DJ Borja Peña - or - A Bearded Spaniard in London

November 24, 2012

Last month, CEO Carl Sandler visited London and loved the guys he met there. Not only were they handsome, natural, and oozing sensuality, but many had this modern artistic flair. Everyone seemed to be creating something - big or small. And East London was especially brimming with energy. That's one of the reasons we chose to throw our first International MISTER Launch Event there - right in the heart of East London at this beautiful photo studio/event space.

We asked DJ Borja Peña (pictured) to help us do the event and he, and event producer Wayne Shires, went wild - enlisting DJs from across Europe and filling a second room with awesome London-based talent. They pulled in performance artists like John Jon to amp up the funky. Then Borja told us, "We have to have porn star strippers. It's got to feel sexy." OK. Check. "Can you make MISTER boxers? Old school - like in (the movie) 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'." Done. It's been fun.

We wanted to pull back the curtain on this sexy Spanish Londoner so we went hunting for some of his stuff online. We found this totally bizarre, yet uncontrollably erotic video. He teamed up with DJ TOM STEPHAN (also spinning at the MISTER event) to create the music. Foxy. Jam to the beats in the video and read a few personal questions we asked him below.

MISTER: What's been your most unexpected experience with a guy?

Borja: When I first realized I was gay I was 14 yo fighting with a straight guy in school and as we where punching each other we noticed we were hard... The fight ended up in the school toilets in a very sexy way. Nothing like some rough encounter - Ahhh those where the days...

MR: That sounds like something out of a porno! Did that really happen?

B: Yes! It did... I know. No wonder im into wrestling! (laughs)

MR: Has a guy ever cooked you breakfast in bed? What was it?

B: I get cooked breakfast in bed every other day, actually. I'm very lucky. The current menu is scrambled eggs in wholemeal pita bread with cherry tomatoes. The chef is shy and very talented.

MR: Cute. We may have to interview you again for our upcoming couples' video series. You have all these talents? Photography/drawing/music. Is there anything we don't know about? What?

B: Hmmm...well - I'm a vegetarian and I collect crystals and sunglasses (that's why I never get to use as I live in London). Oh, and I live in an old art school.

MR: Thank you, Sir. Can't wait to hear you play on Friday.

To read more from Borja, check out his interview in London based gay mag, QX, or download their latest issue online. Listen to his funky mixes on SoundCloud. Hear him LIVE at the MISTER UK Launch Party in London on Friday, November 30th.

What creative gay stuff have you found online? What do like about the UK? Tell us in the comments below!

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