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August 20, 2012

As someone who's starting to get back into the travel game, I've been finding it hard to plan the gay parts of my destinations. Last Summer, I spent the week in Barcelona and while it was an incredible trip, I still felt we hadn't mined the gay-friendly city as much as we should have. You'd think with well-traveled friends and the internet at my disposal I'd be be perfectly set but I still felt like I was at a bit of a loss for where to go and what to do. There's plenty out there on the internet but that actually ends up being the problem. Aside from listings, it's hard to get a sense of what's offered and if the destination is any good. I even downloaded a few travel apps for my iPad/Phone, but found them sorely lacking in gay recommendations for the most part.

I stopped reading travel magazines ages ago for two reasons: I wanted to go everywhere and couldn't afford anywhere. But last year's trip to Spain reignited my passion for travel and I made a promise to myself to get out of the country at least once a year. So I started to research destinations and find a trusted source for gay travel. There's Out Traveler, but I haven't seen a printed issue in some time, so I think they may be web only at this point.

Enter ManAboutWorld, a travel magazine made just for iPad and now I'm excited. Created by Billy Kolber and Ed Salvato, (you'll remember Billy from his brief writing stint here on Age Appropriate were he gave us cool tips & tricks) this is a really neat publication. I don't know why but I love storing and reading magazines on my iPad. Maybe it's because I can have them all in one place without having a huge stack pile up on my coffee table, but for whatever reason my digital/tech loving self eats them up and I think this is worth adding to my subscription list.

ManAboutWorld is especially fun because in addition to great content (like what underwear to buy for the Arctic!), it's presented in a beautiful and intuitive fashion. I'm a little partial because they feature both my hometown of Philadelphia and my beloved vacation spot, Provincetown in their inaugural issue, but loving what they have to report on both. But since I'm not looking for local, the coverage on more global destinations like Stockholm and Beirut have me rethinking where I go next.

The first issue is free with a handy little trick, if you purchase the full year, the subscription comes with a free month trial upfront (two months and two issues if you choose to share your information with friends), so no billing occurs as long as the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the free trial ends.

So let's support Billy and his new venture. And while we're thinking about traveling, what exotic locals are you itching to go to next? Inspire us!

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illinois - sad,huh?

Not really. I'm very much in favor of exposing ourselves to other cultures around the world, but there's plenty to see and do in our country as well. It's sad to see jaded queens who roll their eyes at the notion of domestic travel when they've only seen a tiny fraction of this country and what it has to offer.

Very few of us can afford to see even a significant portion of the world, so there's no shame in seeing more of what's closer.

Ive had the pleasure of traveling all over the world- from Bangladesh to Peru, Europe and Asia. My next trip is to Dubai. So many men, so little time! I remember a line from a travel writer who once said- someone went through a lot of trouble to create this world and it would be impolite not to see as much of it as possible. It is not difficult to find local clubs and hang outs these days. Just chatting on the internet with guys all over the world is an easy way to discover the local hot spots. I am not a big fan of the glossy travel mags gay themed or not. They tend to promote the same places over and over. They are not going to tell you about the cool gay scene in Kuala Lumpur or Delhi....I say just go, see the world, even if its the next state . I travel inexpensively but have managed to get around just fine- you just have to make it your priority. I dont have a fancy car or a huge screen TV but I do have life long memories of places (and guys )I have met all over the world.

I tend not to plan my vacation around 'gay' sightseeing... I go for all the other reasons, if there happens to be some gay culture around, I may or may not look into it.

... as if there is *more*...
... to character and culture...
... than sexual self-identity... ;-)



Four years ago..went down to South America (from UK) for my first trip to that continent. Spent 4 glorious weeks in Buenos Aires, (first week in a backpacker hostel to find my way around..what to see and what not, what to eat n where etc..then 3 weeks in rented two bedroom apartment on the 6th floor in a secure apartment block smack in the centre of the city, rented via a gay accommodation agency that I use regularly on my travels..very fast, very efficient, and great value.. www.ebab.de (based in berlin but with places all around the world) on home page click which is in German, click your home country flag for translation. Believe it or not..all my accom, food, drink, smokes, BsAs tansport, attractions, museums, drinking..the whole caboodle..was LESS than the cost of the return airfare. Its incredibly cheap and was there for Gay Pride in Nov/Dec..even got 3 pairs of Levi 501's including tailoring to fit for less than the price of 1 pair in the UK...aaaand..I haven't even mentioned the men there yet..Yum Yum! (And that's just the straight ones..lol))

Two years later, flew Emirates via Dubai down the Cape Town Sth Africa...hated it..! Expensive and dangerous tho the scene was OK..

In Europe, favourite places are Madrid, Sofia in Bulgaria, Berlin, Prague and Budapest

Avoid flying Alitalia like the plague..worst airline and service I've EVER experienced and am on my 9th passport!

Still on my 'to do list' Sao Paulo (for the worlds biggest Pride..3 million visitors allegedly) and Rio....Havana in Cuba....Moscow (for the soldiers n vodka..not necessarily in that order because not sure which is the 'easiest to get' :P)...and Beirut (tho gonna wait until Syria calms down first..lol)

in Moscow its much easier to get a vodka, than a decent nice soldier ;-) If you are lucky, you could meet a nice guy. been there few times myself in 80s.

Top fifteen favorite places I've visited (I know they're not ALL gay and they're not ALL gorgeous, but they are my favorites because they have a unique, sophisticated vibe - they are originals):

15. Helsinki FI
14. Bermuda
13. Barcelona ES
12. Mykanos GR
11. Amsterdam NL
10. Bangkok TH
9. Milan IT
8. Buenos Aires AR
7. Dubrovnik HR
6. Hong Kong
5. Auckland/Wellington NZ
4. Sydney AU
3. Cape Town ZA
2. Stockholm SE
1. Reykjavik IS

Next on my list has to be Bora Bora/Tahiti but only when I find the right boy...

kyleaustin...definitely take you own "boy" to Bora Bora. Tahiti IS gorgeous, but as of my 2nd visit (albeit several years ago), there's not much action on Bora Bora, nor most of the other islands either. Spend as little time in Papeete as possible and go for the laid-back beauty of the islands and the ocean.

As for Thailand, Chiang Mai is a bit better than Bangkok.

Australia? I'll take Melbourne over Sydney any day. The Sydney gays mostly have attitude in capital letters. But I do love OZ.

One of my current favorites is Costa Rica, especially during our Winter.

Travel is great, especially if you do it for more than hormonal gratification. :)

I have found Shanghai to be VERY gay. My first trip there was in 2000 and have been there perhaps a dozen times since. I have wonderful stories to tell about the parks, particularly the Peace Park on Friday afternoon, as well as the sauna and the Shanglo Mill garden, particularly on Saturday night after the Lai Lai dance club closes. The Lai Lai gay dance club and Eddies Bar are fun. One has to be careful however, since there are hordes of handsome "money boys" who come in from the provinces each weekend.

There is an active gay population in Hong Kong also and the public toilets can be exciting at certain times of day. Wally Matt's has always been my favorite bar there, then there is the Galaxy sauna on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui--I lived and worked there for over three years

Perhaps the most blatantly open public sexual activity I have ever seen is in Vienna in the men's room in the subway under St. Stephen's church most any time of day or evening.

Johannesburg, S.A. and Amsterdam both have bars which have been fun--just ask your waiter at your restaurant where they are.

sound like you know more than me,even I am from China Shanghai.
I stay at home most of time.

My first big trip this year will be to Brazil. I will be flying into Sao Paulo where I will meet my boyfriend. From there we are off to Ilhabela . We will hike to some of the 340 waterfalls on the island and explore the caves and secluded beaches. That is for week one. Week two we are off to the city of Curitiba and Guarapuava on my way to see Iguazu Falls in the Brazilian state of Parana. 2 weeks of just being with the people and the culture.

Then later in the year September we are off to Germany.