Thank God I'm A Country Boy

October 8, 2012

There was a time when I was thought country was a terribly hokey, ridiculously twangy genre of music. And no matter how many of my friends were listening to it, my natural instinct was to change the station as soon as it came in contact with my pop loving ears. 15 years later you'll find my iTunes filled with Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Lady Antebellum. Somewhere between Shania Twain and Faith Hill country music started becoming a bit more palatable to my ears. What's more, as I became more open minded to the music, the music seemed to become more open minded to, well, me.

With Carrie Underwood coming out in support of gay marriage, The Rascal Flatts coming out with an equality anthem, and Cheryl Wright just plain coming out, country music is gayer than ever. And that's where Drake Jensen comes in: country's newest, hottest daddy of a music star.

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jensen has become a unique figure in the world of Country Music as an out gay man. As a voice for the LGBT community, he's opening up a new way of storytelling for country music fans. And that voice by the way, is a pretty sexy one. His second album comes out in early 2013, but you can check out his lead single, "Pancho and Lefty" below or check out his first album on iTunes or his website

He'll be performing at the following venues in the US this fall if you want to check out the country bear in person:

New York, NY
9 PM Friday, November 9

Danbury, CT
Triangles Café
10 PM Saturday, November 10

Saint Paul, MN
Landmark Theatre
5 PM Sunday, November 18

Are there any other music genres you wish gays would break out from?

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Hell yeah he's really good I like your music drake

I grew up listening to classical music (which was pretty weird in a small town in West Texas). And I still love classical music. And rock music. And pop music. But growing up, I too mocked country music as being for hicks and all those uneducated people.

But after I came out, a friend of mine took me around to all the bars in Dallas (this was back in the early 80s when bars were the only place you could meet people). One of them was the Round Up. I entered and was instantly in love. I think it probably had to do with the men couple dancing. But I think it also had to do with the music. Once I was finally dealing with my real emotions, all the songs about the joy of a love found and the pain of a love lost stopped being hokey and started being real.

Over the years, my love of country music has waxed and waned, depending on what was going on in my life at the time. I still cringe at some of John Anderson's tortured vowels and slap my head and roll my eyes at the horrible (but exquisite) puns, but country music is now like a worn flannel shirt. It's never too far out of reach.

By the way, the Round Up is still going strong after all these years. It's the best gay country/western bar in the country, which means also in the world. I take all my out of town friends, gay and straight, there for line dance lessons. You should check it out.

I love country music, among many other types. Some of the songs have a lot of emotional reality and depth in them. Although, I grew up in the South, I never really appreciated country music until I moved to the Mountain West.

If you are new to country music, know this: It's all about the message a.k.a. the lyrics.

Some of my favorites are Leanne Womack's greatest hits ('I Hope You Dance', 'Something Worth Leaving Behind', 'A Little Past Little Rock', 'Ashes By Now', and 'Why They Call It Falling')

Her duet with Willie Nelson entitled: 'Mendocino County Line' is unforgettable.

Also, check out Jo Dee Messina's Greatest Hits: ('I'm Doing Alright', 'Downtime', 'Heads Carolina, Tails, California', 'You're Not In Kansas Anymore', 'Burn').

These are some epic works.

Leann Rimes song, 'Some People' is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard.

Brooks & Dunn 'You'll Always Be Loved By Me', and 'The Long Goodbye' are also unforgettable.

This article makes me glad to be in the Mountain West, aka the Vegas Desert. I sure would like to connect with other gay guys that appreciate this depth of meaning in music.

Genres I wish to see singers coming out? I say Soul, Blues and Hip Hop. They definitively need a big shake-up just like when Easy-E died of AIDS-related complications.

Was Easy E gay? Or what was the deal with HIV?

Sorry...I want to like this, but it's the same ol' cookie cutter music and the same slap-a-cowboy-hat-on-'em marketing...

I like the way he sounds and the music. Genres I would like to see come out is rap. I know, I know that sounds impossible butt lets face it I do not know of any gay rapper.

He looks and sounds fine. (And I do mean Fine.) But sincerity and bravery are not the only elements needed. May he have a hit song in his back pocket.

Hey Man you sound great and you are Hot and Handsome !!!! also Sexy !!!!!

Sweet... what a sweet voice this artist has.
For sure I'll be checking him out more.

He has my attention with that voice and yeah I saw the big black boots in the video. If I wore underwear, I would throw it on the stage.

But seriously, lets support him and get out there and request the DJ's play the song so we can two-step to his voice. The way he sings the words give them a fresh meaning.

And big kudos for going back to your High School to support your community. I too was bullied in high school, the sheriff lost the report. I tried to live in my home town again recently but that bully mentality was still there.

Twang rules! My grand-daddy used to play Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Milton Brown, Bill Boyd and all the old Western Swing stuff in southern Ontario, so I gladly try to carry on that tradition in eastern Canada! (but not exclusively--also love avant-garde jazz, such as the great percussionist Hamid Drake, NY fiddler and sometime partner of Bill Frisell Jenny Scheinman, Los Lobos--greatest, most versatile band on Planet Earth!--and ZZ Top, great hallucinogenic interpreters of heavy Texas blues)

So, keep on keepin' on darling--we're on a mission from some kinda Higher Power, whatever name we want to give Him/Her/It!



Definitely sexy, but just not my style of music. Good luck to him, though!

Im a farm/country guy and I think many urban men would be interetsed to learn the amount of rural support their is for gay men. Hit me up country daddies or cowboys :) love this new artist

I can't help it but, i have huge thing for cowboys fuck yeah


I want to melt into them in every sense

ok, that's terrible of me, I've looked at your crotch several times now and wonderin what you do "Behind Closed Doors." What's way more important is your brave and gutsy disposition, ,,right on!

Country is jumping in a cold lake on a warm summers day, wandering through the forest and listening to the leaves crunching beneath your feet. Country is doing whats right even when everyone thinks your wrong. Thanks for sharing your talent and gift with us all...

Do you know what happens when you play a C&W record backwards?
Well, first you get your job back.
Then your wife/partner/boyfriend comes back to you.
Finally, your dog comes back to life.
This is a great site, and this is my first comment posted.