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December 23, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

If you're making the yuletide gay this year with the family, Big Daddy Carl's got some survival tips on making things run as smoothly as possible. When there's lots of family involved, whether you come from a conservative background or a more open and candid crew, conversations are bound to take some wacky and possibly uncomfortable turns.

Take some time (and a deep breath) to prepare yourself before the family fun begins with Carl's 8-Point Survival Guide over at the Huffington Post.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

From all of us at Daddyhunt and Mister we wish you a very merry, very safe and a very spectacular holiday season!

December 18, 2012
Category: Entertainment
RUFF MISTER New Years vancouver

The holidays can be rough, but this New Year's Eve we're counting on it! If you're near Vancouver December 31, we're giving away tickets (1 pair and 2 individual tickets) for the Ruff:nye party hosted by MN Events and featuring DJ Brian Maier, Nick Bertossi, and the Men of RUFF.

All you have to do is vote in the 12 MEN of RUFF 2013 Contest and then email us at with who you voted for, why and if you want the pair or single tickets. You MUST email us directly to enter the contest, but if you want to give a shout out to your favorite in the comments below, go for it!

Winners will be announced on Saturday the 28th right here and on our MISTER Facebook page. The winners names will be left at the door on the guest list.

As for the rest of you, what are your New Year's plans this year (assuming the whole Mayan apocalypse thing doesn't happen)?

December 13, 2012
Category: Relationships

I started to believe. He made me believe.

After 10 years of searching/hoping/praying/waiting/dating I finally met someone. The someone that even my dreams couldn't fully illustrate. The someone that treated me the way every man deserves to be treated. The someone that made me happier than I've ever been in my entire life. For the longest time I never thought it would happen. After so many failed relationships and false starts, after all the assholes and the ones that were just shy of being right, someone came along and literally took my breath away. It all happened so quickly, but it all felt so right. I thought this is the beginning of all those incredible love stories you hear. And we went on, happy, the two of us, giddy that we had found each other, blessing the broken road and spending countless nights together staring into each others eyes, smiling, having adventures - it was all so cliche in the best way possible. I remember asking him over and over if this was real, if he was real because in all honesty he seemed perfect for me. Not perfect, far from it, but perfect for me. For one of our first dates he brought me pickles and roses. If there's one thing I love it's romance. If there's two things I love it's romance and pickles. Weekends away with friends, holiday dinners with my family (a first for me), play dates with our dogs - it seemed like the start of something incredible. Something bigger than the both of us. And all those times he assured me it was real, he was real, I believed him. I thought this is what it feels like, this is what people...

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December 1, 2012
Category: Wellness
World AIDS Day ribbon

We've spent quite a few posts discussing HIV/AIDS this year. It's been forever linked to our community, but this year more than ever the dialogue has opened up and gotten more attention than ever in more hopeful ways. From the addition to prevention methods such as PrEP, as discussed by our very own Carl Sandler in the Huffington Post, to moving documentaries about the beginning of the epidemic like How to Survive a Plague, to more media attention to archaic HIV Criminalization laws (and the advocates fighting to repeal them) HIV/AIDS has had a year with a bit of hope. And yet, the news that young people ages 13 to 24 account for 26 percent of all new HIV infections, according to the report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, still means we have a lot more work to do.

Today, on World AIDS Day, we first want to take a moment to encourage everyone on here to know your status and practice safe sex, but also to reflect on those we lost. While we may be making progress, if it weren't for the friends, family, and lovers we lost along the way, those steps forwards may never have happened.

Please take a moment to post in the comments...

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