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March 29, 2012
Category: Dating
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

For those of your frustrated with dating, men, and relationships in general, I'm hoping this post finds you. I honestly don't why know it hasn't occurred to me before to share this with all of you, but it's time I give you the gift of The Missing Piece. I rediscovered Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece Meets the Big O about 10 years ago and what I had initially dismissed as a children's book changed me forever. Upon re-reading it as a dating adult, I came to realize that it's the perfect summation of dating and relationships. You wouldn't think a book of line drawings could be profound, but it really nails what it's like to put yourself out there in the dating world. Better yet, the message it leaves with you with is one that every couple, gay or straight, should carry with them always. Ultimately, it's not about fitting into someone else's life but about becoming two whole individuals who can roll through life together, as equals, side by side.

Now before you dismiss this post, take a minute to read the book here or watch the video below. I promise you'll find this tiny little triangle relatable and ultimately inspiring.

Let's get the discussion rolling: have you had similar experiences with dating?

March 27, 2012
Category: Sexuality

The biggest complaint about condoms is that not only are they uncomfortable, but they make sex less pleasurable. But what if that weren't the case? That's the question Joe Nelson is trying to answer with TheyFit custom-fitted condoms. We've heard of custom fitted condoms before, but he makes a good case for how they can make sex more enjoyable and why we should order them in bulk. Through their investigations, they found that the physical difference between condoms marketed as standard and extra-large was one millimeter of width. That's not a whole lot considering the wide range of length and girth variations we've all come to know and love. With 95 custom fitted sizes, and their handy measuring tool, chances are they'll have a size that's fits as it should. I just wonder how their return policy would work, should they not.

Do you think men would be more inclined to practice safer sex if it was indeed more pleasurable as they claim? Can anyone out there attest to using custom fitted condoms, and if so what was your experience like?

Let us know below.

March 22, 2012
Category: Wellness

You'd think by now there'd be a cure for baldness. Scientist have been researching the genetic predisposition for decades now and still there's not much in the way of a full on cure for it. Did you know that Propecia was discovered accidentally? And while it's fairly effective, there's been no real progress on finding a cure. But now scientist are closer according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania. As it turns out the tissue in bald areas has 3x the concentration of Prostaglandin, a fatty compound, and these findings could directly to new treatments for hair loss in men.

Which leads me to today's big question: for those of you who rock the bald look, if you could grow it back would you?

March 19, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Black Party 2011

After losing my virginity last year (see videos below), I'm ready to go back for more. That's right, the Black Party is back! The infamous leather dance fest returns this Saturday at Roseland Ballroom in NYC and my harness is polished and ready. I'll be curious to see if they can top last year's high wire sex acts (pictured), which were absolutely sexy and stunning.Also, I definitely want to check out the Black Party Expo beforehand this year (which runs all weekend long). This year they've added a Dirty Carnival and it sounds like it'll be even more debaucherous than Saturday night's main event. Plus, the porn love of my life Heath Jordan will be there, which is reason enough to show up.

Take a look at the Top 5 reasons to visit the BPX and let us know if you'll be there. As always, be sure to give my a harness tug and say hello!

5 REASONS NOT TO MISS, BPX 2012: 'The Dirty Carnival'

1. They've got a kinky new carnival! In their third year, they've upped the raunchiness and kinky fun with the addition of 'The Dirty Carnival'. Games such as: EAT MY PIE HOLE CONTEST sponsored by Jocks By RJ, LUBE WRESTLING sponsored by Pjur Lubricants, CONDOM THROW DARTS, WET UNDERWEAR CONTEST, COCK RING TOSS and a PUPPY AND PIG-MAN PETTING ZOO by OINK Mobile.

2. Great reason to get new gear! Buy your Black Party look from one of our many sponsors or vendors such as: The Leather Man, E7 Gear, Leather Bonding Co., Rubio Leather, and the Eagle NYC, and Balls + Chains.

3. Porn, porn...

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March 16, 2012
Category: Site News

MISTER is available for iOS and Android Download here:

Learn more about us on Facebook at

MISTER is a free social and dating app for adult men who are gay, bi or curious and looking to meet other guys. We say "adult men" because on MISTER, the men tend to be more mature, masculine, and down-to-earth than on other gay dating apps. To receive a download link on your phone, text "MISTER" to 86677.

Warning: It’s pretty damn sexy - probably best not to watch this video on your work computer :)

March 14, 2012
Category: Entertainment

Now that we have things like MISTER, cruising for sex in public places is starting to become a thing of the past. I came across this trailer for The Men's Room, a new short film premiering at the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival, and it's look like it'll be quite the hot topic, tackling everything from male sexuality to intimacy and the concept of public decency.

The Men's Room Trailer from Nature Show on Vimeo.

Here's a short synopsis of the film, directed by Jane Pickett:

When Thomas ventures into a park for a sexual encounter with a stranger, he uncovers a striking complexity composed of desire, fear, and betrayal when his would-be anonymous sex partner turns out to be a cop. The Men's Room explores the seemingly unwelcome yet enduring pastime of public sex, a world of secrecy and code lurking just below the surface of normalcy.

If you're in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out the film festival. The Men's Room will debut on Sunday, March 25th at the Landmark Midtown Art...

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March 13, 2012
Category: Entertainment

The weather's getting warmer, the flowers are on the verge of bloom and the men and bears are coming out of hibernation. This can only mean one thing: the sexiest of all seasons is almost upon us. There's always a little more pep in everyone's step during those first gorgeous days transitioning from Winter to Spring, and people seems to be more open to meeting and making new friends. Let's take a page from Mr. George Takei and do a little happy dance for what should be a beautiful week.

What's your favorite part about Spring?

March 9, 2012
Category: Sexuality
Today in Masturbation

There really haven't been any new developments in the past century when it comes to masturbation. Maybe lube was an exciting discovery, but before that there was spit. Bottom line is, the one or two handed wank is a pretty easy endeavor and get's the job done. Most would say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." And I would agree, but I'd like to think that even with an age old practice like jerking off there's still room for improvement. Yes, there are Fleshlights and they're a helluva lot of fun, but they're also a bit of a process. I guess what I'm getting at is that for the day to day strokey stroke, there's really nothing new. Enter the JackStrap (NSFW), a little pliable device that let's you give your balls a tug while you work your shaft (click through to see how it works). Just this morning I was doing my thing and thinking to myself how much I enjoy cupping my balls while I do it (true story). So for the timing alone on coming across this, color me interested. I am a little worried about how hard it will pull and how tight it will be, but I would give it a try just to spice up my usual self stimulating routine.

What do your twig and berries have to say about this? Is an additional tool for your tool needed or should we just keep things simple?

Wax on below.

March 8, 2012
Category: Wellness

I probably say it all the time, but I hate shaving. The reason my beard exists, basically boils down to the fact that I'm a lazy mo' fo who doesn't want to shave his face on a daily (or even weekly) basis. But back when I did, I was a Mach 3 guy. I tried electric razors but they just made me break out, which when doubled with a freshly shaven face made the pimples even more apparent. Eventually I let it all grow in and now do minimal maintenance on it each week or so. Yesterday, I came across this brazen little video that offers you brand new razors shipped to your door every month. Aside from my aforementioned laziness, a dull razor the biggest hindrance in shaving my face everyday. My facial hair is pretty coarse, like most, so my razors generally last for a few shaves and then cut my face to pieces. I've been debating loosing the beard, and I'm slightly intrigued by this proposition the Dollar Shave Club has to offer. It's an interesting approach, and for those of you like me, it saves you a lot of time (and maybe money?) not having to go out and buy new razors every 5 seconds. Though I wonder how many good shave you actually get per blade. What do you think?

When it comes to shaving your face, how often do you and what kind of razor do you use? Let's share some tips and tricks in the comments below to remedy cuts, breakouts, and general laziness.

March 5, 2012
Category: Site News
The MISTER App for Android is here! Download It Today and Join In On the Action

Thank you for helping to make Daddyhunt's mobile app, one of the top 100 Social Networking Apps. The team has been working hard and we are happy to announce that MISTER, The App for Adult Men, is now available for Android users worldwide.

You can download MISTER on Android or search for "mister adult" in the Android Market. Login using your existing Daddyhunt username and password and keep the conversation going from your phone. Some unique MISTER app features:

  • Sort nearby members online by last login or proximity. Keeps things fresh!
  • Push notifications give you a heads-up when someone sends you a message.
  • Like on Daddyhunt, you can post up to ten pics on your profile (25 for supporters!). To learn about guidelines for mobile photos, click here - some G pictures on Daddyhunt are too hot for mobile!

Join hundreds of thousands of adult men who are using MISTER to connect with other masculine, mature men.

If you like the app, write a review or tell your Android-enabled friends about it!

DiLF Party

Come out and celebrate with the MISTER team this Wednesday (3/7) at G Lounge. Their weekly DiLF party is helping us celebrate the Android release of MISTER. We'll be having MISTER giveaways all night, and better yes, drink...

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