Vancouver : Get RUFF with MISTER this New Year's Eve

December 18, 2012
RUFF MISTER New Years vancouver

The holidays can be rough, but this New Year's Eve we're counting on it! If you're near Vancouver December 31, we're giving away tickets (1 pair and 2 individual tickets) for the Ruff:nye party hosted by MN Events and featuring DJ Brian Maier, Nick Bertossi, and the Men of RUFF.

All you have to do is vote in the 12 MEN of RUFF 2013 Contest and then email us at with who you voted for, why and if you want the pair or single tickets. You MUST email us directly to enter the contest, but if you want to give a shout out to your favorite in the comments below, go for it!

Winners will be announced on Saturday the 28th right here and on our MISTER Facebook page. The winners names will be left at the door on the guest list.

As for the rest of you, what are your New Year's plans this year (assuming the whole Mayan apocalypse thing doesn't happen)?

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For those who entered the contest, we will drop a note in your inbox later this afternoon if you've won. Have a blast at RUFF NYE!

Its good that nice things like this can take place for sure