Illustrated they feature a photo of a couple of 49er fans celebrating their NFC championship win with a big gay smooch! Pretty exciting to think how far we've come, and better yet that they're forward thinking enough to include San Francisco gay sports bar Hi Tops in their issue.

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As they mention in the news segment above, some sports fans don't even realize it's a gay bar. Do you think that's where things are heading? Where there's no distinction between gay bars and straight bars. Would that be ideal?

And more importantly, who are you rooting for come Super Bowl Sunday: the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers?

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I would seriously consider questioning the motives of Sports Illustrated.

In a society as corrupt and decrepit as ours, one should always concern themselves with whether the messages we are receiving from the "higher ups" truly mark a new age of tolerant. Honestly, anyone can see through this facade - the reason they put that gay kiss in there is to get gays to buy more issues of Sports Illustrated.

They're pandering to a very wealthy demographic ( /gay-people-more-financially-secure_n_22 49677.html)

For about 3.5 years of his presidency, President B. Hussein Obama was a devout Christian and was against Gay Marriage, and a supporter of DADT. It was only when the issue of re-election was beginning to surface again that B. Hussein Obama saw the error of his ways.

What kind of gullible queen would actually fall for something like that? Am I really expected to believe that these long-time bigots woke up one morning and said to themselves "OH WAIT! I forgot...Gays DO deserve equal civil rights, golly gee!"

I'm happy that the media (even with all their corrupt bullshit and the dumbing down of global society) and society at large is becoming more accepting of homosexuals, but I don't want people to accept homosexuals because they view them as numbers (voters/consumers/employees/etc.) Be wary of the LGBT community being exploited, much like the African-American community was exploited post-Jim Crow.

Blacks had the highest rate of marriage post-Jim Crow, even higher than whites. But then the Democrats decided to step in and "save" the Blacks and in doing so, they've pushed blacks further and further into poverty and they've completely ruined the black family.

The same thing will happen with homosexuals if the Democrats try to co-opt the LGBT community.

"As they mention in the news segment above, some sports fans don't even realize it's a gay bar."

That's because the people who read SI probably don't expect there to be a gay bar in SI, not because they're so open-minded that the gay kiss somehow did not phase them.

That's kind of exactly my argument for the opposite...

If it isn't for market driven reasons most of the people you are talking about (the average SI fan) would NEVER be exposed to the view inside a Gay Sports Bar. Exposure is ABSOLUTELY necessary if any progress is to occur. The dehumanizing factor by corporations is what puts us on the same playing field. If a media outlet continues to treat people as 'other,' the consumers of that outlet will do the same. The fact that they are including gay fans in their demographic makes us the SAME as the rest of the demographic. Do you think they make SI for the love of sport? ...or for the love of money? We need more companies to do the same. Why would they try to get gay fans just for being gay? No one does that. Not Lady Gaga, or Madonna or whoever the gay stars are. If the gay folk weren't buying their product they'd move on.

And, I'm not a capitalist or a republican or such, but I understand the motives behind running a large corporation. It always has been and likely will continue to be $$$$. Until the government passes some law seizing gay wealth it works in our favor.

And to add anecdotal flavor to this... 99% of the LGBTQ people I know are NOT wealthy. I know exactly 2 people that I would call LGBTQ and wealthy. And I live in NYC. Really only 1 of them is rich rich. Are you rich? Are you free Wednesday night? Take me to Blossom.


The concert commercial played beautifully - and LOUDLY. The news clip that should have come after, unfortunately, never opened.

You and I have the same problem with this post, muzyqman. I've checked back several times, am always able to see the commercial, but the clip does not load properly. Others seem to be seeing it, though, so I guess it's just my computer or my browser.

It's updated now! There was something wrong with the embed code.

Cool beans....oh...and intotrouble...chill....

I'm plenty chill. You misunderstood my zeal for something else.

Wake up to the injustices around you, little sheep.

While I do not embrace all of your viewpoints, intotrouble, you expressed them very eloquently. I have mixed feelings about the photograph. It demonstrates that homosexuals have created their own sports bars, which certainly overturns the stereotype of a sports-hating gay populace. Then, there is also the kiss that goes beyond the "bro" hug that straight men are frequently portrayed as using. However, I feel that the photo will just be another novelty--akin to the media blitz that occurred when the valiant cop gave a homeless man sneakers.

I think it's great they exposed a gay sports bar in Sports Illustrated, it shows straight people that not all gay bars are glamazon discotechs or leather bars. That many gay men look like the guy next door and we are a huge part of the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

However, I think the idea of gay bars and straight bars becoming one is never going to fly. In my city we had a gay bar that slowly became more and more straight, in the beginning it was cool to have a few open minded straight girls and guys come to hang out, but as the straight numbers slowly increased all the gays just stopped coming. For two reasons, first of all many straight people were coming and treating it like a show, like it was homosexual zoo. They began to try to impose their behavioral social patterns in a bar on us. Secondly, it got to the point where you would be talking to a guy or go to dance with him and all of a sudden his girlfriend would show up. Many times you didn't know who was gay and who was straight and who was bi, talk about a constant bummer and a potential for disaster. People go to straight bars because they want to feel comfortable that the people of the opposite sex are there for the same reason, to meet people interested in the opposite sex. And people go to gay bars because they want to be with someone of the same sex, Keeping these type of bars separate just makes the whole idea of meeting and dating a lot less confusing and uncomplicated for everyone.

Seriously? You're having a conversation with a guy in a bar, and his girlfriend appears, and you find out that he's really straight. And this is the worst problem you have? Sounds like a sweet gay life to me. We don't live in a ghetto any more, and I for one am glad about that. Life changes, and I am much happier that straight people are coming to our bars for fun and friendship instead of to bash us.

RE: intotrouble. I can understand your cynicism as it relates to the past, but the time has come to let it go. How do you know, for instance, that Obama was "against" gay marriage and "supported" DADT? At best, he expressed ambivalence toward gay marriage, never quite saying he was "against" it. And, best I can recall, he never outright expressed support for DADT. He was trying to avoid a commitment to those things and not blow away his political capitol while he had far more important matters to deal with that involved the nation, not just a particular constituency, all the while knowing what he wanted to do when and if he got the chance. And he got it and he did it.
He has done what he said he would do. WTF is wrong with you that it still isn't enuf? Wasn't on YOUR timetable? Time to let go of your hateful cynicism.

Hope this link works and maybe expands this discussion.

And here is the other side of the coin.

Yes, the commercial ventures in our society have figured out that as a demographic we have money to spend and discerning taste. At least they are spending some money on us (ads in our magazines, sponsorship at our events, etc). It may not be a perfect motive, but then again corporate American adopting a charity was probably just as much about creating a caring image to sell more product as it was to do good. Did the charity benefit? Probably. Will recognizing us as a part of society benefit the gay cause? Hopefully.
Compare this to 20 years ago when companies were so fearful of being associated with homosexuals that they wouldn't run an ad in a gay magazine or sponsor a float at a Pride parade. Change comes in steps and this seems to be just another step. Thankfully it is one in a forward direction. Imagine the opinions that would be posted if the story was about S.I. refusing to run the picture.

Personally I think it's great that SI ran the photograph. Imagine all the thousands of younger readers (straight or LGBT) who viewed the kiss and saw it for what it was, a natural expression of affection and elation between two men. More visuals such as these need to become the norm and not looked upon as being anything other than what it was...human interaction and expression. That it was Gay, shouldn't matter.
The world is evolving and I welcome SI being part of that evolution, along with our President and many other welcoming friends. We're living in an age of enlightenment as relates to equality and acceptance. I'll go with the positive aspects of this story and hope that intotrouble adjusts his attitude and does the same. Peace out.

p.s. No sheeple here

Nellie's Sports Bar in Washington DC has been a staple of the LGBT and straight community for years...great place to go no matter WHAT colour your stripes are! BTW, I don't work there or own it but visited twice and had a fantastic time. High Tops may be the first gay sports bar in the SF, but I'm sure it isn't the first gay sports bar in the US?

I love the way they say the bar is in the heart of the Castro and then they say that some people go in and don't even realise it's a gay bar.
Yeah, that's because it's not in the heart of the Castro.

The picture could be construed as a non-sexual kiss or even as a man and a woman.