Harnessing Kink in Montreal: Interview with Fétiche Armada Co-Founder Ghislain Rousseau

August 28, 2012
Fétiche Armada Co-Founder Ghislain Rousseau

MISTER recently had the pleasure of meeting Ghislain Rousseau, Co-Founder of Fétiche Armada in Montreal and he charmed us with his casual quebeqouis accent, warm demenour and comfortable manliness. We got to talking about his love for leather culture and he easily motivated us to sponsor their upcoming event over Labor Day Weekend! We are really excited to return to Montreal and meet more of our Canadian users.

Here is a little Q&A with Ghislain and then we'd like to know what's your fetish and why in the comments below. See you in Montreal!

MISTER: What is Fétiche Armada?

Ghislain: Fétiche Armada started 3 years ago, when my husband, Benoit, and I decided one night that Montreal needed more fetish/leather parties. We created it as a promoter of events for the city and have been throwing parties ever since (every two months).

Next, we opened the store on Rue Ste-Catherine in the Village, the gay area of Montreal. We recognized there was an evolution in the kinds of gear people were seeking out - stuff that we couldn’t find locally. So we started partnering with the best fetish houses in the world, such as Mister B, E7-Gear, OxBalls, 665 Leather, and our own private label… One Man Armada.

We believe that no matter what your experience or your kink, respect is paramount. Whether you are a newbie or a long time experienced kinkster, you will be taken as you are and we will teach and learn from you.

M: Who goes to BlacKKnighT? Do you have to be a leather daddy?

G: BlacKKnight is our ''Leather Ball'' event. Usually, between 800 to 1200 men gather to dance, play and have fun. The crowd is mostly 25 - 55, from all horizons. Dresscode is mandatory; leather-rubber-uniform-jockstrap. Of course, when we say leather....we mean it: an armband or bracelet is cute, but far from actual gear. Our party channels the spirit of the leather parties of the 80's i.e. everyone talks to everyone... no matter if you are big muscle daddy, little twink, or somewhere in between. The ambiance is one of respect and fun...we are here to celebrate man play. I'm sure the mandatory dresscode has a lot to do with it. When everyone is on the same page...the rules and barriers of the outside world become irrelevant, and the real person comes out!!!

A lot of our party goers are leather daddies, but not exclusively. We see a lot of athletic guys in wrestling singlets, rubber shorts. It is the communion of old school, meets new school. There is nothing more fun than seeing a leather daddy making out with a guys in football gear....hot!

M: Yum. Let me just enjoy that image for a minute... That’s a lot of people. From where do they come?

G: Since the event is always during a long weekend, 50% are from Montreal, but the other 50% is from NYC, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec city etc....The event is gaining a strong reputation abroad because it's easy going respectful attitude.

M: I read that you also do charitable events. Can you tell us a little more about that and why you do it?

G: We strongly believe in combining a healthy corporate culture with social involvement. That’s why we recently launched the French version of BDSM safer practice and why we do bi-monthly fundraisers (BlacKKocktail events) to benefit AIDS awareness groups as well as our leather and rubber title holders. We are proud to have a ''pack'em '' day every season - it involves calling for volunteers to help us pack condoms, lube and a safe sex guide in a little bag that is given to all our clients (in their shopping bag).

Each year we support a different GLBT organization, this year PRIDE montreal is our choice. We created the VIPArmada card , with lots of benefits to the cardholder, like rebates, free workshop access, resources etc. Sold for $10, all the proceed of the sale goes to PRIDE.

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