Daddyhunt Blog Posts from November 2012

November 24, 2012
Category: Entertainment

Last month, CEO Carl Sandler visited London and loved the guys he met there. Not only were they handsome, natural, and oozing sensuality, but many had this modern artistic flair. Everyone seemed to be creating something - big or small. And East London was especially brimming with energy. That's one of the reasons we chose to throw our first International MISTER Launch Event there - right in the heart of East London at this beautiful photo studio/event space.

We asked DJ Borja Peña (pictured) to help us do the event and he, and event producer Wayne Shires, went wild - enlisting DJs from across Europe and filling a second room with awesome London-based talent. They pulled in performance artists like John Jon to amp up the funky. Then Borja told us, "We have to have porn star strippers. It's got to feel sexy." OK. Check. "Can you make MISTER boxers? Old school - like in (the movie) 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'." Done. It's been fun.

We wanted to pull back the curtain on this sexy Spanish Londoner so we went hunting for some of his stuff online. We found this totally bizarre, yet uncontrollably erotic video. He teamed up with DJ TOM STEPHAN (also spinning at the MISTER event) to create the music. Foxy. Jam to the beats in the...

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November 21, 2012
Category: Wellness

I've thought long and hard this year about what I'm grateful for this holiday season. And while this year has brought maybe more downs than ups, there's still so much to appreciate in this world. And what better way to reinforce that than by sharing with friends and taking a moment to reflect on what's good in this world. So let's all go around the dinner table blog and say what we're thankful for.

The 10 Things I'm Most Thankful For This Year

1. Honesty
I put this at the top of my life because it's importance becomes all the more apparent when your life is void of it. For those that are honest and respectful no matter what the cost, I salute you and ask you to continue on with being true to yourself and to others.

2. Friends
Whether they're doing the robot with you in a crowded bar or giving you a shoulder to lean on during an emotional breakup, the family we choose to build, our friends, are what make life worth living.

3. New Connections
You never know where a new friend will lead you. And when you do meet someone new who lights up your world, there's not a thing in this world that's better than that.

4. Beards
I just can't get enough of them.

5. Dogs
Specifically my pug Riley who has added so many smiles to this world (most of which are my own, but also people who see him on the street).


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November 16, 2012
Category: Dating

Raise your hand if you're a fan of therapy. Don't be embarrassed. Raise them up. Personally, I think everyone on the planet should be in therapy. But that's never going to happen. Truth be told, there are plenty of people out there who are in therapy and are still fucked up and fucking up others lives. But for many, it can help you gain control of your life an relationships in ways you never thought possible. Whether you believe in the practice or not, these professional do know people. And in knowing people they know what it takes to make a good relationship. This list of the 10 characteristics of successful relationships from therapist and author Lisa Kift is particularly useful when evaluating your own relationships:

1) Friendship: Couples who have a strong friendship have staying power. They not only love each other but genuinely like each other as people. They enjoy hanging out together. They might even consider each other their “best friend.”

2) Humor: Partners who can make each other laugh tend to be good at de-escalating conflicts when they do arise. It’s the great mood lightener. I’ve noticed the use of funny nicknames can be an indicator of great fondness for one another. The names often stem from a “you had to be there” moment from the beginning of their relationship.

3) Communication: As obvious as this may seem, many couples are not very good at it. Those who are able to openly...

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November 12, 2012
Category: Site News
Queerties MISTER app awards

It's an honor just to be nominated, but truth be told we really want to win. Queerty has put out their nominees for The 2012 Queerties and the Mister app is one of them! We're in the category of best mobile apps. Okay, officially the category is called "The Next Grindr", but we strive to be our own entity. That being said, it'd be a real win for all our users to know that we're connecting good guys in a great way. If you'd be so kind as to head on over and give us a quick click in our favor, we'd really appreciate the vote of confidence.

Thanks as always. We couldn't have done it without all of you!

November 8, 2012
Category: Wellness

We've talked about this a few times this year, but I'm continually amazed at how much more open we are about discussing what it means to date and have sex in an HIV+ world. It's been an ongoing conversation, but what's beginning to change is the way in which we're talking about it. The stigma of having HIV, both within our own community and the world at large, is shrinking by the day. Due in part to the candor from both sides that we've seen in the media and the ever changing face of HIV medications. Big Daddy Carl, has written an incredibly thorough article over at the Huffington Post about pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, which, when taken daily by an HIV- person, can reduce the risk of transmission to that of using a condom.

There are many things to consider when you look at the merits of something like PrEP, which Carl outlines explicitly, but it begs the question of why this information isn't more readily available to the public. Let's face it, there will always be risk when it comes to gay sex, but would something preventative like taking a pill everyday make you feel safer? Or as a community that has been indoctrinated with the importance of condom use, are condoms the one and only protection against HIV? In an ideal world we'd all be using condoms and taking PrEP, but as you'll read there are obstacles preventing that from happening at this point in time.

I urge you all to ...

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